Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What if Democrats Had Winner-Take-All Primaries Like Republicans? The Results are Startling

In its infinite wisdom to muck things up as much as possible and make it as difficult as possible to avoid the kind of disjointed horse race it currently has, the Democrat Party twenty years ago decided to adopt a system of proportional primaries rather than award its delegates as the Republicans do on a winner-take-all basis. And for all the talk of Sen. Barack Obama's recent winning streak (which came to an abrupt end Tuesday with losses in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island) and all the apparent momentum that temporarily followed, which caused many to prematurely anoint him the chosen-one and demand that Sen. Hillary Clinton drop out of the campaign, we'd be looking at a much different race if the game was played differently.

With all his states to-date, Obama would be sitting with 1233 delegates. The down-but-certainly-far-from-out Clinton would be enjoying a 482 delegate lead with a total of 1715, just 310 shy of the 2025 needed to snag the nomination. With a few more wins under her belt, like Pennsylvania, the race would soon be over and Democrats could be unified and begin preparing for the big battle in November against the GOP's Sen. John McCain. Instead, this archaic, flawed system will result in a knock-down, drag-out battle all the way to the August convention in Denver.

Man, if only the Democrats could get out of their own way they might actually win an election someday....


Anonymous said...

Heres the link of the Clinton Body Count---people who have "mysteriously" died. Why dont you address this Andy?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey anon -- What about the murder of our soldiers in an unnecessary war started by lies and all the citizens murdered in Iraq? And, it's not over yet.

I am so glad Dean was not elected president. What a mess he's made of this and he doesn't seem to have a clue as how to solve it. And, Kerry should mind his own business and quit urging Hillary to drop out. He "caved" after the Ohio vote before any investigation could be conducted about the voter fraud and just as bad he didn't fight back after the Swiftboat smear. Finally we have someone with backbone to be our President and only the group of stupid Dems messing things up can stop her.

Anonymous said...

Yes Andy, and if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Hillary is an evil desperate woman who will do anything she has to do to win what she considers her birthright.

Like her husband before her, her survival trumps ALL. Forget about the fact that by starting a smear war, she is only handing ammunition over to McCain.

And the level of her desperation cannot be understated - with all the dirt in her history, she should be the last person throwing mudballs.

How many times has she had to testify before a grand jury? How many of her contributors are currently in jail and intentionally broke the campaign contribution laws while she turned her head away? How about how she worked for the hated Wal-Mart for so long, took their director fees and allowed them to put mom and pop sub $50,000 a year shopkeepers out of business? How come she refuses to release her tax returns? The last time she refused to release certain tax returns, it seemed that there were some shady profits from commodity trades where the dealer broke the law to enrich the governor's wife as she lied about making the trades herself based on reading the WSJ. How much has she and her husband taken from America's enemies in speaking fees and contributions to the library? How about how she single handedly dismantled the Travel Office in place since Kennedy and orchestrated the prosecution of the head of it to cover he big fat bubble butt?

Where was she when kids and their single moms were being persecuted off of government support rolls as her husband - to save his butt after she put it in the soup by fumbling health care - triangulated welfare reform?

How many voters is she asking to cast a vote for her after she turned her backs on them on NAFTA?

This is one EVIL woman - a careerist who thinks the Presidency is just one of those brass rings along the road of her useless life.

Anonymous said...

Obama supporters are naive. Toughen up. They don't have a clue.

And all I can do is laugh at the poster above who believes the right wing crap about the Clintons killing people. Do you really think this stuff is going to work this time? Only 19% are on your side!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton

I don't really care. Either way it would be a winning ticket.

Marsha said...


You're right, Howard Dean needs to figure out some way to count the Michigan and Florida delegates. Democrats disenfranchising Democrats is not a good thing.

And I like the idea of winner takes all. That's how it works w/the electoral college.

But how about whomever wins the popular vote is the winner? That makes the most sense to me, in the primaries AND the general election. Get rid of the stupid electoral college, it is obsolete. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Your brain is obsolete.