Monday, June 12, 2006

Straw Poll Shows Al Gore is Preferred by Whopping 68% of Democratic Voters

Just how popular is Al Gore among Democrats? A recent straw poll of 11,000 voters shows an astounding 68% would support the former veep if he decided to run for president in 2008. The runners-up pale in comparison:

Al Gore: 7513 votes/68%
Russ Feingold: 1721 votes/15%
Wesley Clark: 539 votes/4%
Mark Warner: 370 votes/3 %
John Edwards: 282 votes/2%
John Kerry: 86 votes/0%
Hillary Clinton: 78 votes/0%
Bill Richardson: 67 votes/0%
Joe Biden: 56 votes/0%
Evan Bayh; 40 votes/0%
Chris Dodd: 23 votes/0%
Tom Daschle: 15 votes/0%
Tom Vilsack: 13 votes/0%

While Hillary Clinton has enjoyed early frontrunner status in the media, she is not a favorite among actual voters. She came in behind not only Gore, but Russ Feingold, Wesley Clark, Mark Warner, John Edwards and John Kerry, in that order. Her attempts at triangulation, a la hubby Bill, have backfired, leaving voters searching for a candidate who adheres to traditional Democratic ideology.

Gore's got the political experience, the fundraising machine and the overall gravitas to be the party's nominee and take back the White House, a domicile that many think is rightfully his. His strong and early anti-war stand and pro-environment advocacy are two significant messages that resonate quite well right now with voters.

"There's a lot of love for Al Gore. I mean if he were to enter the race, I think it would turn everything upside down," said DailyKos's Markos Moulitsas Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press.


Anonymous said...

There is NO ONE ELSE that can pull us up out of the quagmire.


I've waited six long years for vindication, I guess I can wait two more....

Anonymous said...

Although Gore does have one glaring example of poor judgment; selecting Lieberman as his running mate in 2000.

Anonymous said...

All Al Gore has to tell the nation is "I Told You So". He has been right on most issues, and the selected President, has turned out to be an incompetent failure, the emperor without any clothes.
He was definitely robbed of his Presidency, and he should make another run for it.

Anonymous said...

7513 votes on the Kos poll is nothing to sneeze at! Gotta love those bloggers!

I've just posted an analysis of the current Gore 2008 landscape, along with pictures of our new campaign literature over at - I'll hope you'll come take a look.

If you're as excited about the prospects of seeing Al Gore in the Oval Office as we are, join the Speaker's Bureau and we'll provide you with campaign literature and training to talk about the Gore draft in your home town.

Dylan Malone - Chair - The People, Not The Powerful 08

Anonymous said...

What is it with you people? Yes, Al Gore is great! Big Deal! They took it away from Al in 2000, they took it from Kerry in 2004, they will take it from whoever in 2008! Forget the who for now and get onto fixing the rigged elections. Everything else is just spinning wheels!

Anonymous said...

Tom, above is right. I got a request from Common Cause for money to fix the elections so they are not stolen. Why is this enterpirse dependent on begging and why is Common Cause just now getting around to it and why hasn't this catastrophe been fixed by now. How many stolen elections does it take? "WHAT IS WITH YOU PEOPLE?"

Anonymous said...

Tom is on it..get rid of the rigged elections!

Anonymous said...

After listening to one of Gore's speeches several months ago (and also his moving concession speech in 2000) and reading other speeches and writing -- and having just seen "An Inconvenient Truth" there is no doubt in my mind that with Al Gore as our next president our country has a chance to regain all that has been lost and destroyed by Incompetent-in-Chief. I hope and pray that Gore will run for office and win. All other potential candidates should take themselves out of the race and hand him the nomination for 2008!!! And let's have Clark or Feingold for VP !!!

Anonymous said...

Itis quite clear to me. The only way to turn the tide and set history aright is to overturn the 2000 coup by finally putting the last legitimately elected President of the United States in the White House.

JS said...

