Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Draft Al Gore Petition Tops 2100 Signatures

The petition to draft Al Gore for president in the 2008 election is going strong, garnering over 2100 signatures since last month. To sign the petition, click here. AOL users should open the petition using Internet Explorer.


LiberalPride said...

Just as long as Al Gore doesn't choose "Zell" Lieberman as his running mate again. I almost didn't vote for the Democratic ticket in 2000 because of "Zell" Lieberman being on the ticket.

Why? Because he's Jewish?

Nope. Because he's Orthodox. It would be like some party chose Pat Robertson or James Dobson for their Vice Presidential candidate. Or Osama bin Laden popped up and some party chose him to run for Vice President.

All Orthodox religious types are the same. They always try to FORCE everyone else to bow down to their Orthodoxy.

I'm a secular Christian who values everyone's right in our democracy to be free from religious tyranny. I am for the rigorous separation of church and exceptions.

"Zell" Lieberman consistently sides with the right-wing Christian tele-evangelist nut cases in his Senate votes. He, along with them, are out to tear down the wall that protects all U.S. citizens from religious tyranny so they can establish their hell-on-earth theocracy.

So, before I could vote for Al Gore for President again, I'd have to know who he would pick as his running mate. In my opinion, his picking (with the help of the right-wing subverted DLC) of "Zell" Lieberman actually cost him votes in 2000 and possibly cost him the election.

Like I said earlier, I almost didn't vote for the Democratic ticket in 2000 because "Zell" Lieberman was Al Gore's running mate. But I decided anything would be preferable to Bush/Cheney winning, so I gritted my teeth and voted for the Democratic Party candidates.

But I just wonder how many U.S. citizens who would have voted for Al Gore decided not to vote for either slate of candidates because Bush/Cheney were repulsive and "Zell" Lieberman was on the Democratic ticket?

Anonymous said...

Hey---2100 is a big jump from a couple of days ago. Encouraging. Just a note: Without a President that understands and is willing to act on the drastic environmental problems we are embroiled in, the rest of it is, ultimately, toast. Al, we're ALL in the balance, here.