Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An 80-Minute DVD About Ann Coulter. I'd Rather Watch My Own Hemorrhoids Form

I received an email this week from the Conservative DVD Club, the outfit that brings us such riveting titles as "Jesus: Fact or Fiction," "The Evidence for Heaven," and "The Roots of the Ultra Left: What They Really Think." As if that wasn't enough excitement, they're now offering "Is it True What They Say About Ann?," which is touted as a "behind-the-scenes look at the fabulous Ann Coulter." What could be less appealing than to watch an 80-minute DVD about this despicable human being and her legion of Kool-aid-drunken racist sycophants?

Says the promotion, "Go behind the scenes with Ann Coulter, and meet the woman behind the stinging barb and the quick wit. You'll see the "conservative movement's diva" at her best in original interviews where she takes on the likes of Katie Couric and Phil Donahue. You'll see Ann give a college lecture, where she deftly handles her hecklers and graciously receives her many fans. You'll also get a rare glimpse of the real Ann Coulter when she talks about everything from her childhood in the suburbs to her passion for the Grateful Dead. Ann's legions of fans won't want to miss this DVD full of exclusive interviews, classic television clips, and Coulter insight.

Patrick Wright, the documentary's co-director, explained, "I think that we start with all the rhetoric and things that are said about Ann and then move in closer to what Ann is about." Now that's a nice idea. I wonder if it covers the real Ann:

-how Coulter uses fear, prejudice and hate to incite and scapegoat
-how Coulter thinks red-baiting, black-balling former Sen. Joe McCarthy was "misunderstood and under-appreciated"
-how Coulter has slandered U.S. war vets and attacked their patriotism for political purposes
-how Coulter lies and uses religion to divide people: "Liberals hate both God and America"
-how Coulter defends the racist Confederate culture
-how Coulter promotes racism and discrimination against Muslims, referring to them as "camel jockey", "jihad monkey" and "tent merchant"
-how Coulter publicly degrades women: "I think women should be armed but should not vote...women have no capacity to understand how money is earned"
-how Coulter slandered 9/11 widows with such heartless, gutless comments as "I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much"

I think we all know exactly "what Ann is all about."


Anonymous said...

especially Cathy, from the once great state of Michigan.

Anonymous said...

larry, you're really starting to come off as a very sad, lonely weirdo who has nothing in his pathetic life to do except post on this site. the first posts of yours were mildly engaging and challenging. Now you just seem like a lunatic stalker with the mnentality of a 15 yr old. Must be hard having such an unfulfilled, lonely life. I actually feel sorry for you.

Unknown said...

Ann Coulter reminds me of pro wrestling in a sense. The more outlandish and outrageous she appears the more her low-brow, attention-deficit ridden audience seems to like her. She is the one who is actually exploiting and making money off of 9/11.

mw said...

Ann Coulter is just one more entertainer/propagandists that plays primarily to their base of supporters/audience.

A primary tool of all propagandists, is the use of facts - carefully groomed and selected facts - to create an impression of overwhelming evidence in support of one's point. Operative word is "selected". It is also useful to ignore inconvenient facts that contradict the agenda.

I document how Ann Coulter's primary propaganda weapon of choice is her hypocritcal use of logical fallacy of "Ad Hominem" attack in my Godless review.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday and Wednesday's Ostroy Reports are just attacks on conservatives. Meanwhile, Israel is invading the gaza strip, the Associated Press was caught lying about Al Gore claims, the NYT is leaking legal tactics used in to fight terror funding that were previously secret and effective, Corrupt Democrat William Jefferson is still voting, and a rift between Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid is forming. How can the Ostroy Report justify putting Rush's illegal viagra and a DVD about Ann Coulter at the top of the news list?
When my posts were midly engaging and challenging, why was I attacked for my opinions? No need to respond, I understand that liberals don't like to hear opinions that stray from their herd mentality. After all, it takes a village to be a democrat.
Take a look all over this blog. Liberals blame everything on a conservative's religion. The only religion defended by democrats is the one encouraging people to behead infidels, kill women for reading, or cut off the hands of women who wear nail polish.
When liberals are not attacking religion, they are blaming America for the world situation we have today. I've tried to have intelligent discussions on this subject, but was condemned as someone paid by "the republicans" or paid by "netvocates". I was called stupid, a pedophile, and all sorts of other nonsense.
The only people who have attempted to engage in an intelligent conversation are wwmfjd and Johnny. The others feel the need to attack me anonymously, so I don't see how my previous posts are any different than what the majority of posters on this blog like to dish out.
Anyway, you guys are supposed to be ignoring me. I wanted to see how long that would last. Apparently, it lasted about 9 minutes.