I have this dream/fantasy that Al keeps being vocal about the issues, and as next year comes, he's the only Dem standing. The convention happens and he picks Barack Obama as his VP. This motivates many in the mass of (usually absent) voters and the center (who all the Dems since Clinton have courted) holds as well. They win - he then appoints Bill Clinton to the UN and he offers the Sec. of State to Hillary, giving her the opportunity to wipe away her bad reputation across the board. He makes Wesley Clark the Sec. of Defence - and voila! the Dems have three strong candidates to succeed Al whenever he leaves office. I know it's only a dream, but it's mine and I like it, besides, I think it would be a fantastic Administration!

Anonymous said...

Al Gore was right all along during the campaign of 2000. Remember the lock box? The Republicans laughed about that issue. We'll now they looted what Bill and Al worked hard to leave behind a surplus of trillions of $$$$. Al Gore is the man who can crack all Republican lies.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore for President
Bill Richardson for VP
Dianne Feintein as Sec of State
Wesly Clark as Sec of Defense
Bill Clinton as Ambassador to the UN
Hillary should stay as Sen in New York..this is the Dream Team that Republicans has no contest.

Anonymous said...

Just a's ILLEGAL for Wes Clark to be secretary of defense (not eligible until after 2010 by law).

I really like Gore, and I think he would make a great president. But I'm not convinced he'll run or necessarily win back those Red States he lost. I want so desperately to be living in a world where Gore instead of Bush took the oath of office in 2000. But I think he's happy where he is right now, fighting for the environment and hates the daily rigors of campaigning. That's why I don't think he'll run.

For 2008, I'm hoping Wes Clark runs. Since it's illegal for him to be Secretary of Defense, we need him as President to sort out this mess. I also like the fact that Clark is right behind Gore on the environment. They're both heroes in my book.

Anonymous said...

Watch Al Gore on Larry King tonight 6-13.

Email support to Lou Dobbs on his fight for voting machine reform. This is his new fight along with immigration.

Al's VP might be Howard Dean, his friend that he supported early on in 2004.

Cranky Daze said...

Al Gore has changed. Gone is the man who in 2000 conducted a low-key campaign, and in his place is a dynamo, a man who is sure of himself and his beliefs, a man no longer burdened by the scandals surrounding Bill Clinton. This Al Gore would fight like a tiger for the American people, and if we ever needed a fighter, we need it now. I think that as he recognizes how much Americans want him to run in the 2008 campaigns he will change his mind and give the people what they want. His love for his country would demand it.

After these years of lying, corrupt Republicans, Gore's enthusiasm and willingness to tackle the issues head-on is a refreshing and encouraging delight. He has my full support, for whatever that's worth.

3reddogs said...

I'm a 58 year old white female (and life-long Democrat) who's been waiting all her life to see a woman elected president but I'd much rather have Al Gore in the White House than Hillary Clinton. I voted for Al Gore in 2000 and I'd vote for him again in 2008. Obama would be okay as a running mate though so far I haven't been terribly impressed with him. I'd much rather see Russ Feingold on the ticket -- the man has enough balls for both of them!

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with yous guys about voter fraud...we ain't got shit if those votes get sucked away into Repug Toilet Land...As for Gore, he's so far ahead and above everyone else that it's laughable....Except, of course, it isn't truly funny---it's pathetic.

Back to reality--- Seems to me the majority of the nation is still in denial about stolen votes. WAKE UP, PEOPLE...

Anonymous said...

besides the fact that you are racist - why did you point out that you are white? Does it add to your point that you don't like Obama?

I agree that we need to fill the white house with the guy who really won in 2000, but Bush already has 2 terms. Doesn't the constitution limit the Presidency to 2 terms?

Anonymous said...

are we going to have to suffer through Al-Tipper kisses again?
I think he felt her up last time.

Anonymous said...

What do you think it might mean that you object to having to "suffer through Al-Tipper kisses again"; yet, you have no objection to seeing Bush kiss McCain and others, rub bald heads and stare into another man's eyes and see his soul. And he does that constantly. Al kissed Tipper once. Very mixed-up thinking on your part unless you're in love with Bush.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore: Son of US Representative and Senator (D-TN), groomed during his privileged childhood to be a president of the United States; loses in 2000 because he couldn't even win his own state. Goes crazy and into hiding after losing to Bush. Comes out of hiding as a grand crusader of a myth. The left embraces him as if he is an outsider that will change the status quo.