Friday, September 23, 2005

AL Gore Could be Our Next President

Is former vice-president Al Gore gearing up for another run at the White House? Rumors are swirling in Washington that Gore plans to take on New York's Sen. Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2008. He's recently launched his new television network, Current, and is back on the speaking circuit. In fact, he'll be the keynote in D.C. next week at a huge Democratic National Committee fundraiser.

He's got a real shot here folks. For one thing, he's been against the Iraq war from the get-go. Hillary Clinton voted for it, as did Senators Joe Biden (D-DE) and former 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry (D-MA). All three will surely vie for the '08 nomination. The latest polls show that a majority of Americans want the U.S. to bring home the troops now. This growing anti-war fervor will be a major factor in the next primary election, and can bode very well for the former veep.

Additionally, Gore is Mr. Environment, and has been preaching the global warming gospel for 20+ years. Most recently he preached to the proverbial choir at the World Environment Day conference in San Francisco, a five-day U.N. gathering to promote pro-environment practices. A growing chorus of scientists believe the recent frequency of strong Category 4 and 5 hurricanes such as Katrina and Rita may be linked to global warming. They believe that rising global temperatures warm the oceans, which in turn fuel hurricanes and intensify their power. On this issue, Gore just might have a groundswell of very interested listeners for a change.

Another strong factor is his underdog cult-hero status among many Democrats stemming from the highly controversial 2000 election against Bush. Let's not forget that he won the popular vote and, to many of us, the election (does anybody really still think Karl Rove and Jeb Bush didn't rig Florida?!). As a result, he could be dubbed The Comeback Kid and ride the momentum that goes with it. Remember, Nixon lost to Kennedy in 1960 then returned in '68 to squeak past VP Hubert Humphrey by a 43.2% to 42% margin (Alabama Governor George Wallace picked up 13.5%) to become president.

Since 2000, Gore's become an extremely passionate and rousing speaker. He's dropped the stiff wonkish routine and found his mojo. Plus, he's rested, he's confident and his prescience on a number of key issues and events is now clear. He's also squeaky-clean, with no skeletons in his closet, as 2000 proved.

Lastly, Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with the Republican-controlled Congress and with Bush, as the consistently plummeting polls indicate. Timing is everything they say, and 2008 may finally be the right time for Al Gore. Andy


Anonymous said...

How about another Clinton Pres. amd Gore V.P. run?

The Ostroy Report said...

Brother, I'd give my right arm to see Bubba back. But it ain't happening. Given what is sure to be a Kerry-Clinton-Gore race (with Bayh, Richardson, Biden, Edwards, et al the second tier), I'd throw my support to Gore.

Barry Cochran said...

The MSM hates Gore. Check out daily howler. He documents the MSM atrocites from Indecision 2000.

Anonymous said...

truthsquad, it's possible the MSM will want to atone for its sins by then. I don't think they'll lap up the "I invented the internet" crap this time. By '08, we'll have had at least a half a dozen Cat 4/5 hurricanes and probably another war and a half. I just hope that Gore took some fetal tissue from a Brahma bull and grew himself a pair so that we can finally have a candidate with some balls.

StealthBadger said...

I'd be interested in Gore/Edwards, but I think Gore/Sen. Clinton might be more electable.

LancCoDemocrat said...

Al Gore is only person in America that can get us back on the right track after the disaster of the Bush Administration.

Please run Mr. Gore

Maezeppa said...

What's Gore going to do for money?

Anonymous said...

Oh be still my bleeding liberal heart...I'd surrender one of my nipples for Big Al to come riding back. He's the Man. For 20 yrs this has been the guy we've needed. As for Kerry being part of the next election....I'm dumbfounded that anyone thinks he would get a vote for anything after his Mr. Wimpey routine w/ the obviously stinky election tabulation. Also curious for the rational for why he would be viable. If anyone's been really listening to Gore's speeches, he's grown stones and teeth aplenty. GO AL!!!!!

WVUIE said...

I would support Al Gore 150%. He's our best candidate. Hillary as VP would be fine, but I don't want to see her as the Presidential candidate yet.

Anonymous said...

Gore/Obama!!!!!! Go Mama!!!

Anonymous said...

In 1988, I voted for Al Gore in the Illinois presidential primary. He lost.
In 1991, I was unsure about whether to vote for Clinton but when he named Al Gore as VP, I voted for him. He won.
In 1996, I voted for Clinton/Gore. They won.
In 2000, I voted for Al Gore. He "won".
In 2004, I voted for Al Gore. He "won".
In 2008, I'll vote for Al Gore. He'll win.

Anonymous said...

