Monday, June 05, 2006

Bush Pal Says Gay Marriage is Nothing More Than a Political Issue for the Prez

President Bush in Washington Monday told a room full of revved up anti-gay Christian conservatives that, rather than focus attention on the pressing issues of the day--Iraq, Iranian nukes, the economy, gas prices--one of the biggest priorities facing the country today is making sure homosexuals cannot legally marry. If you believe Bush, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's call for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is critical to the moral survival of the country. No matter that recent polls show that Americans view the gay marriage issue as #7 on the priority list. We're in an election year here, folks, and these Repugs desperately need their wedge issue to rile up the base.

"Our policies should aim to strengthen families, not undermine them," Bush said in his speech. "And changing the definition of marriage would undermine the family structure." Honestly, has there ever been a more non-issue than this?

Despite his public support for the amendment, the NY Post Monday cited an unnamed friend of Bush who told Newsweek magazine that the the issue is nothing more than a Republican rallying cry for the president. "I think it was purely political. I don't think he gives a shit about it. He never talks about this stuff." I guess The Decider has decided to lie yet again.

The measure, which has virtually no chance of being approved in the Senate and becoming law, is merely a symbolic gesture to appease the right wing sickos who are once again demanding that Bush and the GOP cater to their extremist conservative views...or else. With the November midterms around the corner, it's placate or vacate.

The question is, will voters allow themselves to be duped again by the Repugs' discriminatory, racist, xenophobic campaign themes? Will they overlook their own self-interests, as they did in 2004, and focus their anger and frustration on gays, Mexicans and flag-burners? Or, as many suspect, and as polls indicate, will the Rovian game plan backfire this time, as voters demand an end to the war, a bigger paycheck, and lower gas prices?

As an aside, fifty percent of heterosexual marriages end in divorce. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Frist, Hastert, Delay, Rove, and the rest of the Busheviks are presumed hetero as well. If you ask me, not only should gays be allowed to legally marry, they should be running our country.


Anonymous said...

Of course the Religious Right Group will vote against their own self-interests again. I heard them say on TV during the last election that if they stand firm on religious (God's) concerns, God will see to it that their worldly needs (paychecks, health care, etc.) are supplied. Other Americans keep expecting that group to change/wake-up but it's not going to happen. As for the Repug leadership, they don't care about any of these issues but they'll do anything to get elected. How much has Bush shown of his caring about anything but his physical fitness.

Anonymous said...

Do we need A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to ban divorse ?

Anonymous said...

With so many pressing issues facing the United States, how can President Bush believe that we'll all forget about high oil prices, destruction of the infrastructure, reducing food plans for poor children, destroying the environment, higher costs for food,
millions of people out of work (let's not forget that when you are off the unemployment roles you are no longer counted as unemployed), as well as reducing payments for Medicare recipients, and I could go on and on. Whether you are poor, or middleclass, from the South, Midwest, East and Westcoast, everyone is facing the same pressing issues, and they are not going to listen to the president's nonsence anymore.

The biggest lie is the war in Iraq, and the majority of the country is against this war because it is unjust. I love my country, and I love the soldiers that protect us, but I hate this war. He's never told the truth about this war, and continues to ban photos of the dead and injured from being shown to the public, makes up press releases for the public to read about, and wants us to believe they are from the media, as well as handing hundreds of thousands of dollars to his good ol' boys at Haliburtin.

Bush's fight for a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriages
will fail in the Senate. He continues to try and divert from all of the critical issues facing this country.

Redzilla said...

Before we start picking on gays for "undermining the sanctity of marriage," maybe we need to sit down and give J-Lo a stern talking to.

Does this whole schtick just have the stink of political desperation on it, or what?

Anonymous said...

ignoring the right is how elections are lost (see 2000, 2004). i think dismissing this viewpoint is dangerous. given, it is ridiculous and haphazard, but it wins elections.

"know thine enemy"
ignore a viewpoint and become subect to that viewpoint...

Anonymous said...

Rice presumed heterosexual? That's not what I presume.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Redzilla... let's round up Elizabeth Taylor!!

AND she married a gay guy!

Cranky Daze said...

I can think of an amendment to the constitution that might actually improve things in the U.S. This would be an amendment which would require immediate impeachment, expulsion and felony criminal charges against any president who deliberately lies to the Congress, the voters and the world in order to start a war. Conviction on this crime would require an automatic sentence of life in prison at hard labor, plus forfeiture of all personal and business assets, including any assets transferred to family members in an effort to protect them.

This amendment would, upon conviction of said president, remove from office all cabinet members and appointees of the criminal president and ban them from ever taking part in any political process in the future, and would in fact bar them from voting in any election held in the U.S. or any state within the U.S. for the rest of their lives.

Additionally, it would require an emergency presidential election to be held within 30 days of the conviction of the president in order to replace the criminal.

We need to put some teeth in our laws governing just how sleazy and dishonest politicians are allowed to be.

And this would be just a start. We must have laws with very strict penalties for persons, political parties or business concerns that engage in the rigging of elections, whether by the production and sale of electronic voting machines with no clear way of counting votes, jamming of telephones or telephone equipment, or any acts which prevent qualified Americans from casting their vote in any state or federal election. Penalties should include lengthy prison sentences, forfeiture of all assets, both personal and assets belonging to the offending business enterprises involved in election cheating or fraud, dissolution of any corporation or company engaged in election fraud, and the removal of voting privileges of any person involved in the above activities.

As inventive as the political animal is, this would probably not prevent future bad acts, but it would slow them down a little, I think, for a long enough time to allow the country to correct the problems and neutralize the effects of a criminal government.

I realize this isn't going to happen, but no person whose lies cause the death of any person or persons in the U.S. or any foreign country through an act of war based on false claims or lies should be treated as a mass murderer and punished accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I think Cranky daze has it about figured out only didnt or forgot the whole damn congress and do the same with both political parties, thats where the corruption startsand the should also serve prison sentence,There should be like they were going to do in Iraq have 6 different parties. also the whole new Government should be paid like SS pays the old people,also their raises should be voted on by the people.and nobody within a 5th cousin to anybody in office should have a governmebt job Then maybe wed have something
O Yes No free gifts to other countries.Do away with the Sec of state job altogether,that just causes wars