Saturday, March 15, 2008

Enough is Enough

They want to squash the opposition. They are narrow-minded and intolerant of differing viewpoints. They engage in censorship. They are sanctimonious and holier-than-thou in their political preachings. They frame issues that result in wild accusations of unpatriotism, racism and divisiveness. Their arrogance and sense of entitlement knows no bounds. Republicans, you say? No. We're talking about Progressive Democrats supporting Sen. Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. Their aggressive, self-righteous behavior is starting to resemble the 2004-era Rovians so much so that we should probably start calling them Regressives. And it's getting pretty annoying. Enough is enough.

-I'm tired of their relentless Hillary bashing: what happened to "the politics of hope?" I don't think they even realize just how much they hate this woman. And it's a real ugly hate, filled with harsh ad hominem attacks.

-I'm tired of them whining about Hillary's "dirty politics:" they're hypocrites who support whatever their side does while crying foul at the Clinton camp. This is politics, and politics sometimes gets ugly. Should Obama win the nomination, what the heck are they expecting from McCain, Rove and the GOP...a Kumbaya-fest? If he can't deal with Hillary's supposed wrath now, he'll be eaten alive by the Rethuglicans.

-I'm tired of the calls for Hillary to quit the race: last time I checked, Obama and Clinton were running neck and neck, separated by about 2% in the popular vote and 10% in delegates. Hardly a groundswell of Obama support. Certainly no mandate. If Obama can't handle a good old-fashion hotly contested race (for Pete's sake, this is an election, isn't it?), then he should get out, not her. Doesn't make you look very presidential, or like much of a fighter, when you incessantly whine that your opponent should quit the race when you're in a virtual dead heat. And yes, it is a dead heat, otherwise none of us, including Hillary, would be here in this debate.

-I'm tired of being criticized for my support of Clinton as if Obama is the rightful heir to the throne; that he's the anointed one, undeserving of intense opposition.

-I'm tired of being accused of "acting like a Republican," and of "deserting my Democratic principles," just because I support Clinton.

-I'm tired of hearing Hillary and Bill Clinton accused of "acting like Republicans" simply because they understand how the game of politics is played and they play to win.

-I'm tired of the Obama camp playing the race card every time their candidate is put on the hot seat. Sorry, everything is not about race. Sometimes people are criticized simply for being inexperienced.

-I'm tired of the Clintons being called racists when they have a long history of loyalty and support within the black community.

-I'm tired of being called a racist myself because I don't support a black candidate, and because I strongly criticize his experience, ideology and/or campaign strategy.

-I'm tired of Obama's supporters acting like the friggin' PC Police. Stop lecturing me about what's right or wrong or what the Democratic Party stands for. It's obnoxious.

-I'm tired of being denied my right to have an opinion, and a preferred candidate, simply because it differs from that of the ObamaManiacs.

-I'm tired of the Obama camp playing dirty Rove-like framing games. You know how the Busheviks successfully employ the "If you don't support me in the war, you're against the troops" strategy? Obama's supporters do the same thing: "If you support Hillary then you are dividing the party."

-I'm tired of being censored by so-called progressive news websites who blatantly promote the campaign of Obama, even at the expense of reporting the facts. Now read my blog. Pretty pro-Obama in February, pro-Hillary in March. I call that objective. Unfortunately, objectivity is not the progressives' strong suit.

-I'm tired of progressives talking about "protecting basic tenets of the democratic party" as they do everything possible to prevent do-overs in Florida and Michigan and disenfranchise voters in those two key states. What are they afraid of, Hillary pulling ahead?

-I'm tired of hearing progressives say they'll vote for McCain if Hillary's the nominee. I'm fed up with these ridiculous "protest votes" that, as in 2000, accomplish absolutely nothing but help a Repug, who stands against everything progressives and democrats believe in, get elected. This is the most misguided, convoluted way of "protesting" imaginable. It's these unfortunate protest votes that got us into the Iraq war, put Alito and Roberts on the Supreme Court, and allowed a dangerous fool like George Bush to take the controls. It's astounding to me that any allegedly sane, rational, intelligent Democrat would willingly help put someone like McCain in the White House.