I have been wishing for this for a while now. He's the only candidate that actually makes sense. The Democrats can win with Gore and be real Democrats again. The country is not ready for Hillary and I must say, I'm not too keen on her either. New York is a good place for her and Bill. We don't need another Bush enabler. It seems to me that the Al Gore ticket would write itself and sell itself. I've listened to or read every speech Al Gore has made over the last few years and he is smart, articulate, passionate and a "real" grownup and a true American spirit. Go AL!

Will Vaught said...

Gore & mark warner, sounds like a winning ticket to me..

Anonymous said...

Al Gore is just what this country needs right now. I say impeach the chimp and all his minions and put the real winner of 2000 in the oval office.
Here in Tennessee we already have a grassroots movement to get Al to run again.

Anonymous said...

Gore spoke on Global Warming at an impromptu event in Portland, Oregon a couple of weeks ago. When thousands of people were still outside the convention center ballroom, banging on doors to get in, they expanded the room, and then Al agreed to repeat the speech a couple of hours later, to sounds of cheering.

He was electrifying - my wife and I were depressed about climate change for days. I, too, think a Gore/Clinton (either Clinton would do) would be a great thing for '08.

Dallas112263 said...

I would support Al Gore....
I would support Sen Clinton

Either would be "electable"

I will not support...


I like that one....
RG Johnson
San Jose CA

Anonymous said...

Gore has been our President in exile for many years. Let's finally bring him home to DC. We've already lost so much time in developing alternative energy sources to those two oil bozos. We need Al before it's really too late.

Zionista said...

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see him out there. But anyone who wants to support a Gore run better be prepared to deal with the soap opera that the MSM, seeded by the right wingnut echo chamber, will make out of connections between Gore and Bill and Hilary Clinton. They will do their very best (and we know they are very good at such BS) to have America treat the Democratic primaries like so many episodes of "Days of Our Lives."

spooked said...

what the others said-- Gore is the man!

All_I_Can_Stands said...

This is too good to be true! And the best part is you libs like it and actually think he has a shot. Keep it up. By the way, I can't wait to hear his solutions to problems. I am it will include taxes on the rich and selling out US sovereignty to the UN. LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't give a shit about the MSM, the DLC, possible attacks by right wing "pundits" or any other "rational" reason why a Gore re-run wouldn't make sense. Al is the ONLY Dem on the horizon with the brains, the passion, the heart and the experience to start pulling us out of our tailspin. I'd drain my bank account to support this guy. I pray he gives it another shot.

Anonymous said...

Oh Pleases...please....please say it IS so!!!!
I've been behind Gore since his firast run and never felt connected to anyone else...He is my President!

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how important and necessary a GORE campaign would be...

Right now, our hearts can only feel the pain of what the BUSH THEFT has cause the country and the world.

We have to be upset that Gore and the DEMS did not take to the streets in 2000. That is a decision we should let burn deep into our souls.

On the flip-side, we have seen Gore blossom from his wonk-persona into a man of passion and conviction. I hope that Mr. Gore will consider taking up the cause again - it will be a new dawn for the DEM party - Al Gore has the ability to bring this party out of the shadows and stop its fall from relevancy.

Anonymous said...

If Gore runs in 2008, he should ren for re-election. He would be a great sympathetic candidate because he really did win in 2000.

Anonymous said...

To All I Can Stand, while you snark about giving sovereignty to the UN, your boys are handing the mortgage papers to a communist country. To Zionista and others worried about the MSM, by then when some right wing spinmeister tries to raise an old canard, it won't get much play because the lies will be too old, stale and costly to replay again.

Anonymous said...

now don't laugh-how about gore and oprah-I saisd don't laugh, just think about it. By the way if gore hangs on to his firebrand way of delivering the truth instead of listening to his handlers, that would really resonate with americans. Go Al. We love you.

liberalprogressive said...

I have been hoping for a Hilary run because I'd love to vote for a woman who actually has a chance to win for president.

However, if Gore runs again, I'd vote for him over Hilary in a second! Go Al!

Anonymous said...

i love the idea of gore runing for 're-election' in '08. witty, and terribly truthful. look at what happened since he 'lost'!

in case you missed it, gore privately and quietly hired a few planes to evacuate hospital patients from the katrina zone -> tennessee. like a modern-day schindler list or something. but there were NO PR people pumping this. very sly and cool.

what's been up with tipper lately. i hated her. all that BS about censoring music. like lieberman crap. i guess there are other, more important things.

i'm down. i remember reading an interview with his college roommate about how they would sit around, turn out the lights and shut the blinds, smoke some herb, and gore would talk about how all he really wants is to be president. isn't that what we want for a leader of our country?

Anonymous said...

