Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Has Bush Lost His Mind? He's Sounding More Like "Rain Man" Every Day

He bobbed, bounced and chortled, flailed his arms, shouted, pleaded, whined, was stubborn, constantly repeated himself, made ridiculous statements, and acted fidgety and restless as if he just downed five straight fruit juice boxes. No, this wasn't some petulant 5-year-old we're talking about. It was President Bush, as he bizarrely addressed reporters Monday in a marathon press conference that offered up nothing but the same old incendiary rhetoric and weapons of mass deception.

So, what's a blubbering president to do when his vanity project in Iraq continues to look like the worst military blunder in the nation's history, with thousands of people dying each month with no end in sight, and the country engulfed in a full-scale civil war? Why, tell everyone that everything's going just great, that's all, and then suggest that anyone who doesn't support this bloody debacle is a terrorist-sympathizer who's "emboldening al Qaeda types," as VP Cheney maniacally asserted last week. And throughout this charade, act a little kooky and say some really strange things over, and over and over again. How about telling reporters that you are often "happy" with the way things are in Iraq? How about announcing to the world that the U.S. will not be pulling troops out "so long as I'm president." Mention the phrase "before the job is done" about a hundred times. And if that's not enough, when a reporter asks 'what did Iraq have to do with 9/11', quickly reply "nothing," and then pretend that no member of the Royal Order of the Bushevik Monarchy has ever suggested that Saddam was responsible for the NY and DC attacks that fateful day in 2001.

It was easy to surmise from the press conference that this president is in way over his head, has been from day-one, and aside from being a colossal embarrassment to America and throughout the world, he's a dangerous human being. I cringe at the mere sight of him and as he opens his lips to speak. No wonder the world hates us right now.


Anonymous said...

I too can not stand to look or listen to this dangerous idiot, I have to change the channel when his puss comes on. What I would like to know is who in the hell is “cooking” the opinion numbers? Now this dope is back up to 42% approval, who are these people and what questions are being asked in these so-called polls? Do they ask, do you think Bush is doing a fantastic job, do you think he is doing a wonderful job or do you think he is doing a good job? Does anyone ever see what the actual poll questions are, they have to be fixed.

Most of our Republican friends (yup we have a few) are now bitching about Bush and swear he’s insane and will bring the Republican party down. I have yet to find anyone that thinks he’s doing a good job, none, and I love to ask peoples opinions, after all we Democrats are in the drivers seat now. The Republicans have NOTHING to offer the voters and it’s ONLY going to get worse for them.


From the once great state of Florida that got it wrong in 2000 and again in 2004.

Anonymous said...

Andy - I was writing my own blog on this same topic. I watched our President a few times courtesy of the White House Video page and I had to rewind it a couple of times just to make sure I was hearing him correctly.

It was tragic, truly tragic to see this.

His words and action go beyond the point of rational thought. Surely, the American people understand that they have been lied and manipulated into a war that has many moderates scratching their heads - in addition to thousands of individuals who have been devastated by the neocons insidious policies.

Let's take our country back, folks. Before they decide to have another "bombs for Democracy" campaign and threaten the survival of our planet.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that the OstroyReport has to make insensitive comments like comparing a 'blubbering' president to someone born into disease.

As someone who will stand up for those less fortunate, I believe the OstroyReport should make a charitable donation to


unless the OstroyReport cares more about lining their pockets through their TV show, than the defenseless children they make fun of for their own political gain.


from the great country of America, where 1 in every 166 children is born with autism.

Anonymous said...

Rain Man was a Savant... and a fictional movie character in a Tom Cruise vehicle at that.

You're obviously well-versed on autism in pop culture there "autism"

Anyway the people who are in the now-42% are emotionally tied to the GOP. It's all about marketing, emotions, feelings, patriotism. They believe.

da5id said...

Well said. The video is an astonishing reminder of how far we have fallen. It's downright scary.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the problem is that the 'public' are sheep that listen and follow. I am discouraged bc I think there are at least 42% of dumb sheep out there.

Anonymous said...

We are of course in grave danger as is the planet. Read the synidcated columnist Charley Reese's column BOMBS - BIG BOMBS- AND THE ETHICS OF USING THEM. It's about the nuclear bombs we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He writes:

"I don't believe that as long as such weapons exist, any head of state should be arrogant and reckless. God knows it's difficult to keep human beings from killing each other, but so far, since 1945, the nighmarish nuclear wraiths have not been let loose from their silos. Whatever one thinks of past American presidents and past Soviet leaders, we owe them all thanks for at least having the good sense ... to not incinerate the Northern Hemisphere. ... It MIGHT NOT BE A BAD IDEA TO HAVE A BOARD OF PSYCHIATRISTS EXAMINE ALL CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT TO MAKE SURE THAT AT LEAST OUR SIDE HAS A SANE LEADER. ... Lest you think I'm taking a defeatist attitude, just remember that there are no civil-defense facilities or training for any of the American people except the toads in Washington. We should mourn all of the innocent dead of World War II, which number 55 million, less a few million military. THEN WE SHOULD GET COWBOY GEORGE AWAY FROM THAT NUCLEAR FOOTBALL AS QUICKLY AS WE CAN. HE IS NEITHER A SAFE NOR AN OVERLY BRIGHT PRESIDENT."

