Sunday, January 22, 2006

Al Gore to Run in '08 Predicts Buchanan, Blankley and Clift

The pundits are lining up to predict an Al Gore presidential candidacy in 2008. On Sunday's "The McLaughlin Report," veteran journalists and commentators Pat Buchanan, Tony Blankley and Eleanor Clift stated they believe the former vice president will eventually toss his hat into the ring.

Newsweek's Clift said Gore's been front and center in criticizing the Bush administration, saying all the things others in the party have not, but has basically side-stepped the issue of an '08 run. She believes he's seeking to be drafted by the party in a groundswell of support.

"He's the only candidate that can jumpstart a campaign instantaneously. He has 100% name-recognition, and he has the machinery" behind him.

Blankley, the conservative columnnist from The Washington Times, said "Gore got half the votes and a few more in 2000. If the Iraq war remains unpopular in the Democratic Party in 2007, Gore is much better positioned than Hillary (Clinton) because they're going to want a champion, and he's going to be a champion on the issue."

And conservative columnist and political analyst Buchanan predicts that Gore will soon emerge as the leading candidate. "The anti-war movement is enormous in the Democratic Party, probably 70%. It is wide open. No one's leading it. I see Gore waiting until after 2006, and if nobody steps out, I would not be surprised to see him step out."

It's encouraging to see many in the mainstream press begin to smartly assess the Democratic playing field. Look at the pack of '08 hopefuls--Kerry, Biden, Hillary, Bayh, Warner, etc (yawn)--and it isn't too difficult to see why a potential Gore candidacy is capturing the attention of the pundits and creating excitement among many voters who see the new and improved Al as their "Goracle;" the new voice of the Democratic Party.


Anonymous said...

Gore has jetissoned his stiff style and the awful droning on that characterized his 2000 campaign. He's now the sort that his friends always said he was, when off camera. Of all the DLCers, Gore seems to be the only one against Bush's war agenda. Certainly, the egregiously corporatist/ militarist Clinton and Kerry have nothing to offer except personal ambition, military draft, and other betrayals. In any case, the elections are still corrupt, so it may not make a scintilla of difference.

Unknown said...

I don't think it is a big stretch to predict a Gore candidacy. Whether or not he wins the nomination is another question.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mickey Shell's comments (see above). I would add that I pray Gore is using this time with a speech coach to learn a winning delivery technique that won't fail him during the stress of a presidential campaign.

Anonymous said...

Wheeooo...Hot Damn! This would be great if the Goracle actually ran. Of course, even better if he won! But should they succeed/be allowed to succeed in once more rigging/stealing/trashing the election, at least we'd be assured of a real choice, a real debate, a real statesman carrying the banner. No one even comes close to Gore. Never has.

Oh yeah---And just for the record: Hillary Clinton? Please. She is but a hungry ghost. I fart on her shadow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy for keeping us up to date on Gore. It's become apparent that you're one of the bloggers that will do this without some mealy-mouthed apology. I'm letting all my nerdy, fanatic, political friendsknow that this is the place to come for Gore info.

Carry on!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope we even have an election. Bush could declare Marshall Law and president for the duration.

Or the Repubs could just cheat again and I don't think I could
take it.

As for Al. I would love another chance to for him and Tipper!


Anonymous said...

uh, I believe you mean "martial" law....not Gunsmoke law...

Anonymous said...

I vote Gore/Clark - Let Gore bring in a military mind while the Iraq debacle is still going on... yes in 2008 we'll still have troops over there...

"Gore/Clark in 2008... bringing respectability back to the White Hizzouse""

chuck said...


THE "INSIDER TIP-OFF" (for what it's worth) is that the Administration is going on the offensive (bigtime) against 'domestic enemies'...


John CONYERS and AL GORE and Barbaras' BOXER and LEE...and Cindy SHEEHAN...and TED(KENNEDY), too:

THESE GOOD FOLK have a common

Anonymous said...

The same people who trashed Gore at every turn are now people you look up to to tell you what is in his heart? And Eleanor Clift practically said out loud that the only reason Al Gore is delivering these speeches is because he has some sort of selfish political motivation behind them... but you just keep perpetuating that inaccuracy just to have something to blog about, and it is wrong. No one knows his heart but him, and those who who did nothing but trash this man six years ago certainly hold no credence with me. It is insulting to continually read blogs using his magnificent call to arms only as a stump speech. How totally disappointing too, because from what I see, the same status quo that stole it from him in 2000 is still calling the shots, and you still believe he would enter into all of that BS again based on what some pundits on a talk show say?

Anonymous said...

Gore Has Found His Mojo!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad the man who prevented the signature of a single senator for the Congressional Black Caucus's objection to the 2000 election is so popular with everyone.

Anyone remember that scene in F 9-11 where Maxine Waters and others come to the well of the Senate with tears of fury in their eyes, pleading for ONE SENATOR's signature? Ever wonder why they couldn't get one?

Thank God Barbara Boxer finally confirmed what we all saw with our own eyes in Michael Moore's movie. Al Gore was President of the Senate and leader of the Party. He forbid ANY of them to sign.

All this to preserve his "viability" in 2004. How does this guy sleep?

Al Gore will have to apologize for his part in all of the death and mayhem we've experienced over the last six years before I will vote for him again.