Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sign the Draft Al Gore for 2008 Petition

Want to send a strong message to Al Gore to run for president in 2008? Sign our petition. Please open in Internet Explorer if possible.

It's time we have a real leader in the White House. Someone who is straight with the American people, who understands the issues, cares about the environment, and who believes in sending troops into battle only as an absolute last resort and when our nation is directly threatened.


Anonymous said...

Last time you were in the White House, we were attacked 7 times without responding. North Korea was also given food, fuel, and nuclear technology.
If you are President (yes, of America), which one of America's enemies will help most?

A concerned liberal who really wants to help.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Lib,
I have to take exception to your statement. Please let it be know that it was BJ (that's what I affectionately call Sir Bill) who lovingly gave that psycho in North Korea food, fuel, and nuclear technology. I was busy inventing the internet.
Please take note that if I am elected President (yes, of America), I promise to raise taxes on those horrible Americas who work for a living (we call them 'the rich') and give you lots of their money. I also promise to embrace Kyoto even though most european countries that have signed are not meeting their obligations...we will do what ever it takes to destroy the US economy in the name of fighting 'global warming'.
Also, if elected President (yes, of America), I also promise to give Afghanistan back to the Taliban. Liberal polls have shown that Afghani women actually prefer the Burkha to breathing fresh air and they actually enjoy having their fingers cut off for wearing nail polish. George Bush was evil for intervening in Afghanistan.

Also, I promise to release our beloved Saddam Hussein and place him squarely back in control of Iraq. We prefer the days of mass Oil-for-Food scandals and secret rape rooms and torture chambers. This stuff is the Iraqi people's business, not ours. George Bush was evil for giving Iraqis the hope for freedom; plus we don't like to have all this death on the front pages of liberal newspapers. This stuff is private and belongs in the rape rooms.

I hope this will help you make a decision to vote for me and not that evil neo-con agenda.

If there is anything else the US Government can do to make you more comfortable, please let me know. By the way, I plan on making the religious right fluff liberal pillows as a punishment for not giving us enough of their hard earned money under the guise of taxes.

Hope this help!
Vote Gore. (that's me...and yes, for America)

Let's take it a place it's never been.

P.S. If you need me to kiss tipper again on TV, just let me know.

Cranky Daze said...

There's at least one in every crowd, isn't there? The more the Repugs wail and insult, the more we know they are threatened by the idea of Gore for president. I take this as a good sign.

I signed the petition, and I hope this move to draft Al Gore takes wings and flies. It could be that he's just waiting to see how strongly the Dems will support him.

Gore is the guy!!!

Anonymous said...

maggots take wings and fly too...doesn't mean they are good.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

Gee, I was about to sign the petition when I saw that it includes WHY you want to sign it. I have different reasons I want Al Gore to run. If they change the reasons to whatever reason we may want, I'll sign it. Until then, unofficially: Al, please run. I would love to see the religion of man-made catestrophic Global Warming get a high profile debate so we can all know how foolish it is. Plus it would be fun to see you lose twice.

Anonymous said...

Al should run for pres. - but as an INDEPENDANT, its about time this 2 party nonsense was ended and a real return to true democracy with real choice for the people. Al vs Bush vs Hillary - bring it on!!

Anonymous said...

ummm....Bush is done you snickerdoodle

Anonymous said...

Sorry man, but I can't endorse Al Gore for 2008. I have to vote my conscience, and my conscience tells me that Hillary Clinton is the last best hope we have for violent all out civil war In the US in my lifetime. I haven't been stocking up on 7.62mm NATO and 5.56mm for a range trip. Support change in America! Vote Clinton in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore and the whole Dem party are just as guilty as Bush & Company for the mess this country is in. Look up the 20 year war plan (aka - war on terrorism), it was written during the Clinton/Gore years. Look up Depleted Uranium poisoning in the Balkans during Clinton/Gore. Also, why would it take anyone who seriously gave a crap about the American people 5 years to say the Supreme Court decision in '00 was bogus???? Gore is a sellout, Hillary is even more so. We need a third party candidate, but no one from any previous administration.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed how the Repugs have come to this blog to expose their closeted concern that Gore could win again. It is really frightening that people like the first commentator are so ignorant of the harm Bush has done to our country that he and others like him still support him. Their comments are scary. PopEye doesn't "believe" in Global Warming - does he "believe" in science? Another above says Gore vsBushvsHillary. Bush can't run again. The "enemies" of which one speaks weren't our "enemies" when Clinton was president but are now. And on and on and on. Perhaps they are all from one of those states with poor educational standards and so these educationally challenged aren't taught science or how to think independent of authority figures like the preacher for example. Or maybe it's peer pressure and they're afraid of being stoned if they don't follow the crowd. Or maybe they're just "slow".

Anonymous said...

"...The "enemies" of which one speaks weren't our "enemies" when Clinton was president but are now..."

We've been 'at war' with NORTH KOREA for 50 years. Ever hear of the word 'armistice' or the most militarized border in the entire world?? It's the border between North and South Korea.

WAKEUP DEMOCRATS!! Every time a conservative tries to have an intelligent debate, the liberals on this website go right to personal attacks.

Maybe that nutback Ostroy will jump to your defense again and try to talk us down.

Anonymous said...

If he were to run again, my only fear would be that Diebold will be "counting" the votes again (hopefully the states will catch onto this and go back to the much more tamper-proof paper ballots).

