Saturday, February 18, 2006

Impeachment Could Be the Democrats' Best Get-Out-The-Vote Message

In the 2004 election, Karl Rove masterfully used gay marriage as the catalyst to drive normally apathetic voters to the polls and achieve historic turnout. It worked. Republicans of all ages, shapes and sizes who couldn't care less about manufactured WMD intelligence, record deficits and gas/oil prices, CIA leaks and warrantless wiretappings raced to polling places across America just to keep homosexuals from tying the knot.

Well, the Democrats have an even better weapon this year: impeachment. If they're smart, they'll make it the linchpin turnout strategy and the single biggest motivator for liberal voters. To be sure, it'll be hard for individual candidates to make this message the cornerstone of their campaigns. They'll need to run on more than that if they want to be taken seriously. But the impeachment issue could be our Swift Boat weapon. Organizations like, as well as individuals like billionaire George Soros who heavily back such groups, should pull out all stops and launch a massive campaign. I can hear the 30-second spot now:

"President Bush has lied about WMD and caused a deadly war. He's lied about the connections between Saddam and Al Qaeda; about Uranium in Niger. He's lied to us about the war's true cost and its progress; about nation-building; about torturing prisoners. He's lied to us about the true cost of health care; about Social Security's solvency. He's broken the law with warrantless wiretappings. Isn't it time to stop George Bush from lying and breaking the law? Isn't it time Democrats take back control of the House and impeach George Bush? You can make this a reality. Make sure you vote next November."

A very effective message indeed. Howard Dean, Rahm Emanuel, are you listening?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that it would be effective in helping the Dems. to get out and vote in November.

What's just as, if not more, important is to make sure that those electronic voting machines without paper trails are made illegal and banned from the entire country. So far, only 26 states have
banned them. 24 states and DC have yet
to do so, (see

It's the invincible dirty ace up the
right wing's dirty sleeve. They can
change the dem. votes into repub. ones
and not leave a trace of the crime!!!
Make sure they can't repeat in 2006
what they've already done in 2004 and

Not many dems. take this scam even
half-way seriously!

A Reader

Anonymous said...

The idea of impeachment should certainly rally every Democrat and Independent to vote. However, there is no doubt about it that the voting machines are the means by which the Republicans will steal yet another election no matter how mamy Dems turn out. Why there is no enormous campaign (where are you Howard Dean and Move On?) to see to it that the election is fair and accurate. That means that tamper-proof paper trails must be required in every state. Another serious problem is of course that the main stream media are becoming more and more like FOX. I notice that CNN and MSNBC are slanted toward the Right and the Repulican's advantageous point of view. That includes Wolfe Blitzer and Chris Matthews especially. It's time for the Democratic Party to get its version of FOX NEWS. Already CNN is saying the Cheney shooting coverage was excessive and did not serve the country. Where did that observation come from if not from a Republican executive at CNN?

Joe Smoe: American Citizen said...

You are totally on the mark on this one!!!!

I keep telling everyone that Bush's base is no way near energized like they were for the 04 elections. They have had time now to see the emperor’s new clothes for what they are i.e. Iraq is the same, Bush asleep at the wheel for Katrina and a stagnant economy.

Those of us that hate this lying son of bitch and all he stands for are revved up, ready to go and totally motivated to see the GOP majority dethroned, impeach king George and let the REAL PRES take over i.e. Cheney. It’s always better to deal with the one who is REALLY CALLING THE SHOTs.

Let's take it to these Bastards in the GOP this fall!!!!!!

By the By has anyone seen or heard from that clueless reactionary SPINACHBOY aka ALL I CAN STANDS lately since all the bad news for the GOP started

Anonymous said...

The suggested TV spot is WAY too passive and impersonal. You've got to take it home:

"President Bush lied to you about WMD and now kills your soldiers. He
lied to you about Saddam and Al Qaeda, about mushroom clouds, and now
wastes billions of your tax dollars on nation-building and the torture
of prisoners. He lied to you about improving your health care and about
preserving Social Security. He lied to you about warrants and now
criminally spies on you. Isn't it time to impeach George Bush? Isn't it
time to take back the House? You can make this a reality. Vote next

Claude Chaney & Friends said...

This is beautiful music to my ears. This tyrant has got to go and it is time for all Democrats to realize that we must be the aggressors: the gloves must go off. Go for the jugular!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the strategy we need to get people to the polls, people who would normally just sit home and not get involved.

Anonymous said...

Why stop with Bush?

Impeach Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, Rumpsmelt, the remaining Supreme Court Justices who selected Bush in 2000, more to come...

We can shut down the Republicans in 2007 with at least seven impeachments. How much more constrained could the Democrats be!


Anonymous said...

I would definitely go out and vote if the message is take America back! Impeach Bush! But like previous posters have said those machines can cause havoc to our movement. I'm definitely afraid of those machines. A friend who worked in politics in Texas under Ann Richards said the bush crime family will do anything to stay in power, he predicted bush stealing 2000 and in 2004 he told me don't underestimate them he will win re-election. I told him he was crazy, seems he was not off. Now I can't wait to find out what he thinks will happen in 2006. We must continue to mobilize in our local communities our opposition to those machines.