-I'm tired of the progressives' incredible naivete. They're so caught up in ObamaMania that they're unable to recognize that the Obama-Clinton battle is just that: a battle. That the war will begin after one of them is nominated. There's a bigger picture out there that they fail to see: that the Republican Party is going to scratch and claw and fight like animals in order to retain power. Just wait till these Rovian thugs sink their venomous jaws into the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy. One can only imagine the despicable ads. Perhaps ObamaManiacs should stop patting themselves on the back for being so darned progressive and above it all and instead start looking towards November and the knock down drag out bloody war awaiting us all. We should all just agree to let Obama and Clinton duke it out however, and then throw our collective support behind whoever wins the nomination. You see, that would be party unity. Abandoning the party and throwing a childish protest vote to McCain is not. So who's dividing who now?

-I'm tired of Obama and his supporters ignoring the fact that the party requires 2025delegates to win the nomination, not 1900, 1800, or 1700. The rule is 2025, not "whoever has the most by convention time."

Regardless of what the ObamaManiacs claim, the race between Clinton and Obama is a healthy one, and is good for Democracy. There's nothing "new" going on here. No different than Howard Dean's aggressive tactics in '04. No different than John Edwards joining with Obama during those last debates to attack Hillary. Politics is a rough business, and anyone who thinks otherwise is incredibly naive. These two candidates have been locked in a fierce battle, and only one will survive. That's the way it works. And as the candid clips of them this week on the Senate floor clearly indicate, they're close and will remain friendly no matter what the outcome, and whoever loses will ardently support the victor's campaign against McCain so that Democrats, regardless of the nominee, can win. Obama supporters should follow their lead and do the same. Enough is enough. Quit whining, start fighting, and set your eyes on November.


Sidney Condorcet said...

Thank you for contributing to the further disintegration of the Democratic Party. Are the Clintonistas poised to break-away from the Democratic Party, much as the Dixiecrats once did, once Obama secures the nomination? (I mean, white people in Mississippi didn't vote for him. Surprise?)

Andy, you seem awfully tired. Maybe you and the rest of the Clintonistas should just take a nap (hell, around 2/3 of Clintons support comes from people above the age of 50 anyway) and we'll wake you after the convention.

Sidney Condorcet said...

"Quit wining and start fighting." We are fighting, Andy, and that's what has prompted the frustration that is behind every thought you've expressed in this post. If we weren't fighting, and in fact winning, you would not be going through your Peter Finch in Network moment. It boils down to the simple facts that you don't like Obama, you don't like how he is winning, you don't like that he is winning. That's all well and good. Obama supporters, some of whom passionately do not like Hillary, also don't like the way she has chosen to run her campaign. The difference is: Obama's campaign is winning by every metric. (He will lose PA, but win NC handily, so things won't be altered much.) So you can choose to extend your Howard Beale moment and pull out every hair from your head, but it won't change the fact that Obama is still our likely, though hardly inevitable, Democratic nominee.
(and, please, let's be dispassionate adults and not children. They are not "maniacs." Don't be so consumed by your preference for Hillary that you deem all who support a different candidate to be "maniacs.")

Anonymous said...

Wow Andy, not helpful. They are not in a fight for their lives they are in a fight against McCain and the sooner they realize that the better for the party. I think Dems/progressives are sick of this eating their own, scorched earth politics and want to see the candidates stand up before us, state their case and let us decide. Put the power with the voters. If they are feeling cranky from the grueling pace of the election they can take it out on McCain. Every time one of them snipes at the other it just makes them look petty. Whenever one of their surrogates snipes at the other side it makes it look like the candidate has no control over their campaigns which also is not good.

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable. What a pathetic column.

Clinton lost. Fair and square. Clinton lost. And a group of mostly Northeastern Clinton supporters can't accept that Obama won. And they ignore that polls show he will do better than Clinton against McCain, especially West of the Mississippi.

When I was growing up we had a term for people like you - poor sports.