You Go AL! Time to make a wrong right.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear a name other than the usual. They have too much baggage.
I had not thought of Obama but he certaily made a good impression, so I think I would like a
Gore - Obama ticket.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore would be a breath of fresh air in the putrid atmosphere Bush has created in the past five years. I long for someone to say something intelligent and Al is the man. Now that Chimpy is losing support (and may be boozing again) he is sounding more and more idiotic. Maybe even the dumbells who voted against their own interests by electing Bush in 2004 will see the light. I think Richardson or Mark Warner would be a good VP choice. Hillary has too much baggage at this time.

Yesterday's Washington Post had a article about how Gore stole the show at a recent convention Clinton had organized. Lynn

The Ostroy Report said...

Appreciate all the terrific comments. Thanks for reading!

Gore/Hillary. Hmmm...really like that, and it's quite possible. Gore/Bubba...not very likely but I'd fork over my 401K for that ticket. Gore/Obama, now there's a freakin' winner if I ever saw it.
To the Republicans here (whom I graciously welcome and whose opinions I appreciate), face the music, people. The country is frustrated and extremely angry. Angry over the war, the economy, the gas/oil prices, the blundering of Katrina, the obvious continued lack of preparedness with Rita even given FOUR days advance notice....and the polls show it. And Gore's got plenty of reason to be angry too. I love an angry Gore. An angry Gore will match up quite well with a dissatisfied and angry electorate.

tdsbluenredstate said...

Go for it AL!!!!! Kerry can't win,
Hillary is a political windsock who certainly can't win, and Joe Biden is a closet Republican anyway.
Just speak your mind (like you have been since you got the 2000 stolen from you) get some attack dogs to manage your campaign, who will promptly and firmly but reasonably refute the GOP attack/bullshit echo chamber machine to avoid getting "swift-boated" again. Articulate a vision (but make it, I am sad to say fit into a sound bite for today's voter) and plleasse name at least a moderate or better yet a progressive (i.e., John Edwards -yes once more w/feeling , Russ Feingold, maybe even Wes Clark) but not a faux Demo GOP wannabe like Lieberman or for God's sake not Biden) You are, I think the Dems best hope. I would vote for Hillary or Kerry (again), but they JUST CAN"T and WILL NOT WIN!
Reclaim what was stolen from you. You are as qualified and good a person who I think of to begin to take the public out of our national psychosis. It will have been 8 years of a bona fide nightmare for the American people and a disaster of a presidency that never should have occured in a just world.

Anonymous said...

To the person who suggested Oprah for VP, take a look at (if only they'd listened then).

To the rest of you, it's time we stole the P from Resident Bush. Check out:

Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up to donate time and money to the "re-elect Al Gore" campaign? He's the best, most-qualified candidate for president in the past century. Dry-drunk spoiled-brat don't-give-a-flying-* Bush has been the worst president in our country's history. Even the MSM and the red states are beginning to grasp the latter. Gore won the last time he tried even with all the Bubba Baggage. Now he doesn't have the baggage. Hillary is irritating and isn't electable. Go Gore!

Anonymous said...

Timing is everything, the tide turns - shall I go on. I adore Gore, and as of two months ago (?) I scoffed at even the suggestion of his running. However, that proverbial light bulb popped in my mind after reading this. As things begin to change - unfortunately for the worse - a Gore run gives me hope. As a Hillary fan, this would be very difficult for me. But there is, as mentioned throughout this blog, Gore/Clinton? But would, could that happen? Then we could carry the VP to the Presidency after her 8-year stint. No matter, I will be looking for the Draft Gore sights and follow closely.

Anonymous said...

It just might work. I voted for him last time, but maybe some of the who voted for Bush are feeling a tiny bit of "buyer's remorse"...? Gore offers an opportunity to kinda turn back the clock, or try to undue a horrible tragic mistake.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your down-to-earth comments about Gore. If he can assume some of your tone, he'll win over lots of people who are tired of politics and its rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Gore YES!
One could go to bed without worrying every single night.
How do we do it?

If we're serious about working toward a clean and sustainable environment, what about a GORE /RFK Jr. ticket? RFK Jr. gave a fantastic speech to the Sierra Club recently.

But Gore / Obama
or Gore/ Edwards
would help the Dems trumpet civil rights and economic opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Please yes yes yes.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

Andy said "To the Republicans here (whom I graciously welcome and whose opinions I appreciate)"

Thanks, I appreciate that attitude, which is why you are one of the few liberal blogs I visit regularly.

Andy also said "The country is frustrated and extremely angry. Angry over the war, the economy, the gas/oil prices, the blundering of Katrina, the obvious continued lack of preparedness with Rita even given FOUR days advance notice....and the polls show it. And Gore's got plenty of reason to be angry too. I love an angry Gore. An angry Gore will match up quite well with a dissatisfied and angry electorate."

