Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Terror Alert: The Repuglican Homestretch Scare Campaign Begins

Now that we're in the homestretch of the November midterms race, as expected, the terror alerts have begun. To be fair, this latest scare comes out of Britain, where police arrested 20 individuals suspected of being part of a terrorist cell that planned a signifcant attack using liquid explosives in carry-on bags to blow up several commercial flights between the United Kingdom and the United States. According to British authorities, intelligence indicates that the foiled plot was likely masterminded by al Qaeda and was "intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale." As a result, England's airports have been crippled, and American travelers will face more stringent security measures at U.S. airports. The Department of Homeland Security has raised the threat level to "severe" or red for commercial flights originating in the United Kingdom bound for the United States, and to "high" or orange for all other flights.

But make no mistake. Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman and the GOP terror thugs will pounce on this new overseas threat as their pivotal "Aha!" moment to scare the crap out of Americans in their new post-Lamont "Democrats are weak on defense and national security" homestretch campaign:

"See, we told ya so. We told ya that Osama bin Laden (remember him? the guy Bush "doesn't spend too much time on anymore?") was out there plotting to attack Americans. We told ya that that's why we need to "stay the course" in Iraq. To "fight 'em over there so we don't have to fight 'em here." We told ya these namby-pamby anti-war liberals wussies are wrong for America and will not keep us safe and secure like us brave old Repuglican chickenhawks. So we're tellin' ya again, voting for these liberal cowards will mean and end to the Iraq war, a win for Osama and the terrorists, and a new round of bloody murderous attacks here at home."

Anyone want to take bets on when the next U.S. terror alert occurs?


Anonymous said...

How many dumb, don't read, Americans will fall for the scare tactics?

Anonymous said...

according to Democrats, everything is a scare campaign - until something tragic happens. Then, after hundreds are dead - we should have stopped it. What did they know and when did they know it?

As much as Democrats try to downplay today's success - Today was a victory for the West against the extremist Islamic terrorirsts who want to kill as many innocent people as possible.

Credit goes to Blair, Bush, and those working to protect our countries.

Anonymous said...

I've listened to the news all morning and no one has explained just how the terrorists intended to assemble the bomb on board using the liquids they had each brought on board. Were they all going to meet in the men's room and concoct the bomb? Or, was one to start the concoction and then pass it up the passenger aisle? How much liquid and how many different kinds were involved? This all seems too bazaar to be true.

I'm so sick of the lies and so conditioned now not to believe a word out of the mouth of anyone in power (Did you read Davaid Sirota on Lieberman and his lies) that I say this is all nonsense. Unfortunately for me, I'm not no longer believing people I deal with in business.

Anonymous said...

yeah, because everybody knows mixing liquids can NEVER cause explosions.

Next, the neocons will be telling us that 19 terrorists tried to take over 4 commercial airplanes using box cutters.

maybe if the media would hold seminars on exactly how to mix liquid chemicals to create an explosion, this plot would more believable.

Anonymous said...

That's it, when we travel now my dildo and personal lube will have to go in my luggage. They are weapons of mass pleasure and we can't have that now can we?

Anonymous said...

No, Anon. Next we'll hear about a real threat after it happens and our country is brutally hurt because this president just can't take a bona fide intelligence report seriously. Remember 9/11? However, it's apparently all right with you if that tell lie after lie about what could happen (if we elect the Dems being the implication) in order to scare us into submission.

"Fool me once ..." Remember that from The Decider? I'd rather have some concrete evidence. And I wish people like you would try to elevate themselves out of the gullible 40% by demanding evidence and holding this administration accountable. Tony Blair's word just doesn't do it.

Anonymous said...

Wake Up Idiot!!

TODAY a major terrorist attack was STOPPED. If the anti-war crowd was making decisions today, we would have 10 downed airliners and thousands of murdered people.