The Ostroy Report said...

Thank you Sydney for proving my point about how so many progressives are sanctimonious hypocrites. You lecture me about referring to you as "maniacs" but repeatedly compare me to the crazy man in the film "Network." Nice work.

Sidney Condorcet said...

If you don't think that your column today essentially states "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" then I don't know what to tell you, Andy. To be fair, I'd probably have written a similar rant myself if Hillary were beating Obama, so I should cut you some slack.

Anonymous said...

do us and the rest of america a favor and go back to buzz flash,that way you won't have to read anything that is not inline with your thinking,Obama has self distroyed,he new what his pastor had said last year and still kept him on his campain,that say's it all

Rick said...

Andy, I think you're wrong. "Enough is enough" is what I say to Hillary's politics of personal destruction.

The "as far as I know" comment was the last straw for me. She knows damn well Obama is not a Muslim, but she won't say so because to leave that door open a crack might discourage some bigoted people from voting for him.

It's not that he can't take it - he's going to win the nomination anyway, barring some springtime "October surprise" -but when he does, you can bet the McCain campaign will remind Americans of the comments from within Obama's own party: "even his fellow Democrats label him unfit for office." She's playing right into McCain's hand.

And you misunderstand progressives' preference for Obama. Many of us recognize that he's only a few shades better than Hillary - but enough so to be significantly preferable. My preference was John Edwards, whose anti-corporate power stance resonates strongly with me. I can hold my nose and vote for Obama; but Hillary, with her "proud" Wal*Mart connections, her pandering to the right on a flag burning amendment, her support of the Iraq adventure, and now her cynical campaign tactics? I just don't know that I can convince myself she is significantly better than the Republicans. And when the two major parties become indistinguishable from each other, maybe it's time for one of them to become a third party. At this point, I'm leaning towards voting Green if Clinton manages to steal the nomination - and I don't think there is any above-board, ethical way she can win it.

So, yeah, enough is enough. She bashes Obama, and those of us who complain about it are accused of bashing her? Positively Rovian, isn't it? it makes me sick.

The Ostroy Report said...

anon 11:55....and thank you for also proving my point about entitlement. With 5 months to go until the convention, and many state contests still ahead, and with the two candidates locked in a virtual dead heat, you declare that "Hillary lost" and that "Obama won." Like I said, you're so steeped in ObamaMania that you've completely blurred the lines between fantasy and reality. Is he ahead? Aboslutely. Is the race over? Far from it. Has anyone won or lost? Not yet. Will Obama obatain the required minimum 2025 delegates to be nominated? No. Therefore, he will not "win" anything until the convention when the superdelegates potentially make that decision. Again, sorry to burst your bubble. Dems da facts.

35th 'n Shields said...

For anyone coming to this blog who sees Ostroy for the dope and imbecile that he is - here is a much better and more rational explanation for why we (progressives) need to unite regardless of who becomes the nominee.

I am no fan of Hillary and I truly detest her tactics, but things could be worse.

The Ostroy Report said...

and to you Rick, I hear what you're saying and can appreciate your frustration. But my point is, Obama & Co. can bash Hillary all they want. I accept that. But to bash her over her bashing of him is naive and childish. I say let him go after her with all he has. But to keep whining that she should "play fair" is growing old.

John Callender said...

Andy, face facts. Your chosen candidate is behind, with only a very small (and diminishing) chance of winning. That's just reality. Everything you said pretty much boils down to, "My horse is losing. Wahhh!"

Obama and Clinton are not currently "neck and neck". That would imply that Hillary can pass him before the finish. How do you see that happening? Show me the math.

Maybe you're right, and Obama's supporters are motivated by irrational Obamamania, and McCain will grind him into hamburger in the general election, and the 10% of delegates currently standing between Hillary and the nomination have doomed the country to another 4 years of Bush-style leadership. I happen to think you're wrong about all three of those things, but I respect your right to make that case, and to try to convince the superdelegates to switch to Hillary en masse, and the DNC to resolve the Michigan and Florida question in a manner that gives Hillary a big boost.