I would point out how quickly the anger over 9/11 fizzled out and it was back to same ol' same ol'. You can't count on anger alone.

I will say that of all the candidates out there that might run on the DEM ticket Gore would be most palatable to me, with Evan Bayh a close second. If Gore is elected as an angry animated president, I would welcome an open, public, animated debate on issues instead of this mamby pamby let's be friends dialogue. Conservative ideas always win in a straightforward debate.

I do wonder about the gas prices and economy under Gore. Since the high fuel prices today could have been avoided had not environmentalists blocked oil exploration and building new refineries. With China consuming so much fuel, our hands are now tied to keep up with the supply. With no hope of fuel, and inevitable higher taxes under Gore our economy would have no hope. This compared to a nice current economy with low unemployment, low inflation and low interest rates.

Anonymous said...

A Gore run for the Presidency would definitely be fantastic! Rodent Bush*t has turned the White House into the Sh*t House. It's time for him, Vice-Rodent Dickhead, Sec. of Offensiveness Rumrunner and the Sec. of Skank Kindasleezy to leave the building!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the MSM. They're mostly on the Rove-Bush-Cheney payroll. GO AL GO! Let's return decency, honesty and accountability to DC!. I'm sick and tired of the religious, spendaholic whores. We've had a brush with theocracy and it made me want to puke when thinking of "their" Christianity. Let the real Christians rule.

Anonymous said...

Gore won in 2000. Isn't it about time we let him assume office?

Anonymous said...

I think Gore would be great. He seems to have found his voice and I don't think he would be so stiff and hold back on what he wants to say.

I really don't want to bring up Nixon, but he did come back and win the presidency.

Cathy from Michigan

The Ostroy Report said...

To All I Can Stand:
You're welcome here, brother, even if your views are out of the mainstream!

As for Gore and gas/oil should do a Google on him and his decades of global warming warnings and a push for alternative fuel and less dependence on OPEC/foreigners. You all laughed at him then. I suspect with Katrina, Rita and skyrocketing gas/oil prices you're not laughing so hard anymore..

To the poster who suggested RFK Jr as VP....he's a former heroin addict! I much prefer Obama. The man's a lightening rod for positivity and bi-partisan praise.

Anonymous said...

Of course Al Gore should run. Incidentally, he was always a great speaker, anyone can look bad in sound bites, but those of us who heard him at town meetings way back when he was a Senator know how good he really is. I think Mark Warner of Virginia would be a terrific running mate. He did great things for Virginia and he has a terrific spouse who would also be an asset. Richardson would also be good, but NM doesn't have as many electoral votes as VA.

We need to have passion on our stands, but we can't lose track of the process by thinking with our guts instead of our heads.

Now, how do we keep Ralph Nader, or someone like him, from running again?


Dave Splash said...

I'd love a Gore run. The Nixon '68 analogy is appropriate (except that Nixon was a sleazy liar and Gore is...not). But will Gore just be himself if he runs? Or will he get too caught up in polls that he loses himself while trying to appeal to more people. He needs to lose the Bob Shrums of the world, and be the Al Gore we know he is: environmentalist, intellectual, against the Iraq War but not against fighting Al-queda, unapologetically anti-Bush, deadhead. I'd vote for that guy! But we all have to hope that Chuck Hagel (R-NE) leaves the GOP and runs as an independent. A divided Republican party will help us cruise into office.

Anonymous said...

Gore/Clinton! You gotta be kidding. Wasn't it Clinton that literally sandbagged Gore in 2000 because of the "Monica" thingy and then lying about it? Hillary will certainly sandbag a Gore presidential run in 2008. If I were Gore, I'd stay as far away from Hillary as possible. Now, if you want to talk about a winning ticket, how about Gore/Clark. That could be the rethuglicans worst nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Gore was the most qualified man to ever run for president. What a shame to have it stolen from him. The next president will have to clean up the mess left by the worst administration in history. Al Gore is the man for the job.

Anonymous said...

To the person who inquired about volunteering and anyone else:

please go to We are a grassroots campaign to re-elect Gore in 2008.

The Ostroy Report said...

Gore/ that's another winner. I met Clark in 2000. He's one of the brightest people I've ever encountered. This country so desperately needs more military leaders who also have a practical brain in their heads. Plus, he's truly a great human being.

Anonymous said...

Gore-Dean... anyone acts up, Al sics Howard on 'em.

Gore-Clinton...only if she actually tries a national health plan again.

Anonymous said...

