Monday, June 26, 2006

McCaskill Leads Talent by 6% in Missouri Senate Race

The Missouri race for senator is heating up, with Democratic challenger Claire McCaskill leading Republican incumbent Jim Talent by a 49%-43% margin, according to a new poll by the St. Louis Dispatch. With Talent consistently polling below 50%, and with just a little over four months before the November midterms, McCaskill moves closer to victory than ever before. McCaskill, former prosecutor and State Auditor, is highly charismatic and a tough scrapper who's giving Talent a run for his money. She is forward-thinking on social issues, fiscally responsible and a strong supporter of Israel.

The Democrats need six seats to regain control of the Senate. In addition to Missouri, the other hotly contested races are:

-Arizona: Jim Pederson (former Arizona Democratic Chair, businessman) vs. incumbent Jon Kyl

-Pennsylvania: Bob Casey, Jr. (State Treasurer) vs. incumbent Rick Santorum

-Montana: Jon Tester (State Sen. President) vs. incumbent Conrad Burns

-Virginia: James Webb vs. incumbent George Allen

-Ohio: U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown vs. incumbent Mike DeWine

-Tennessee: Rep. Harold Ford vs. the winner of the Aug. 3 primary (Sen. Bill Frist is retiring)

-Rhode Island: Sheldon Whitehouse (former State Attorney General) vs. incumbent Lincoln Chafee


Anonymous said...

I watch a debate last night on C-Span between Jon Tester & Conrad Burns, Montana Senate race. It's unbelievable that Burns is a Senator. The guy could hardly recite The Republican talking points, I think he's losing it. Jon Tester was on the ball and very articulate. If he can't beat Burns we're in big trouble.

Sherman De Brosse said...

Unfortunately, De Wine seems safe. I thought all of his son's misbehavior in the Cincinnati area would have an effect, but I was wrong. De Wine will profit from Blackwell's continued efforts to purge African Americans ( his own people) and Hispanics.

Ohio could also see more election fixing via central counting programs. The key to this is uderstanding the statistics of probability in resoect to the relationship between exit polls and actrual results. This is why so many red states are outlawing exit polls. Appreciqated your book Fooled AGain.

Anonymous said...

Bill Frist is retiring? How did we miss that one? Can anyone enlighten us on this? I'm asking so that we'll know when to chill the next bottle of celebration champagne.

Anonymous said...

We're in big trouble due to Repub cheating.

We have known for months that Frist was not running for re-election.

The worse part of all this is how the American people don't get what has been going on. If not now, when?

From the State of Michigan where 47,600 workers just took a GM buyout.

Anonymous said...

For you, Andy and Mr. de Brosse. I commented to you Andy about this when you wrote about a fund raiser you were to attend with Schumer. At that time I asked you to ask Schumer when he was going to remove the knife from Hacketts back. What I felt back then is happening. After Brown decided not to run for Senate in Ohio, Schumer kissed Paul's ass to run. He agreed. Later Brown changed his mind and decided to run again. Then Reid And Schumer
"swiftboated" Hackett and he dropped out. Threats of no funding for a campaign for a person not independently wealthy is impossible. So now we have the hand picked candidate to replace Brown in the District race losing the primary and Brown behind to the lamest wimp in the Senate. Instead of having two wins with Hackett and Brown we have two in play and Brown is losing by almost ten points. If stupidity was a snowflake, these people (Schumer, Emannuel and Democratic "advisors) would be a blizzard.

Anonymous said...

Democrats need more dead people voting. It's the only way they will win. 6 seats ? Must feel like your always walking up hill, in 5 feet of snow, with the wind at your face.

Don't get too excited, Liberals. I predict liberal suicide rates will be skyrocketing by the end of november.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Larry cleaver? His IQ and shoe size are starting to match.

What happened to your need to discuss issues, Larry? Was that a ruse to appear interested in honest debate?

Time to ignore Larry.

Anonymous said...

I don't have to stay on subject. This is not my blog and I have no interest in the mission of helping "Democrats regain the White House and Congress".

Ignore me, I'll keep posting. Or maybe I'll go anonymous. Or maybe I'll change my name. Or maybe I'll use multiple personalities. I'm just having fun. You liberals are the angry ones.