So make that case. You're running out of time to make it. And the whining in this post (about how tired you are of the other side's alleged whining) doesn't qualify.

Again, we come back to my long-standing criticism of your whole approach to politics: It's childish. You want the world to rearrange itself to match your desire, and you apparently believe that throwing a temper tantrum should be sufficient to get you what you want.

It's not. If you want Hillary to be the candidate, good for you. But your wanting that confers no obligation on me or anyone else to agree with you, and your whining (which is all your latest post amounts to) about how hard it is for you to be behind is not persuasive.

Anonymous said...

Re: 12:07 Post

Hmmm. Who's grasping at straws? Is it over? Technically, no. I think everyone posting here knows the rules, delegate counts, what it takes to win. But, given a huge surprise, the dead heat will continue to the convention, and Barack will have more delegates, more states won, and more popular votes. I don't mind having it not be officially over as a safety valve in case a shocker about Obama emerges.

Saying everyone who supports Barack is swept up in Obamamania is a generalization. I like both of them. I like Obama better. I think he has a better chance of beating McCain, and the polls support this. Quit acting like I'm delusional.

Anonymous said...


At last some sanity and wisdom and intelligence applied to the mess the Dems are in. You have boldly told it like it is. Thank you. I simply cannot imagine who these people are who responded to your comments negatively. They're either Republicans, black Democrats, members of OBama's team or muddled thinkers.

And the over-riding fact of all is Obama cannot win. There are too many people who are overwhelmed by the revelation of the extreme hatred so many blacks have for whites. I had no idea and I am stunned. Only a white or black masochist would vote for Obama now and put McCain in the White House. Or to carry it further, put someone in the White House who belongs to a church that hates so many other Americans.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great,Obama supporters are going after hillary as though she's the one who brought out the pastor,the 24 hour news stations(right wing)are playing you people for the fools you might be book smart,but when in comes to commom sense,you couldn't buy a 1 cent piece of gum. for the last 8 years they downgraded hillary knowing that all they had to do was make libs. beleive she couldn't be elected,they've achieved goal one. they've been sitting on the preacher story for a year,they had all the tapes, all of it,looks like obama might win,bring out a few of the tapes,make it so the dems have to go to the convention to decide who gets nod,remember obama said he did not hear his preacher speak the hatred,obama dems pick.oct 25 th 2008,msnbc breaking news obama seen setting in front row while MR wright makes hate sermon after 9/11 attacks

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Ostroy. And, I'd like to add a few more points. After finding out about the black church and its members I think the idea of multi-cultures and a "mosaic" is out of the question. The big goal should be the old concept of a "melting pot." The Netherlands, England and others are having trouble by not demanding integration of cultures. No special religions clothing worn to school and no gym priveleges because you are a Muslim girl. I say One language -- English. One cultural allegiance: American. One standard of governing: the provisions provided by the Constitution -- that's it -- no "special rights." if they infringe on the rights or others. Without saying: separation of church and state. No more glass ceilings; no more affirmative action; no more amnesty for law breakers; no more unfair tax breaks, etc. I admit I'm farily young and inexperienced but that seems to be an asset these days so I don't want any flack from other readers.

Rick said...

@1:39 - I'm not against Hillary because she can't win. I'm against her because I don't want her to win. I disagree with her pro-corporate attitude, I disagree with her on the Iraq occupation, I resent her pandering to the right. She claims the legacy of her husband's administration? I've had enough of WTO, NAFTA, don't ask don't tell, and welfare "reform." Not for nothing was Bill Clinton called the best Republican president since Eisenhower. For her part, Hillary alternately enables and participates outright with the neocons who have dragged our country through the mud, and I am sick of it.

@1:43 - no religious clothing worn to school: does that include nuns' habits? Yarmulkes? Roman collars? Crosses worn around necks? WWJD T-shirts? I'll agree to legislating one language for America when it's a native language (which English is not). Otherwise what you're saying is that whoever immigrates in the greatest numbers gets to set the rules, and everybody else has to go along - including the natives we overran and fellow immigrants who come after us). America was founded on principles of individual freedom and collective tolerance, and the day we forget that is the day we cease to be great.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Obama and his wife will now quit whining about their lives in America. If it's that bad, leave!
No one will miss them.