This would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

I have always said that AL Gore would be known as one of the greatest Presidents of all time! Now that may very well come true...I sure hope so!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a fait accompli. If you truly think about all of Gore's actions since December 12, 2000 everything points to his eventual run. Had he stormed the Bastille back then the hostile MSM would have further crucified him. Now faced with the utter incompetence of the Bush Administration of the last five years they will have to be more careful. He stayed in the background carefully coming out only when necessary, even his Dean endoresement, seen then as an Al Gore blunder, now further solidifies his bonafides. He's brilliant. He's the most qualified person to ever run for the office, and I think he's destined to run ANE WIN AGAIN. Go Al. Prince AL

Anonymous said...

I truly think this country is ready for someone like Gore again and by the time 2008 rolls around a Gore/Dean or Dean/Gore ticket will be a shoe in.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's a sign of just how bad things have gotten that some of us are looking longingly at an Al Gore candidacy. Actually, though, he IS probably the only high-profile Democrat who would stand a chance of rescuing the Dem Party from the oblivion it has flirted with since becoming the 'Other Republican' Party.

I give Gore a lot of credit for showing signs of REALLY being his 'own man'. He has shown a lot of courage in speaking out forcefully on issues the DP leadership are afraid to touch. There's no doubt he's bright and honest. If he were to choose Dennis Kucinich as his running mate, I might even be willing to vote for him.

As for the rest of the 'serious' Democratic field, I wouldn't give a nickel for Hillary, Kerry, Biden, Lieberman...or even Howard Dean now that he has been swallowed up by the opportunistic Republican wing of the Party.

I fully expect, however, that I will be voting once again for a 3rd Party candidate in hopes of moving the machinery of government back into a position of representing The People, rather than the corporate interests which own and operate BOTH of the 'major' parties.

Anonymous said...

Clinton and Kerry just don't do it for me, not enough oomph, but Gore and anybody would be great. I like

Gore / Wes Clark
Gore / Edwards
Gore / Foamy the Squirrel

Anonymous said...

Now, how do we keep Ralph Nader, or someone like him, from running again?

Spoken like a true democrat (small 'd')...{{dripping sarcasm}}. Statements (and sentiments) like that cited above are emblematic of a Democratic Party that has lost its Soul and its Principles. It's no wonder the Democratic Party has become irrelevant almost to the point of going the way of the Whigs. This country needs what used to be known as an 'Opposition Party' ('Opposition' in this case means more than changing the faces at the top of a corrupt government).

Anonymous said...

Gore/Clark sounds really good right now - ask me again in 2007.

Anonymous said...

It would be a blessing to have Gore in 2008! Run Mr. Gore..please.

Anonymous said...

If we let repubs win in 2008, they will drown in the filth of their own creation. The final ruination of the USA is a heavy price, but these murdering greedy criminals would be the death sentence for their entire party for the next 50 years!

Whoever wins in 2008 is going to have a dying near corpse of a country to restore.

And, by all means, we can't have 8 years of Democrats fixing everything, and then have the rich fat cat repubs get in and binge on the hard work of the dems! that must stop!

If Al speaks from the heart and gets his mojo back, he will win. What he wins is the question; the mere carcass of a formerly great country.

-85% Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Why do I keep reading Gore/Bubba? Bubba meaning Bill Clinton. That cannot legally happen since Bill Clinton can no longer legally eligible to be president.

Gore/Kucinich in '08 would be a great ticket and would force the MSM and lying resmuglicans to address real issues instead of harping about some stupid issue like whether their boyfriends will be allowed to marry each other. Last I checked noone was forcing or encouraging anyone to become gay. I look at it this way, the more gay guys around the more available women for me.

Maxx in Portland

Anonymous said...

Al Gore is the best qualified person to be President of the United States.

Let's face it, George Bush has left this country a mess. It is fast slouching towards Third World status in everything but armaments.

Gore has the ability to bridge the gap between the various, desparate groups that make up the Democratic Party and moderates in general; liberal/progressives, woman, youth, Labor, urban voters, environmentalists, technocrats and the scientific community.

even small business recall with fondness how democratic administration helped them compared to the busheviks who care only about large corporations.

the time is right for democrats to re-gain main street and let the GOP have wall street (yet even there, the money managers know that the GOP has not done their job on stabilizing the economy)

His populist rhetoric at the end of his 2000 campaign reinvigorated his campiagn and nearly made the election un-stealable.

however, he is not well liked by national democrats, and it is precisely because of his populist attitude now. a gore presidency would undercut the power of washington insider democrats as his policies would disperse power in the Democratic party. this is a direct threat to the wallets of Democratic operatives who feed at the trough of lobbyists like pigs eating tasty swill.

the MSM can try to do to Gore what they did in 2000, but that type of concerted character assassination will be harder this time around with the increasing impact of the internet and the ability for rapid response to the smears, but I expect it to be tried anyway.

