Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"President Vacation" Urges Americans to Skip Disneyland

President Bush, the most vacationing president in U.S. history, is telling Americans to drive less and reduce vacation travel in order to conserve gasoline and help the country avert an economic downturn. Bush wants to see sacrifice for the good of the nation. "We can all pitch in," he said, and is asking citizens to avoid going "on a trip that's not essential." Once again, our president demonstrates just how insensitive and out of touch he is with mainstream America. Apparently it's ok for Bush to give $37 billion in tax breaks to the rich; to push for the elimination of the estate tax, which'll cost $60 billion per year starting 2010; to recklessly increase government spending and rack up historically high debt (currently $353 billion and projected at $520 billion by '08); to spend $25 billion on wasteful partisan pork in the new transportation/highway bill; to be gauged billions through big fat no-bid hurricane clean-up and reconstruction contracts from his/Cheney's cronies at companies like Halliburton, Bechtel and Shaw Group. None of that to Bush, of course, will negatively impact the economy. But the little guy should tell his kids that they won't be seeing Mickey Mouse this year because President Bush wants them to conserve gas and prop up the economy. I wonder, if under our new collective sacrificing, if Bush plans to pump less fuel into Air Force One and spend less time at the Crawford ranch. Andy


Gouda said...

Boy, it gets to you, doesn't it. Still, I'll cut back on energy use.

It seems money's running out in Iraq too. Two weeks ago Bush launched a website so private citizens can donate to Iraqi reconstruction.

It's described here:

Guess how much they raised in 2 weeks. $600. The Guardian had an article:

Anonymous said...

If only a devastating hurricane would hit Washington. Maybe it would slow down the spending.

Rick said...

I wonder how many miles Dubya chalked up during his recent vacatathon. Anybody know where there's a compilation of the Resident's vacation itinerary?