Anonymous said...

things are really getting bad. Something awful has been unleashed. Now black ministers are furiious at Obama for repudiating Wright. That means this hate is very widespread in the black community and obviously other black preachers are preaching the same hateful sermons. The only thing I'm sure of is that I will be throwing my vote away if I vote for Obama. The Republicans could easily win by exploiting this mess.

Anonymous said...

Obama has been the divisive candidate all along. It's too bad Americans have been so hoodwinked by him.

The black hatred of whites is widespread. I've been the butt of whispered jokes among black co-workers on occasion. The reason? I'm white. Just that simple.
Where do they feel they have license to be divisive themselves? One place that promotes it is obviously their african-centric churches.

It's time to pull the plug on Obama and his hidden agenda of hate.

Anonymous said...


It's the day after the election and McCain has won, by the tiniest of margins. Pundits go on TV and discuss where everything went wrong. And they come back and discuss this very moment that we are in right now. The time when the Democrats figured out a way to lose.

I beg you Andy. Stop and think about that day. Think about every aspect of what it would mean for McCain to be President.

We have to stick together and focus on the real enemy. Please don't be part of the problem. I know tons of people who say they will support the Democratic candidate, whoever it is. I support Obama but I would definitely vote for Hillary.

One day we will have a candidate and I guarantee you that depending on how it ends up, either Hillary will support Obama or Obama will support Hillary. That's the way it's supposed to be and that's the way it will be.

Stop worrying about Obama supporters saying that he is ahead, etc., or that she can't catch up. If there's anything we can learn from politics or this campaign its that all the predictors and pundits and polls can be wrong. Things change. It ain't over yet. I believe that Hillary will win in Michigan and Florida if there's a redo--but I support it because it's fair. Bring it on, I'm not scared.

Obama and Hillary reached out to each other on the floor of congress the other day. They know what's important. Why can't you?

You have to stop confusing being angry with being tough. Neither Hillary or Obama are known for losing their tempers. That's McCain's domain. You are better than that.

People don't make the best decisions when they are afraid or angry. We are at our best when we are reasonable and calm. Take a breath. Try to be part of the healing that the Democratic Party so desperately needs.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Obama and the healing will begin.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Clinton and the healing will begin.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Obama, Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, and all the other stupid Democrats who are willing to support someone who hates them and America. Then maybe later we can convince the black folks that we do not hate them and want to make them like us and convince them not to pretend they do like they pretended to like the Clintons.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Obama and the healing will begin. In fact, after the Wright and Rezko revealings, it has already started. Obama will be the downfall of the DNC.

We don't have to convince black folks of anything. The shoe is on their foot now. They have to convince the majority of Americans that they do not hate us.

Obama is the great divider and if he is truly American he would leave the contest.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead a give Hillary the nomination. I can't wait to see how blacks 'support' you then.

Democrats will never and can never support a black man for president. I love, after watching Democraps call conservatives racists, watching the racist Democraps figure out how they can give their nomination to a white person even though the black man has the popular vote, the most delegates, and only 4 super delegates less than Hillary.

Remember that during the civil rights days it was the Democrats that were hosing down blacks in the streets. Nominating Hillary is a 21st century lynching.

ha ha ha....Democraps are so lame. Especially that frenchman ass wipe Sidney.

Anonymous said...

Andy is coming at this completely one sided so I will take the middle.
Both campaigns are saying that if their candidate isn't nominated they would rather have McCain.
I would rather not have insane McCain.
Anybody not directly involved in a campaign should be concentrating on stopping McCain.
Creating a situation in which the opponentts will sit out the election will hand it to McCain on a platter.

The Ostroy Report said...

WDRussell...Am I really one-sided? I will repeat here below once again some excerpts from a few of my February pieces. Seems to me I, unlike so many others in our ridiculously squabbling party, have an ability to keep an open mind and also possibly switch candidates when the facts on the ground change. I call that objective.