Al Gore is the best river boat polot america has right now. and we need one withthe way the Busheviks have steered this ship of state onto the the shoals.

the day he announces is the day i sign up as a volunteer for his campaign. and this time, i know our side will win.

Anonymous said...

YES- Gore/Clark (or Clark/Gore). A progressivist/environmentalist ticket with STRONG military credentials is the strongest thing Dems have to offer.

I think Clark is actually the strongest name to put on a ticket with any of the others (Edwards, Obama, Bayh, Gore), aside from Hillary of course. Or Biden. Or Lieberman.

Hillary can't win. She just can't. Even a "not unified" republican base will unify against her, and too many independents will have their doubts as well. The country may be ready for a woman president, but they'll never be ready for Hillary. I say this as a progressive - I wouldn't vote for her if she won the nomination. If I can't stomach her (i.e., she's splitting "the base"), Dems are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Concerning a Hillary candidacy:

I wouldn't vote for her if she won the nomination.

I wish I could believe people who say this. I predict that if she won the Dem nomination and the Party 'scare machine' kicked in (as it inevitably does no matter what kind of jerk is nominated...witness the Kerry debacle) all these pissed-off and 'independent-minded' Democratic Party dupes would slink to the polls and pull the lever for Hillary even though she represents nothing even remotely 'liberal' or even 'democratic'. Once the drumbeat starts ['but she's the lesser of two evils'...'a vote for a true progressive will be a wasted vote'...'a vote for Nader (or the latest bogeyman whose character the Party assassinates) is the same as a vote for the Republican nominee'] everyone will swallow what's left of their hopes and end up voting their fears. The beat goes on.

We've seen this movie before...too many times...everybody is beaten into submission by the 'wiseguys' behind the Party leadership, and threatened with their usual pronouncement--"a 3rd party candidate 'can't win'." Well, surprise, surprise...neither Al Gore nor John Kerry made it to the Oval Office. Some winners!!

No matter how much the die-hards splutter about unfair vote counting and 'stolen elections', Dems need to face the fact that the last two elections didn't have to be stolen...they were GIVEN away by those too timid to distinguish themselves from the Republican candidate.

Anonymous said...

Here in Idaho GORE/ CLARK would be most successful of the combinations I've read here. Red States will like Clark's Military Experience.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea, but they should do something about the election fraud first or we will have a repeat of 2000 and 2004 read this article:

mikel said...

Since Al Gore's ideology is left of center he would need to choose a running mate who is more moderate. Hillary Clinton would not do. Moderate Republicans and Independents would look at that ticket as being too liberal. Wes Clark and Edwards are both from the south, as is Gore. This might have a negative effect on voters in the Northest and West. My guess would be a moderate Governor, either from the Northest or Mid-west, preferably one from a "Red State" that could help carry a state that has traditionlly voted Republican. Remember that a Presidentional running mate is not about who you want, its about who can bring in electoral votes.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore is the best hope for uniting the country and giving us a purpose and reason to hope again for the future. Not only would his election rebuke the right-wing cabal that has brought us down the current path of division, debt and death with one fell slap across their collective face, but his election would also be a signal to the nation and the world that our long national nightmare is over and we awaken where we left off on that day the lights went out in 2000. The timing for a Gore presidency would be a nexis of emotional and policy imperatives that our country not only cries out for, but it is only Al Gore who can provide it - nobody else can serve to heal our soul and at the same time brings the mix of credentials and priorities that are so uniquely suited to this moment in time.

Al Gore would have the emotional and intellectual support far beyond that which he received in 2000. Imagine the what it would do for the soul of this country to have him take the oath of office after 8 years in the wilderness. Imagine the instant credibility he would bring back to our foreign policy. Imagine the sense of relief and joy you would feel on election night. Can you imagine anyone else whose candidacy could engender that?

Without hesitation, Al Gore has my support should he run. I pray that he does.

Tom in California

Anonymous said...

I can't stands no more:

"Since the high fuel prices today could have been avoided had not environmentalists blocked oil exploration and building new refineries."

Are you kidding! Who the hell are you reading? The big oil companies themselves eliminated a lot of "little guy" refineries by undercutting their prices in the not too distant past, and now have LIMITED refining to drive their profits WAY up. Goggle it, popeye, the oil industry has been posting record profits for years, and that hasn't changed, despite our prices at the pumps.

Al Gore is the only choice for 2008: but will the DNC back him? Talk about balls, if they couldn't back a gutsy guy like Dean, what makes you think they'll embrace ol' Al? They seem to like wimps like Kerry/Edwards.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for reawakening my hope for Al, for America, for the world, for the future.

