Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ken Mehlman Puts His Foot in His Mouth and Says Democrats are Historically Strong on Defense and National Security

Fire up the Swift Boats, Gentlemen! Man yer battle-stations! We're headed off to war! Ken Mehlman's donned his sailor suit and headed to the political shores of Columbus, OH, Wednesday where he'll use Ned Lamont's anti-war victory in Connecticut Tuesday to further perpetrate the Repuglican myth that Democrats are weak on national security and defense. Only this time the Republican National Committee Chairman appears a bit schizophrenic.

In an email promotion to supporters promoting the RNC's new attack video on Lamont, John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi and other Liberals, Mehlman and the GOP curiously praise loads of Democrats throughout modern history--including FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Humphrey, Moynihan, Nunn and Lieberman--for their ability to bravely defend America, using military force if necessary. Wait a second, Ken. For years you've regurgitated endless reprehensible rhetoric that Democrats don't have the guts, the stomach, the resolve to defend America and keep it safe from enemy attack. Which is it? Are we historically strong or weak? You can't have it both ways, Ken. (Rahm Emanuel, Chuck Schumer and Howard Dean, if you're out there listening, you guys should run like mad with this new praise from Mehlman and show voters just how the Repugs really do believe Democrats are strong on national security and defense).

In his email, Mehlman decries "the decline of the Democrat Party - from leadership that would "pay any price, bear any burden" to defend freedom to leaders who want to cut and run from the War on Terror, and surrender other tools needed to keep America safe."

He then goes on to say that "The message from Connecticut is clear." Mehlman's 100% right. The message is clear: for over 230 years Democrats have courageously defended America's interests both at home and abroad. It's just that they do not support the Busheviks' unjust, ill-advised, ill-fated war in Iraq which has done absolutely nothing to protect America and everything to make us less safe and secure. The real message from yesterday is that voters have spoken their anger over the war. Rove, Mehlman and the Repugs are in for a very rude awakening come November.


Unknown said...

Mehhlmann almost makes me miss Lee Atwater! Atwater was pretty bad but at least had some soul!
Mehlmann is spinning so hard and fast he is forgetting if he is going or coming!

Anonymous said...

Ken Mehlman is right. Democrats 'historically' were strong on defense. Today's Democrats are weak. Take Lieberman as a perfect example. The weak, anti-war, peace-at-all-costs, united nations worshipping radical Democrats have taken control of the Democratic party. It unfortunately leaves independents like me with nobody to vote for except Republicans and third party candidates.

To make things worse, Republicans have taken the opportunity to spend like drunken Democrats because they know that sane moderates cannot possibly vote for the leftwing radicals.

Where does this leave independent moderates? No where to go except third party candidates. I feel really bad for moderate Democrats, who have to leave their once great party.

Anonymous said...

Anon, most of America is anti-war. Being against the iraq war has NOTHING to do with being weak or strong, or patriotic or not, or enabling terorrists or not. All it has to do with is being in the majority of the population who now believes this war was nothing more than one of the biggest mistakes in U.S. history.

Anonymous said...

You are right that being against the Iraq war has nothing to do with being weak. But the summation of actions from the left do in fact define weakness.

Weakness wants us to put our guns down and talk to Al Qaeda.

Weakness believes the United Nations resolutions do not need to be adhered to.

Weakness believes Israel should have 'proportionate' responses to a terrorist organization lobbing Iranian missiles into Israeli population centers.

Weakness believes America is at fault for 9/11

Weakness believes a conspiracy theory explains everything weakness does not support.

Weakness believes that if America would just destroy its nuclear arsenal and military infrastructure, the world would suddenly become peaceful.

Weakness believes 21st century civiliation is not at war with 7th century islamic principles.