From Feb 7: "But the Democratic landscape is anything but decided, which is a surprise to me. I had expected a much stronger showing from NY Sen. Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, and a dimmer one from her rival Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. Kudos to to Obama. He picked up key swing states like Missouri and even somehow managed to pick up states like Idaho. All in all, he captured 13 states to Hill's 8. Granted, she won huge states that really count in a national election--NY, NJ, CA--and she's ahead in the polls of many upcoming key contests in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania for example, but we cannot discount Obama's ability to attract, excite and inspire voters. He's a great campaigner, and is even better at raising funds. He's really giving her a run for the money."

From Feb 9: "Which is why this weekend is a most critical one, especially for Obama, whose campaign has shown much strength and momentum. As much as I'm pulling for Hillary (and I know I'm not the only Democrat wishing Bill were back in the White House too), the Washington, Louisiana, Nebraska and Maine contests could be where Obama all but puts it away. By Saturday night, he could be the clear frontrunner. He's ahead in some polling, and he's done well in the previous caususes, and there's three of them this weekend. While many are talking about the February 12 "Potomac Primiaries" in Virginia, Maryland and DC as the next big contest milestone, I believe this weekend is even more important. On the heels of last week's 24 Super-Duper Tuesday primaries and caucuses, Obama could once and for all prove that he's the people's choice to take on Arizona Sen. John McCain come November. And if so, this coming week could be the longest, most difficult in Hillary's political life. Hillary or Obama. I'd be ecstatic either way."

Feb 10: "Give him credit. Barack Obama has come from behind to mount an aggressive, highly -effective offensive that, without question, has made him the clear Democratic frontrunner for the 2008 presidential nomination. On Saturday, he swept Louisiana, Washington, Nebraska and the U.S. Virgin Islands, sending his rival Hillary Clinton home empty-handed (but since the Democratic Party awards delegates proportionally, Clinton stands to pick up an appreciable number of the 3-state 158 total). It was a highly impressive showing, in particular his 2-1 margins in Louisiana and Nebraska. Surveying the landscape at this time it's hard to imagine this momentum fading at any time soon. It's hard to imagine him not going all the way. In politics, momentum and perception is everything. And he looks, act and sounds like a winner. In his victory speech, he was strong, confident and driven; he carried imself like a man who had a window into the future, and he really liked what he saw. To the contrary, Clinton appeared like a tired loser; weak, scared and whose window afforded a much less exciting view."

From 2/12: "The results are in: Sen. Barack Obama has won decisive victories in all three of the Maryland, Virgiania and DC "Potomac Primaries" Tuesday. His momentum is tremendous. Something's happening here that's hard to ignore. His campaign is alive and brimming with excitement. This gives him an impressive string of eight consecutive victories in the last 4 days in addition to the thirteen states he won on Super Tuesday. With each passing day, with each new speech, Barack Obama is starting to not only look like his party's clear nominee but, compared to the stiff, aging, conservative Republican relic John ("My Friends") McCain, he's also looking like our next president. It's very hard to watch all this and not get goosebumps; a strong sense that history's in the making."

Anonymous said...

Blogger 35th 'n Shields said (insults aside):

-is a much better and more rational explanation for why we (progressives) need to unite regardless of who becomes the nominee.
Please, NO MATTER WHO YOU SUPPORT, YOU SHOULD READ THIS. UNITE and defeat the Republican war machine! Liz. (Anon)

Anonymous said...

The Clintons are now an embarrassment, and should be embarrassed themselves. I was a longtime supporter, but am offended by their behavior. If Mrs. Clinton truly loves America, as touted by her husband, she will step aside at once and let the people's will be done. Her recent campaign tactics are unacceptable, and your own increasingly shrill commentary is abrasive. PlEASE take a step back and look, Andy, for the sake of your own dignity. When this is over, and it WILL be over, you will probably feel like scrubbing your site -- or at least taking a cathartic vacation.