And how can anyone honestly not see the fact of man-made global warming? I realize that, perhaps, some of you are confused because of the fact that there are natural heating and cooling cycles...but those take place over thousands upon thousands of years...not the tremendous increases we've experienced in the past century, which is unaccountable merely looking at the cyclical trends. Plus, almost every single scientist not affiliated with the oil industry is in accord with this.

And I'm not sure how you define "freedom", but Iraq is currently not a paragon of it. Unless you define freedom as the ability of everyone to do anything they want (people blowing each other up for reasons of terrorism, sectarian violence, etc.) in the absence of an effective governing body, then yes we've been quite successful. If Iraq truly were a threat, Bush should have mustered much more than the paltry force that's there now. But of course we know that it wasn't a threat. But it is one now, both to us and to the entire region; but that's because of our own doing, and now we have to deal with the anarchy there. There's plenty of freedom there now, but not the type you envisioned.

Instead of focusing on Afghanistan, where the real terrorists were, Bush diverted our precious resources to Iraq. And now the Taliban and Al-Qaida are in resurgence there, and we have much less of a force than we need in Afghanistan.

Gore would have handled this all much better, because he would have only sent troops (and enough of them) into Afghanistan, the only place they should've been sent.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that you are not a general, nor are you strategically gifted. If gore would have only sent troops into Afghanistan because as you say, it's "the only place they should've been sent" - Al Qaeda would have simply moved to another country. This is an advantage that an enemy who has no territory to protect has over one who has a territory to protect. It's easy to give you a pass on this - I hope Gore would have had better generals than you (but you never know).

Mohammed Abbas (Achille Lauro), Abdul Yasin (World Trace bombing 93), Zarqawi, and plenty of terrorist training camps were in Iraq BEFORE we invaded.

Not to mention, we are now on the east and west borders of Iran just in case the now almost 3 years of negotiation between the EU3, UN, and Iran are fruitless. You can't honestly say "gore would have handled this all much better". This is at best your novice opinion.

In response to your 'honest' questioning of Global Warming. There are plenty of CANADIAN scientists who have come out against the 'facts' in gores propaganda flick, 'an inconvenient truth'. Look in some newspapers/websites that don't feed you what you want to hear.

Your 'facts' of natural heating and cooling cycles only taking thousands of years are a little off. Solar cycles are every 10 years. We are just exiting the last peak of the current solar cycle. Hurricane cycles are somewhere around 20-40 year cycles. It's interesting that Gore uses a hurricane for his movie poster since it's pretty well known that hurricanes are not caused by global warming.

Did you know that the north pole was once tropical? Granted that this was 55 million years ago, but the earth is always changing, whether we like it or not.

What we've experienced in the past century? If you to compare the last 55 million years to the life of a man who lives to be 100, you'd be complaining about the last 95 minutes of his life. This ignores 2 facts:
1) We haven't been measuring global warming data for 100 full years, so 'the past century' is a stretch for you.
2) The earth is much older than 55 million years, so it's actually comparably ALOT less than the last 95 minutes of the old mans life.


Anonymous said...

previous poster: You also ignore that unlike the 100 year old man in your example, the earth will out live us. Even with liberal conspiracy theories and constantly pessimistic predictions. (their glass is always half empty and in the liberal mind, this is the fault of the guy whose glass is half full).

Unknown said...

My My testy aren't they!All those poor right wing nuts spewing all their anonymous BS.
I say they are either deluded or their part of the neo-con propaganda machine.
And I am not afraid to sign my name.
Dicky Neely!

Unknown said...

I mean "they are part of..." Gads, I need to proof read these things before I post them!

Anonymous said...

- Use of 'right wing' (+1 point)
- Use of 'neo-con' (+1 point)
- Use of 'propaganda' (+1 point)
- Failure to reference Hilter (-1 point)
- Failure to swipe at a religion (-1 point)

Overall, your response was slightly above the liberal average. Congratulations on converting some potential intelligence into kinetic intelligence.

My advice to you is stick to windsurfer.

BTW, anyone ever tell you that you look like Gay Vito from the Sopranos? Is this why your signature is "Dick Kneely"?

Anonymous said...

Let's force identification to be shown prior to voting so dead people will stop voting for democrats.

Diebold machines or not, when the dead keep voting for democrats, something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

ever notice how liberals, who pretend to support gay rights and equality for homosexuals, often accuse their political opponents of being gay?

I admit I am gay. Now what? Planning to beat me up or burn me on a liberal cross?

Anonymous said...

a man unafraid of exposing the nwo/mic/pnac/911 agenda and the next president of these united states i give you

Anonymous said...

Your wasting your time - electronic voting will rig the whole thing for pataki

Anonymous said...

If you plan on voting for democrats, please stay home.

Anonymous said...

Join the Liberal Democratic Party of the United States of America.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Al Gore is a fool. Any Senator from the state of Tennessee, that takes on a "Jewish" vice presidential candidate for a "presidential bid" should know that Tennessee votes will never appove. I think lynching blacks is still legal in Tennessee - What was gore thinking?

The Gore - in less than patriotic defense of the election process gives up like there is nothing to fight for. The election was stolen - and even an A-hole like Gore should have defended the constitution and signed the house bill as a sponsor not to accept the verdict for president our once great supreme laid on us.

That fiasco was followed by Gore joining up with ex-IDF, Joel Hyatt (not a refusnik), to steal the last vestage of honest journalism from the American band width, NWI and the CBC, and replace it with the pablim of "CurrentTV", where Israeli squatters in Gaza are referred to as evacuees instead of what they really ere, evictees.

Al Gore - the fool - the wimp - the Israel firster for president - you've got to be kidding!