Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Gore Bandwagon: Larry King Hops on Board

As the Democratic primary season continues with harsh bickering back and forth between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the reality is setting in that the only thing these two presidential hopefuls have done successfully is divide the party straight down the middle. So polarizing are they that recent polls show that about 25% of their supporters will vote for the Republican presumptive nominee Sen. John McCain in the November general election if their candidate loses the nomination. Given Clinton's rich past and high negatives, combined with Obama's Tony Rezko and Rev. Wright controversies, the issue of their electability is being weighed now more than ever. Throw in misogyny and racism--two huge factors than many liberals refuse to acknowledge and accept--and some Dems are starting to wonder if their chances to recapture the White House are slipping away once again to the more organized, focused and united GOP. And it's frustrating as all hell. Yet some would rather stick their heads in the sand and pretend the problem doesn't exist and hope it goes away, but unfortunately that's not how life works.

As I wrote Friday, one solution to save the election is for the party to put someone else at the top of the ticket who could/would truly unite the party, like former vice president Al Gore, with Obama as VP. This deal could also include Clinton as Secretary of State. Let's get real here. Gore has the absolute best chance to beat McCain. His political credentials are unparalleled: he's a Vietnam Vet who's served in Congress, the Senate and eight years as veep. And he's recently added Nobel Peace Prize and Oscar-winning Global Warming documentarian to his already-impressive dossier. Plus, he's squeaky-clean. Not a skeleton in his closet. Consider that he already won the popular vote in 2000, and as many believe the electoral college as well, and it's hard to imagine how The Goracle wouldn't sail straight into the Oval Office. As his VP, Obama would likely be the most valuable running mate in the history of presidential politics, bringing a groundswell of blacks and young people into the process. As for Clinton, given how many of her Senate colleagues have already deserted her, and there's likely more to come, returning to that Chamber in the Fall could be a very icy, uncomfortable experience. Running the State Department could very well be an attractive out for her. Gore, Obama, Clinton. The Repugs would shudder in their boots over this winning combination.

The Gore discussion has been gaining so much steam that broadcasting legend and political sycophant Larry King said on Mark Simone's Saturday morning syndicated radio program that as this contest heads closer towards a brokered convention, the name to watch is Al Gore. Facing the prospect of a loss in November, he said, party officials and super-delegates could push aside both Obama and Clinton and make Gore their choice. I suspect that as the Democrats' primary saga continues to unfold, there'll be many a pundit to voice the same solution. Who really knows for sure just what kind of deal may already be in the works--being very privately negotiated as we speak--to ensure the party's victory in the Fall. Stay tuned. This show is far from over...


Anonymous said...

Please tell me your JOKING,AL Gore ,you mean the same Al who had joe lieberman as his vice,the same joe who has indorsed Mccain,NO THANKS

Anonymous said...

Al Gore, the man who contributes more carbon emissions to the atmosphere than any one man on earth. It's ok though because people other than him pay for carbon credits in his name. Too bad the entire carbon credit industry is a fraud.

Then there is the annual revenue Gore makes with his oil investments. I guess oil isn't so bad when it is putting more money into Gore's deep pockets.

Oh yeah, lets not forget about the zinc mine in Al's TN property. He makes more annual profits from his zinc mine cronies than most Hillary supporters make in a year. Ignore the fact that this zinc mine is one of the most polluting mines on the entire continent.

I'm not sure why Al Gore needs so many large houses. I'm sure that heating these houses in the winter, especially while he's traveling abroad on private planes, is not bad for the environment because its Al Gore. There are reports that his POOL HOUSE costs $500 per month for heating.

Then there is the fact that Al Gore's utility bills are 20, yes 20, times higher than the average American.

Al's not just an elitist who is out of touch with Americans, he's also a walking hypocrite.

Freedem said...

Judging from the previous posts the Gang Of Pirates fear Gore the most. I really think that a lot of the bickering is just such posers, trying to give war a chance.

For myself I have always preferred Gore over any of the folk who actually ran, and for a very long time he out polled those running even when he was not.