If the anti-war crowd was making decisions today, we would not be listening into telephone calls that originate in known Al Qaeda strongholds because the other call leg was in America.

All the policies of the Bush administration that make us safer are attacked by the left as infringements on our civil liberties.

Put your hatred aside for a day and realize that thousands of innocent people were given the chance to live another day because of the actions of Bush, Blair, and those who protect us.

Anonymous said... will be the main clearinghouse of terror drills, disaster drills, & military war games planned by the U.S. military with the aid of private military contractors.

Why monitor terror drills and war games? Because rogue elements inside the military, not loyal to the Constitution, can use these drills as a cover for their synthetic, false-flag terror attacks which are later blamed on their stables of patsies, dupes, and double agents. Currently those patsies come in the form of the myth-drenched Al-Qaeda. During the terror attacks of September 11, the U.S. military ran over 15 drills and war games. This was the highest concentration of military drills ever in one day. Most people inside the intelligence agencies and military are loyal to the Constitution. But traitorous moles and rogue elements intend to use these drills to confuse the good people and launch a nuclear WW III under the Cheney Doctrine.

Anonymous said...

Now that LIEberman has been defeated because of his love of wars that benefit Israel, we can expect a false-flag operation within the US before the election. Despite the Republican attitude that LIEberman's defeat means nothing, they are scared. This was a referendum on the war, on the Patriot Act, on illegal wire-taps, on censorship of protestors, on pressuring books like "America Deceived" from Amazon, and on 2 illegal wars. The One Worlders are afraid of what happened to LIEberman and will most likely explode a nuke in the US before the elections and scare the masses to return them to power. First, they are setting the groundwork by 'busting' a terror cell.
Last link (before Google Books is nuked):
America Deceived

Anonymous said...

The British authorities said there was no evidence that the plot was connected to Al Qaeda. They said 20 plotters are British citizens and one Pakistani. They said they felt they had apprehended all the key players in the plot and that it was best to err on the side of caution and keep the alert at severe/critical. However, Chertoff, said the plot was most likely Al Qaeda. And that there was no reason to assume that the immediate threat had abated. Why Al Qaeda? They said cause Al Qaeda is obsessed with air planes and that the time of year marks an anniversary of 9/11. Pretty strong evidence I say. Perhaps these plotters are directly connected with OBL, however, the US immediately lumps everyone into Al Qaeda, be they Iraqi insurgents, Hezbollah militia, or home grown British terror groups. The reason for this is obvious, it serves the overarching purposes of this administration, and justifies their actions in Iraq, Israel, and at home against US citizens who dare to defend the Bill of Rights.

Anonymous said...

The "clash of civilizations" boondoggle resulting in a generic war on terror, where the US, UK, and Israel are fight ing a monolithic Islamic is a political sleight of hand that is only serving to spur on more disparate groups of disaffected Muslims.

Anonymous said...

US "intelligence" did not catch these guys. If we had anything to do with it, you can bet Chertoff would be taking all the credit about it. Maybe we should get Scotland Yard to lend us a few good cops. Of course they would have to pass the ideological litmus test of the punks in charge of NSA.

Anonymous said...

So, um, they were going to carry explosives in plain sight (relatively speaking) through security points looking for explosives?

Anonymous said...

Love the above "anondescriptname "comment. He's right on. I believe though this is a scheme between USA (Bush) and England (Blair) to further their purposes. Remember how the Brit cops shot the wrong guy in the subway thing. And if it's not a scheme these Terrorists are kin to the Florida Terrorist we recently apprehended. Those were immigrant kids who didn't know the language, who were Church goers and didnt' know what they were signing on for, if they really did sign on and weren't just taken because they were easy to blame. The administraiton thinks we're really dumb and sometimes we act like we are. Now we better start saying: Prove it,

No more WMD buushit.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman goes down whining and, voila, Bush calls up another plot. Their timing is so obvious. Lucky for us the "shoe-bomber" wasn't carrying something in his crotch, or we'd all be stripping down to our undies to fly on an airplane. The only people not fooled by this yarn are the religious zealots, and even they are starting to realize they've been played by evil men who make Satan look like a choirboy.

