Friday, September 16, 2005

Malibu vs. The Gulf: No "Two Americas" You Say?

One week ago in my 9/16 blog I wrote the following about the subtle racism that took place in the rescue and relief effort down in the Gulf:

The main point concerning the race issue is not whether Bush intentionally withheld critical rescue and relief resources because of the victims' skin color. That is a ludicrous supposition. However, I do believe the tepid, anemic initial government response was rooted more in the subconscious. To illustrate the point, had the National Weather Service forecast a tsunami to hit Malibu, CA, I suspect both California and the federal government would've called out the cavalry to perform a sweeping evacuation prior to the waves hitting shore, and would've subsequently been Johnny-on-the-spot with rescue and relief assets aplenty.

Well, as I awake in my Los Angeles hotel room this morning, the TV news reports of the "largest swell to hit Malibu Colony this year" is the major story of the morning. Ok, big waves in LA. Not terribly exciting news, you'd think, except to surfers. But this swell is different. It's not even fully here yet and its already damaged--get this--three beachfront homes! But that's not even the most incredible part of this story. News choppers hovering above, with floodlights shining down on the effected multi-million dollar retreats, shows firemen and rescue teams removing furniture from the patios and decks back into the houses! In Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama officials left towns and cities, and hundreds of thousands of victims stranded and decimated. Left to die without food and water and shelter. In Malibu, they're saving deck furniture. Former Sen. John Edwards is proven right once again. There are "two Americas" in our country. Out here in LA, it's hard to actually witness it. Andy

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