Al Gore has undergone a big improvement since Y2K, learning as we all have, what the MSM have been hiding all along, mostly due to the Web. If he can continue to speak as he has this past few years, he could be elected by acclimation.

Go and look at his speeches since then (all ignored by the MSM)and you would be stunned at the great nature of the speeches.

Those who quit listening before Y2K, or never listened are those who talk like those above.

Anonymous said...

I knew the Democrats would be too racist to let a black man be President.

I'll say it here and I'll say it first. The first black President is going to be a Republican.

Anonymous said...

I just want us to win the White House. Too many Obama supporters just support him. That is not how to keep the Republicans from keeping control of the White House.

Al would be a great choice to bring unity. He already one once.

Anonymous said...

Al on top of the ticket will disenfranchise blacks because they will know that Democrats are too racist to let a black man become President.

Sidney Condorcet said...

What's with the anonymous poster who discusses the "racist Democrats" in every single one of his posts? Seriously man, a little variety would be appreciated.

Al Gore would have made a fine President. He had his own election stolen from him in 2000, and I doubt he wants to play the role of white knight and steal it from either Obama or Clinton, who have both worked tirelessly for over a year to get this far. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of posts from Andy harping about Gore being the only hope, from now until the superdelegates decide. Andy is still dejected regarding Hillary's imminent failure, and is so dead-set against an Obama nomination, that he'll turn all his attention to Gore, pleading with God that Gore save the Democrats from President Obama. Gore as white knight is a fantasy. There's no credible evidence suggesting it's a valid option. In fact, Gore's a pretty cautious politician by nature. This kind of gambit runs counter to his political instincts. Sure, he'll play uniter and may weigh in to pressure the superdelegates to meet and decide earlier than the convention, but he's not going to snatch the nomination from Obama, and risk his reputation with young voters, african-americans, and well-educated/high income progressives. He's not the spoiler type. But I shall expect many more of these articles, Andy. Larry King? Gosh that's amazing. What's next? An article noting Ryan Seacrest's support for this notion?

(Also, your mentioning of Rezko is a bit much. There's no evidence that his association with Rezko has hurt him at all or tarnished him any more than Gennifer Flowers tarnished Clinton in '92.)

Barring an epic collapse, Obama will be the nominee. He'll lose Pennsylvania by 7-11 points. But he'll win North Carolina and probably Indiana. He'll win Oregon and she'll win Puerto Rico, and so on. By mid-June, the superdelegates will meet, and with Obama winning by 400,000-750,000 in popular vote, winning by 150 or so in pledged delegates, the majority of the remaining superdelegates will vote for Obama and he'll have the sufficient number to secure the nomination.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "the highest ranking klansman in Congress is Robert KKK Byrd (D-WV)".

Anonymous said...

The Nut Jobs have come out in full force. There's of course Sidney who under the cover of civility and intelligence doesn't care at all if he disses Andy, Larry King, rich TV personalities; and middle-to-low income Americans. The more he writes the more we see of his unseemly nature.

And to the rest of them: Democrats are racists; the first black president will be a Republican; Democrats hosed blacks during the Civil War; Robert Byrd is a Klansman; and Gore is a monster we are told by 1:27,


Even if it were true:

WHO CARES.???????????????????

If Gore will only run, he will save us from losing to McCain and having to suffer four to eight more years of a Republican disastrous reign

Bravo Andy -- Go Gore.

Anonymous said...

5:46 PM,
Thanks for pointing out your lack of intelligence.

I'll take Sidney's postings even though I disagree with almost every political opinion he has over your postings any day.

At least Sidney adds some value to a discussion. What value did you just add to the discussion?

Is your "So What" an admission of your racist beliefs?

Anonymous said...

I think black Americans should spend more time looking honestly at their own racism....instead of focusing on white racism while excusing their own. I heard nothing even remotely honest coming from black leaders regarding Pastor Wright. More evasions than condemnations. Too many black Americans are hyper-vigilant when it comes to perceived anti-black commentary, but place their hands over their ears and eyes when racist commentary is directed at whites.....which it regularly is. Worse yet, they consider it justified. As for Gore, I would welcome him in the contest....simply because I don't believe either Clinton or Obama are likely to beat McCain. McCain is out-polling them in the key states, and Obama has alienated Florida and Michigan by sand-bagging attempts at re-votes.