Anonymous said...

yes Larry the liberals (anyone who dislikes bush and his neo-con friends) which number roughly 60+% of the American people must all hate God and hate their own country. I cannot understand how people like you are happy to go through life just blindly believing in everything you are told by the extreme right and then coming onto sites like this one and attacking people over issues that you do not understand urself, ie. the denial of global warming by the right even though it has been a scientifically proven fact for the last number of years that global warming is man made.

Anonymous said...


Gee Larry you must know every Liberal in the country.


What a simple view of the world you have! I feel very sorry for you!

From the once great State of Michigan where thousands lined up yesterday for jobs with half pay and no benefits! Don't you just love Bush world??????

Anonymous said...

Isn't it obvious, though?

love & kisses

Cheney Rove

Anonymous said...

You should run for president. Rob says you got his vote. And all you had to do was attack Ann Coulter while ignoring:

Israel invading the gaza strip

the Associated Press caught lying about Al Gore claims

the NYT leaking legal tactics used to fight terror funding

Corrupt Democrat William Jefferson continues voting in the house

a rift forming between Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid

Anonymous said...

I see the people that write these blogs try to use there politics,when some one says somthing about theirpolitics they get peaved instead of using their head thats dume and stupid.
I say Ann coulter or the new york timescan print what they want,I dont half to belive them when the senators give out more than anybody else on tv ,that would benifit terriost, if their is such a thing.
Right now you have a senator telling terriost where we dont have any port security on tv, nobody says nothing.if they were so bad[Terriost]Looks like thats where theyd hit.
another thing that would help if we would confine Bush to Washington and do away with condies job all together as we cant tell other countries how to run their country,With our track record it just wont go over and their you go more terriost.Sorry thats where terriost get created.Thank you

Anonymous said...

Larry, there's nothing more sacreligious that someone using and abusing their religion for political purposes and to discriminate against others. God and religion are not partisan weapons. And God is not a republican. If you truly believe that only Republicans are religious and love God, then you are an ignorant, racist fool, and no better than the Nazi's were in the 30's and 40's. Remember, Jesus was a liberal. He's probably rolling over in his grave at what you Republicans have done in his name and distorted what he stood for.

Dude, you seem so dissatisfied with this blog. Why are you still here then? On one hand you claim everything and everyone here is so STUPID and MEANINGLESS yet you clearly spend most of your day here! Are you nuts? Do you realize what an utter fool you like?

Hey folks, let's just truly ignore this fool. I for one will not waste my time on him anymore. he's a hopelessly brainwashed lemming who we're never going to change. Just stop responding to him and let him just talk to himself, okay?

Anonymous said...

Rob and Bob,
Thanks for proving the point that the herd mentality doesn't like differing opinions.

Do you care Hillary Clinton is telling America that "we must stop thinking of the individual.", or Ted Kennedy praising the "war against individualism."

Rob claims to carry an ACLU card. What's your feeling about the ACLU backing government over regular home owning Americans when it comes to eminent domain confiscation of property for economic reasons? I bet you don't care because you don't own a house. If you do own a house, you think it won't happen to you.

You love America? What's your feeling about corrupt William Jefferson voting in the House? Doesn't it bother you that the Democrats will lose the "culture of corruption" name game because of corrupt people like William Jefferson, Jack Murtha, and Nancy Pelosi? You can't stereotype a political party without first cleaning your own party.

