Saturday, August 26, 2006

Draft Gore Petition Tops 3400 Signatures

The clock continues to click towards the 2008 presidential election, and we're still certain that Al Gore is the best candidate the Democrats can put forth. Is he waiting in the wings, playing it coy as he builds a team that now includes former 2000 campaign aide Roy Neel? Is he ready to go head-to-head against Hillary Clinton for the nomination? Will he soon announce? The time for Gore could not be better. As we've stated here many times before, our money's on him running.

Our Draft Al Gore in 2008 Petition now has over 3400 signatures. If you'd like to help send a message to The Goracle, click here to read and sign the petition.

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Anonymous said...

Gore/Clinton for 2008?

Lew Scannon said...

No. Gore/Feingold. Re-elect Al.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore, you toolbox.
Where are all those inconvenient hurricanes? hmmm, mid season and how many have we seen?

What's going on with those growing ice caps too? This global warming nonsense is funny. In the name of Al Gore, I will drive my gas guzzling SUV 5 additional and unnecessary miles each day. I will stop when Gorebaby stops flying private planes and goes commercial. What's wrong Al, can't sit with average Americans?

Instead of inventing the internet, Al should have invented diebold machines that vote democratic. What a waste of skin gore has proven to be.

He got a head start by being born into a politically connected family. Was raised to eventually become president and FAILED because he couldn't even win his home state. The republicans didn't steal the 2000 election - Gore couldn't win the state he lives in. Where people know him best.

Anonymous said...

IMHO there is only 1 DEMOCRAT who can win the next election and that is GENE TAYLOR of Mississippi!

Anonymous said...

as long as we stay 1 step ahead of a dictatorship and continue to vote for fat elephants and jack asses we will keep getting more of what we have .... wake up and abolish the 2 party system and throw all incumbant out of washington.. only way to true reform..Patriot act was written during Clinton/Gore.. No more Republicrats ... American Texan

Mark E. Smith said...

Aw, why not give Gore his old running-mate back? Joe Lieberman needs another chance as badly as Al Gore does.

C'mon folks, don't we ever learn?

Al Gore is right about global warming, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

American Texan speaks the truth -- throw da bums out! --Brooklyn Born

Anonymous said...

here here

Get rid of ALL Democrats and All Republicans from office!

Vote for third party candidates!

Anonymous said...

Shame on all you if Texans knew what they were doing when they furthered GW Bush's career by electing him Gov. And what's this about the Republicans paying for most of the Green Party in Pennsylvania, was it? No, it's really time to start prosecuting those that have tampered with the votes in the last two elections. Let's start with that Repug snake named Harris in Florida and keep going. If we ever let ANY party cheat and steal their way to the top again, including the "precious?" third parties then does it really matter what the name of the party is that's in control? If Gore is the up and up choice, then quit whining and get behind him.

Anonymous said...

Who are you Independent/Third Party quacks on this blog supporting: No-good, spineless traitors like Lieberman? Forget a Third Party until there's a plausible candidate. And talk about "being born for the office" What about Bush, Jr. who with his political legup could only win by cheating.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman is not a traitor. He's a moderate. Only left-wing radicals would consider a moderate a traitor because he does what is best for America instead of what is best for the Democratic Party.

Lieberman is a traitor? His votes are IDENTICAL to Hillary's votes 86% of time. Is Hillary a traitor too?

Democrats do not have the attention span to lead America through this era, where Islamic extremists want to kill those who are not of their religion. They want to bring the whole world under Sharia law. Today, Lieberman is 'a traitor' for only towing the party line 9 out of 10 times. 6 years ago, he was your vice presidential candidate and you were glorifying him.

Islamic nazis are prepared to fight a thousand year war against the world. Democrats can't even stay consistent for 6 years.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Al Gore tops 3500 signatures! This is the same exact petition that the OstroyReport was pushing on June 17. Here we are, 72 Days later, and Big Al has 3500 votes. At this rate, Al might have enough votes to win his own state by 2008.

Anonymous said...

Andy you at least have all the Republicans reading your blog, too bad they don't have anything worthwhile to say. They sound like a broken record and and in this case their broken record gets tossed this November.

Anonymous said...

Here we are on September 8th and Al Gore only has 3578 signatures.

What a loser Al Gore is.

Anonymous said...

>I will stop when Gorebaby stops flying private planes and goes commercial.

A year ago a friend was coming back from Italy & remarked how Gore was on the same flight. He can fly commercial.