Anonymous said...

"I heard nothing even remotely honest coming from black leaders regarding Pastor Wright."

Maybe you should start watching FoxNews. *gasp* *gasp* yes, FoxNews.

Democrats don't like to hear dissenting opinions, but you should try it with an open mind.

I find it interesting that not a single Democrat on this blog has denied Democrat racist beliefs. I did get a "what's with the...", a "so what", and a third response where the person divided the racist Democrats by race.

Anonymous said...

Obama has played the race card from the beginning and now wants to act the victim. It's interesting that the Democratic Party, which has prided itself on equality, has a racist and sexist person (obama) as its leading candidate.

I will no longer associate with the Democratic Party as long as they have a racist and sexist person running. Racism should not be tolerated whether from the political right or political left. The left doesn't get a pass on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to your belief, this is only my second post, so there's more than one person that acknowledges the racism within the Democratic Party. Unlike the Obama apostles who do not understand the politics of this country, and refuse to acknowledge Obama's true past, there are common sense and moderate Democrat.

Sorry to disappoint and awaken you to reality.

Anonymous said...

9:44 PM,
You have to realize the Sidney is well known for knee jerk reactions and wild accusations. He's better ignored.

Anonymous said...

5:45 and the others -- If you needed a transfusion to save your life you wouldn't refuse a blood donor who was a racist because racism wouldn't matter then no matter how much you were against it. Your life needed to be saved.

You would say: So what? Who cares.

You idiots were bringing up all those irrelevant points about race in dismissing Gore as the nominee. Black racism, white racism has nothing to do with Gore and his becoming our candidate. I guess the argument was to subtle for you. However, it does make a huge difference if Obama is the candidate. Then race will be an issue. Don't try to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

10:23 PM,
You are the idiot because you don't understand that a reason for the primaries is for party members to vote for their candidate.

Al Gore had his chance and blew it because he couldn't win his own home state where people knew him best.

Now, a black man is winning and the Democrats don't like that, so they will throw all the rules out and put the next best white man in Obama's place.

Don't you understand how that is going to disenfranchise blacks as well as Obama and Hillary supporters that actually believed they were participating in their party's nomination process ?

Anonymous said...

McCain is the only real candidate for the 2008 election. As usual, Democrats are going to select a dud (Clinton, Obama, or Gore) and then scratch their heads and complain how the Republicans 'stole' their election.

2008 was for the Democrats to lose and it appears they are going to do it again.

Good job! I'm voting for the moderate McCain and I'm a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Gore didn't lose because he didn't carry TN. He lost because the Supreme Court put Bush in office. THat's a sample of what we'll get when McCain appoints a few more conservative judges.

Granted, I think, Gore could have challenged the decision but they say he didn't want to cause such chaos in the country. It also would have helped if he hadn't listend to Donna Brassil and the other advisors who were concerend with color schemes and other frivolities rather than he appearing authentically as himself. We've seen the "authentic" Gore since then and he is awarded over and over again for who he really is.

Anonymous said...

If Gore won his home state, the election wouldn't have ever been in the Supreme Court.

Democrats: please wake up and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

7:01 No -- if there hadn't been voter fraud and stupidty in Florida the election wouldn't have been in the Surpeme Court It was not Gore's fault that TN is as red as states come.

And your reasoning is dubious:

If Clinton had resigned Gore would have been President. Or, if Clinton hadn't known Monica, Gore would have won the election. Really -- THere's a limit to links between cause and effect.

Anonymous said...

If voter fraud so obviously resulted in Gore's legitimate Florida 2000 loss, one would think Democrats would want to prevent voter fraud by backing identification checks at the voting booths.

Unfortunately, Democrats are against identification checks at the voting booths because they are too heavily invested in voter fraud in other (and including Florida) states