But impeachment or not the bush crime family will not give up their power without a fight. America Beware!

Anonymous said...

If we can't make sure the voting machines are honest...we have nothing.

Maybe someone with a website like moveon could get as many volunteers in each state to start big rallies OR BETTER YET SIT INS in their respective capitals. Maybe they could try and attract the local news to focus on them til they PASS LAWS requiring paper trails and opening every voting machine for inspection before and after elections.

What do you say people?
Anyone got connections to Moveon??? HELP!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think all of the above suggestions are
excellent and practical. And with the
trailless voting machines banned from the
country, the Dems. stand a good chance of
winning. There is some evidence that
the Dems. have received more votes in
all the elections from 2000 to 2004.

There are probably more voting democrats especially today - with all the anger at the fumbling dishonesty of the present
Administration. I believe that with the
integrity of the elections re- established, there will now be even a better chance for the Dems. to win in

Of course, it's a big IF for all the
trailless voting machines to be banned.
And Dem. leaders should be pursuaded in
no uncertain terms of the absolute
necessity of banning them. Half-way
measures will no longer be tolerated
by the Dem. citizens. Do it, or else!!

Anonymous said...

All you folks worried about the voting machines had better not forget about all the other election altering techniques the rethuglicans have at their disposal, many of which have been in use a lot longer and were employed very effectively in recent elections (like inflated felon purge lists, insufficient or faulty equipment primarily in poor or minority districts, procedures that hamper registration of poor, minority and elderly citizens, unequal treatment of absentee and/or provisional ballots (or just plain losing some), circulating bogus information on voting dates, times and locations, jamming phone banks of get-out-the vote efforts, etc., etc, limited only by their devious imaginations). Now that they know we are watching the machines, countering the more traditional scams may be especially important.

Eternal vigilance is the price of libery!

AlanSmithee said...
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AlanSmithee said...

Absent electoral reform you might as well be spitting into the wind. As far as turning out independents to vote for the corporate DLC dems, no one believes your party has the spine to impeach the Texas Dauphin anyway.

Look, you've already dumped the gun safety people and the GLBT community, and you're in the process of dumping prochoice. How about running on some real liberal issues? You can keep the windowdressing.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been YELLING about those voting machines since the 2000 theft and since then NOTHING has been done. It’s getting to a point that we wonder why even bother going to the polls, will our votes really count this time?

Anonymous said...

Do we really want Cheney for president?

Getting out the vote is extremely important, but don't forget many Repubs are in safe district seats. The Repubs were in control of drawing up the district lines last time. We are doing better in state elections (governors & legislatures) so maybe next time we get to draw the lines.

So rev up the voters to vote out those we can. I also agree with those who question the voting machines and other Repub tactics to keep voters from voting.

One more thing: When Repubs and conservatives are disgusted with the way things are going, they just stay home and don't vote. (or they skip the races they don't agree with)

If we can't make any headway this time, when???????


All_I_Can_Stands said...

"By the By has anyone seen or heard from that clueless reactionary SPINACHBOY aka ALL I CAN STANDS lately since all the bad news for the GOP started"

Joe, what bad news? I have been a little silent here because I have been having trouble finding anything rational to respond to.

No disrespect to Andy, but 9 posts on the Cheney shooting??? The Dems were handed an issue on a silver platter (the control of 6 major seaports to the United Arab Emirates) and so far not one word on this blog while it's 24/7 on the Cheney shooting non-issue.

I also keep seeing comments on the no-paper trail electronic voting machines. I think that is fair to question; but all credibility is lost when the entire issue of election fraud is not addressed. We need to do everything we can to reduce election fraud. When there are loopholes like being able to register up to the day of the election, no photo ID requirement, absentee ballots for people no longer cognizant, and military ballots not being counted; we can't limit election fraud prevention to one issue.

When I see a rational issue being posted and rational responses, I will join. Until then it just is not worth my time. I do come by from time to time, though for entertainment value.

Amy de Miceli said...

the democratic party was ASLEEP, on the electronic voting machines,

they were asleep while kerry forced his way to the front of the dem. party in 04,

they do NOTHING but sleep, and take the bait the republicans throw at them.
It is embaressing the amount of coverage everyone gave to cheney shooting some other rich white guy killing ducks. who the F cares?
but there go the dems, lapping it up.
Impeachment is an excellent idea, but the MSM is on their side, all of them, they will show no harsh critisism towards the white house.

i see the republicans throwing out unflattering stories to cover up truly illegal crimes,im not saying dick shot his friend on purpose, but hey, look how much time was wasted on such crap, while the patriot act has been debated, tax cuts extending, our ports being sold, rove builds smoke screens, thats how they manuver around the dems.

the dems need to pull it together, because america is falling apart.

Anonymous said...

Democrats getting smart?

If only.

They just forced Hackett out of the race in Ohio.

They don't trust the people any more than Republicans apparently.

Anonymous said...

We have an outsider Democrat in the RI senate race, Carl Sheeler, who is the "impeach Bush" candidate. Check out his billboard as we featured it:

Sheeler billboard

While Sheeler probably won't be our Democratic nominee, he may help galvinize our other democratic candidates to take the impeachment message to the people, as it grows in strength over the course of this election year.