I heard someone from the Cowboy's administration today talking about how we could/should take out Iran's nuclear facilities with our nuclear bombs. HELP!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I watched a press conference with Tony Blair awhile back on BBC America. The difference in the quality of Blair's responses in comparison with Bush's was startling. Even though I didn't agree with everything Blair said, he answered with intelligent opinions and comments. It was quite refreshing.

After Bush's recent performance I think he should not participate in any more conferences. Doesn't he realize that he is making an absolute fool of himself?

Anonymous said...

The problem is that most Americans do not ever see or hear the President unedited--that is, as himself. They see a carefully constructed image, with appropriate sound bites, and we have this cartoon of a hearty, jovial, well-meaning God-fearing Texan who speaks simply but directly. Reporters do not lift the veil to show what's really there. For instance, in a press conference, he can be wandering, vague, disconnected and confused, but if he says the same thing many times, reporters will say he was "assertive" or even "commanding." They are terrified of saying the truth, and certainly terrified of letting people know what our fearless and peerless leader is really like. Come on, it took six years for US News and World Reports to reveal that he likes to fart when he meets new aides? Nobody knew this before? They all did, they just lied by ommission because they were afraid of letting Americans see who really occupied the White House.

Anonymous said...

Bush's approval rating directed by media control.

"Former Time Inc. Editor-in-Chief Norman Pearlstine is to join elite private equity firm the Carlyle Group as a senior advisor, reports Keith Kelly. He will leave his current position as senior adviser to Time Warner to which he ascended after leaving the executive editorship of Time Inc.

It does, however, presage greater involvment by CARLYLE in DEALS involving PUBLISHING and MEDIA. Carlyle was part of the consortium that bought VNU, which owns Nielsen Media Research and the Hollywood Reporter and currently controls $41.9 billion in equity capital.

The Carlyle Group is well-known as extremely powerful and secretive, with ties to George H.W. Bush and former Secretary of State James Baker." - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eat-the-press/2006/07/18/pearlstine-to-join-carlyl_e_25262.html

Btw, why did James Baker show up at Ken Lay's Funeral?

Electrobus.com - Free Internet Radio - Rock'n the Rapture

Anonymous said...

Shame on America - Bush has disgraced us all.

Anonymous said...

In response to Autism I find your off-topic aggression misplaced. It's rather comical listening to you defend a president that has blocked the stem cell research that might hold the key to a cure for Autism.

And there you are supposedly standing up for those victims of autism by defending the man who keeps them ill. Please spare me.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, we'd be better off with the fictional character played by Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. That character, at least, could do math. "No. Can't afford tax cuts. Run up the deficit. Deficit is bad. Too high. Yeah. Deficit is bad. Yeah..."

Anonymous said...

Like Scarborough Report noted, Bush Jr's apparent mental capacity has been going downhill since he was governor of Texas.

It is pitiful and awful to watch him try to utter his incoherent thoughts.

Obviously, the job has completely overwhelmed him and is under the influence of medication.

Dakota said...

Like several of you have said here, and others I've read elsewhere today, Bush is a danger to the country at this point. If all of the people who know that--and the 58-65% who disapprove of him, and all the people who are crazy angry at his policies, and the civil liberties defenders, the environmental defenders, the mothers and fathers fearing for those children--if all those millions joined forces under one single banner, "Replace the Bush Administration Now"--we might force Congress to act, or get a remedy like a national referendum going. It's easy to say Bush is stupid, but for so many to recognize a clear danger and do nothing is more stupid. We are responsible for this administration, period. Waiting for Congress, waiting for investigations or impeachment proceedings to further rattle Bush while he continues to have his hand on the nuclear trigger, is clearly now an unacceptable option.

Anonymous said...

its even money that Bush ordered that presser when Rove was away from his desk and unable to apply the chokehold necessary to quiet the Texas fool down.

Anonymous said...

I rather liked the metaphorical analogy of Bush and autism. Bush has an apparent diminished capacity in functional skills. Many of those who present the disorder of autism do also. So what's the point "autism"? I agree with 10:29AM. Bush hinders progress for medical research.

Anonymous said...

He must be high on some drug,or complete idiot either way we are all in trouble as long as he remains in office.Everyone must turn out in November to vote and help to put a leash on George.

Anonymous said...

The MSM and this Bush mafia are in lock step.This moron makes ass of himself and media act as if they believe this imbecible is the second coming and able to walk on water.They all need to be replaced with robots and cut thier pay 90% those that are allowed to stay on.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that Bush or Cheney or Rove give a rat's hiney about autistic folk? Do you see Condie taking one home? Please, they've fu'd special education funding and cut programs, not to mention, the lack of leeway on stem cell research! He is brainless and his "crew" members are heartless! What a combo!