As someone who longed for Al to become president since 1989, who mourned deeply in 2000, who has admired with wistful "if only" awe Al's brilliant speeches of late...I can't believe it never occurred to me to dream that he could have another chance.

But now it seems so obvious. What better way to awaken from the Bush & Co nightmare than to begin again, knowing with all the more certainty just what is at stake.

I've heard his recent speeches and they are brilliant, accessible, folksy, hard-hitting...and, as a friend of mine likes to say, they have the added advantage of being true.

So does "Gore 2008" ring with truth. Timing is everything, and his time is about to happen. It can't come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

OK, here's what I found when googling Gore and 2008...not a lot, but half a loaf, ya'll...Click here:

Al Gore in Election 2008 in Iowa Democrats election 2008 Iowa Democrats election 2008 Iowa Democrats election 2008

Ugh...can't get a direct link---but cut and paste will work, I imagine (the whole thing)It's orginally from the NY Post (?). No, really....

The Ostroy Report said...

It's been really interesting here to see the volume, or should I say 98% majority, of posters who relish a Gore candidacy. Let's hope he hears the call.

Thanks to everyone for reading the Blog. It's greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we have to stop yawking about Al?? It feels so much better, suddenly, than reliving the noxious exploits of the Bewildered Monkey & His Keepers.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

Missm, Since you posted no link and simply asked me to research it myself, I will assume you have nothing here. Nice try, but our refineries are running at near full capacity trying to keep up each season with all the multitude of blends required by environmentalist laws and policies. Why do you think the EPA suspended these requirements after Katrina. Since refining capacity was hit, it makes sense to refine fewer blends so the fuel can be refined at maximum efficiency with the capacity remaining. There have been no new refineries built for 30 years.

Try to do a little research on the laws of supply and demand.

You libs do so hate profit don't you. How can the oil companies not make a profit when oil and gas are so high. With high demand and barely enough supply to meet it, of course they will go up. Why do you expect the oil companies to act like a charity?

The only way to fix this is to allow more oil exploration and build more refineries. To keep the price down, you must have significantly more supply than demand.

Anonymous said...

I'm President Al Gore! Welcome to my blog:

The Official President Al Gore Blog

Anonymous said...

Believe me, the northeast would have NO problem with Gore/Clark - are you kidding? We would swoon.

LadyLiberty said...

We need to fight for real election reform first! We need to impeach Bush and his thugs, take back our govermentn from the status quo power brokers who run it, and we need to get DIEBOLD and other corporations out of the voting process. Think we can do that in three years time with Bush's Fascist theocracy breathing down our necks? I hope so, because if we do, I would then work my ass off for this man. He is the President.

Anonymous said...

Gore smokes opposition in a recent (9/22/05) dKos straw poll:
Given these 2008 choices, I would vote for: Edwards 646 votes - 8 %, Clark 1884 votes - 24 %, Gore 3657 votes - 48 %, Clinton 364 votes - 4 %, Feingold 663 votes - 8 %, Other 176 votes - 2 %, No Freakin' Clue 193 votes - 2 % (7583 Total Votes).

There's something about Al Gore, says Deborah White of Check it out!

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to see so many endorsements for Al Gore. He should be our president right now! I believe he should run again and will. I read with interest the comment from oregon where Gore repeated his speech because of the demand. Why don't we ever hear anything on the news about this? I wish these newspeople would get some "stones" and cover the actual news--not the stuff the bush crime familhy wants us to hear.

Anonymous said...

Come on people we have had the man for the job we've always wanted right under our noses the whole time its just that those "crooks and croanies" have taken everything he has work so hard for. Of course I'm talking of RALPH NADER. I'm just as excited about Gore making a comeback but lets not get out of control about this. We've had both offices in power for the past 16 years so why not try giving the power back to the people and the Independent Party. We see the old ways haven't been working so its on us to do what we have to do. Nader 2008.

Anonymous said...

Nader?? NADER??? LMAO. I respect him, I guess, for his former life, but talk about somebody who can't win, man. I'm not trying to flame him or you---but this is WAR. As in, we need a WARRIOR to lead this fight. Gore was against the Iraqi Madness from day one, and the only Dem with the cojones to step up to the plate. I've watched him for years, and he's smarter than all of them, with the possible exception of Mr. Bill. But then, Mr. Bill was smart enough to cover his tracks, was he? Sad, but true. And can bet Al is googling any and all of these articles and sites to see who and what he has behind him. Sooo: Hey, Al, we're here and we're ready to carry you through!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous asserts:
...Gore was against the Iraqi Madness from day one, and the only Dem with the cojones to step up to the plate.