The only way to clean up America is to throw all Democrats and all Republicans OUT OF OFFICE.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please tell me who buys Coulter's books? Surely not the Democrats nor most Independents. I bet at least 50% of the Repulbicans are too smart and sophisticated to buy such trash. Who's left to buy it and make it a best seller? Could these numbers be fixed like the elections? Could it be Republican policy to buy huge numbers of this book to boost sales and make it look as though Coulter had an audience?

Anonymous said...

Does Coulter hate women so much that she had an adam's apple transplant so she'd appear more "butch"?

Anonymous said...

Nobody buys Coulters books. The numbers are fixed, just like the elections. Actually, everything that does not fall in line with the Democrat's herd mentality is fixed. Don't believe the hype - of anything.

Anonymous said...

I think there are multiple "Larry" people out there. Netvocates is definitely involved.

From the once great state of paranoia

Anonymous said...

Ignore the Larry(s) posts. They have devolved into personal attacks and have no pertinent intellectual merit.

There seems to be alot of anger behind the trash from Larry that can't be addressed here. Behind anger is fear, which also can't be assuaged (calmed) here. They need to get some SERIOUS therapy!

Time to ignore Larry.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that pic's going to give me nightmares.
Why does she(?) look like a man? She wouldn't be hiding something under that skirt now, would she?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if Larry was really Dick Cheney?

M. Disgusted

Amy de Miceli said...

first im larry, now larry's dick cheney?


i have never personally insulted anyone m. disgusted, i clearly am NOT a bush supporter (check my website) ive been commenting here for a while, so...

why so much anger with me? because we disagree? its politics man, who can agree on any of it! lighten up, being so disgusted isnt good for your health.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, paranoia strikes deep in the post above.

The picture of Ann is as good as Limbaugh's latest hand in the cookie jar episode.

Keep up the good work, Ostroy. We enjoy your outlook on these issues.

How about the testimony from Powell's Chief of Staff re: the intel behind the Iraq war? It's on Buzzflash.


Anonymous said...

Could Larry be posting anonymous messages to ignore Larry? We might seem intolerant.

M. Disgusted

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter is outrageous, like a bad hair, bad heavy metal band. She's plays to her audience magnificently.

We know that 6:11PM M. Disgusted is really Larry. He said he was still going to play around.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to start making wild accusations. I was driving home from a place called 'work' - you know it's what normal people do to earn a living.

BTW, it looks like I've been accused of being Dick Cheney, Amy Demicili, and who knows who else. Maybe you should start tagging your posts so we know who you are. If you were a conservative, the herd would be calling you a liar.

Anonymous said...

Larry, So, let us get this right. You're posting to Ostroy on the company dime?

12:08PM, 12:11PM, 12:46PM, 1:58PM,
2:28PM, 3:49PM That's six Larry posts!

And then again, when you get home at 7:16PM.

Let's start a pool on when Larry will post again!! At least that will be more fun than reading those boorish posts!

The Ostroy Report said...

Hey faithful Ostroy Report readers: May I please ask you to simply refrain from responding to Larry or referencing him by name in your posts. The same would hold true for any Republican who posts on this site simply to incite and bash liberals. If we ignore them, they'll eventually go away. If we engage them, you're giving them what they want, which is to distract and disrupt. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Andy.

However you need to post that wisdom with every article since new people come to this site and are unaware of Larry's motives.

Anonymous said...

(M)Ann Coulter is a man. Larry loves (M)Ann Coulter.
Larry Loves a man. Of course, this is OK, if not just a little hypocritical on Larry and (M)Ann's part.

I am a conservative.

Larry and (M)Ann are Noe-Liberal exteremists, schilling for facism and the NWO.
I hope they can someday have a happy life together.

Anonymous said...

What is the NWO?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how Coulter publicly advocates general and specific physical acts of violence against Liberals, Democrats and media outlets.

Kevin Schmidt, Sterling VA

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hollywood is really running the country.