Did I just dream it or did Kucinich, McDermott...and quite a few other Democrats (not to mention the legions of Green Party members) 'step up to the plate' (by speaking out against this madness) before Gore ever made his position known?

I certainly like what Al Gore has been saying lately (about the War, the Patriot Act, the Environment, etc.); but I don't think he can claim to have been 'out front' on all of these issues. If he'd shown a little bit more gumption during the 2000 campaign, instead of trying to triangulate like Clinton, I might have even voted for would a number of Nader voters (in Florida and elsewhere). He chose to soften any progressive message in hopes that he could go for those elusive 'Reagan Democrats' the DLC have been chasing so cravenly for years.

He did all he could to demonize Nader, trusting that progressives would be scared enough of Bush that they would desert the more progressive Nader and get in line behind his 'moderate' candidacy. The fact is, his scare tactics worked very well....but not QUITE well enough.

Maybe he really has changed since 2000. The rest of the Democratic Party haven't...judging by the sorry-ass field of candidates their 'wiseguys' now dub 'serious contenders' for the 2008 nomination. They don't seem to learn; and they won't win again until they go back to being Democrats rather than faux Republicans.

Democrats: the OTHER Republican Party!

-- Anonymous Blogger

Anonymous said...

Did I just dream it or did Kucinich, McDermott...and quite a few other Democrats (not to mention the legions of Green Party members) 'step up to the plate' (by speaking out against this madness) before Gore ever made his position known?

These two reps. were little known in 2002. Besides, are you claiming that the man who was next in line to be the commander-in-chief was patiently waiting to form his opinion of a major impending war, based on the opinion of two relatively unknown US representatives? Now, come on!

Here is Gore's 9/22/02 pre-Iraq war speech: IRAQ AND THE WAR ON TERRORISM, Al Gore, Former U.S. Vice President, September 23, 2002. link.

This is strikingly prescient and powerfully eloquent speech, and therefore I strongly recommend it too all readers.

Here is a dKospedia link listing of Gore's other important speeches.

I certainly like what Al Gore has been saying lately (about the War, the Patriot Act, the Environment, etc.); but I don't think he can claim to have been 'out front' on all of these issues. If he'd shown a little bit more gumption during the 2000 campaign, instead of trying to triangulate like Clinton, I might have even voted for would a number of Nader voters (in Florida and elsewhere). He chose to soften any progressive message in hopes that he could go for those elusive 'Reagan Democrats' the DLC have been chasing so cravenly for years.

You have some reasonable points here. But, pulling from a 12% point deficit on 3/99 (WaPo 3/16/99 poll), every vote was to be fought for, and so I wouldn't really second guess the strategies employed years later.

He did all he could to demonize Nader, trusting that progressives would be scared enough of Bush that they would desert the more progressive Nader and get in line behind his 'moderate' candidacy. The fact is, his scare tactics worked very well....but not QUITE well enough.

Do you know why? Have you heard of a group called "Environmentalists against Gore"? Here is the link link to what they issued on 7/21/2000. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first read it:

"Many of our members support Ralph Nader, and others believe that even having George W. Bush in the White House, under the eye of an energized environmental community, will lead to better protection for nature and wildlife than we can expect from Al Gore."


After that, do you blame Gore for "demonizing" Nader (if he did, as I don't recall much of it)?

Maybe he really has changed since 2000. The rest of the Democratic Party haven't...judging by the sorry-ass field of candidates their 'wiseguys' now dub 'serious contenders' for the 2008 nomination. They don't seem to learn; and they won't win again until they go back to being Democrats rather than faux Republicans.

Honestly, the best chance of your wish coming true is with Al Gore as the standard bearer (and with Dean either on the ticket or playing a vital role in the administration).

Count on Al in 2008!

thanks :)

ps: i look forward to hearing your response (esp. if you proceed to read his pre-Iraq speech. thanks)

Anonymous said...

Hi folks, and Andy:

just wanted to post some very popular recent Gore-diaries over at daily Kos:

1. Why I hope Gore is our next President, Sun Sep 25th, 2005 at 16:03:49 PDT. link.

2. President Albert Gore Speaks: A-men, Wed Oct 5th, 2005 at 11:59:00 PDT. link.

3. Does anyone know how to contact Al Gore?, Wed Oct 5th, 2005 at 16:19:50 PDT. link.

4. Gore Help Us All, Wed Oct 5th, 2005 at 21:16:25 PDT. link.


Anonymous said...

Al Gore won in 2000 he will win by a greater margin in 2008

Anonymous said...

Why not Gore(pres) / H. Clinton (vp) ticket... now that would be interesting. I'd vote YES

Anonymous said...

AL Gore President could be the America Greatest President!!