Anonymous said...

The moonbats are out today...

Anonymous said...

Okay Andy, I'll take your rhetorical bet. I think the next terror "threat" will come around the time that the little kiddies start school. Nothing like making parents feel their child's safety is in jeopardy to put a little juice in the polls and the voting booths.

Oh, and to all who are debating the authenticity of the British breaking up the terror plan. There's nothing wrong with believing that they really did. The problem lies in letting fear dictate our votes. I hate to quote a song because it seems so trite, but here it is, "Paranoia strikes deep, Into your life it will creep, It starts when you're always afraid, step out of line, the man comes and takes you away." I believe the song was from the 70's and it really cuts to the heart of what's happening in the U.S. now. While we sit here calling each other idiots and not listening to each other, the Bushies are sitting on their asses laughing all the way to the bank to deposit their obscene oil profits.

Osama is a threat, but only as long as he's loose. Wait, that sounds really obvious. Oh, here's the point: if the Bushies catch Osama, there's no threat to U.S. security and their little charade falls apart. They have to make sure Osama isn't caught, otherwise their house of cards will come a tumbling down.

Anonymous said...

I like reading all the comments on this blog because they reflect the truth. However, what I'm really afraid of is the way the media is treating this terrorist plot as if it were real. It's been non-stop all day. That means the majority will soon believe it's true, like the Iraq invasion lies, and the Bush-nuts continue to win. Is there no way to get the truth out to everybody? We need help.

Anonymous said...

2/3 of Americans believe that ridiculous conspiracy theorists who post on blogs are actually working for the FBI in order to discredit the anti-war movement.

Anonymous said...

9/10 of Americans believe that those who question and see contrasting possibilities will save our country from dictatorship. I'd like to recommend that those who read this blog and who are not brainwashed watch Keith Olhermann on COUNTDOWN MSNBC He is the only commentator and his the only program that has questioned the reliability of the reports and looked into the political component.

Anonymous said...

This liquid bomb has to be PUT TOGETHER ON THE PLANE. There are more liquids than one liquid needed. It takes several men and lots of parts to get the bomb to work. It then could be set off with an ipod, and electronics are no longer allowed on planes in England but our smart security didn't ban them. Not that it matters. This is still on the drawing board. Why wouldn't they be spotted on the plane assembling the bomb????? The men's room could have cameras to spot them. I didn't make this up. The way the bomb is made was on CNN News. This is much ado about nothing at least as yet. And, this plot was discovered by police work and intelligence. Not by bombing buildings and innocent civilians to find the terrorists.

Anonymous said...

The thing that is really missing here is that this administration justifies the war in Iraq as part of the war on terror, After 300 billion spent, the tide has turned against the war and yet the fear tactic is used to distract us from the gross mistake that was made in going to war. The convenient release of the thwarted terror plot is meant to establish the connection that does not exist. We must make a distinction and focus on what this administration has not done to protect this country.

Anonymous said...

Right, there is no connection to the war on Iraq. However, both Bush and Al Qaeda bigs want everyone to think there is. While this is pretty obvious, and does not require one to believe in any fantastic conspiracies, why do most Americans still step and fetch the terror card when Bush plays it? This British plot which is not necessarily Al Qaeda proves to Joe Lieb that Lamont is a traitor, and the scary and depressing thing is that Conneticut voters might elect crazy Joe for that twisted logic.

Anonymous said...

Acronym for FEAR:


Anonymous said...

If we are truly "slowly defeating the islamic terrorists who want to bring the entire world into an Islamic state" then why are so many military and intelligence experts saying that Iraq has become a breeding ground for terrorists?

Link to CIA report here:

And why are even the soldiers saying that it's time to withdraw from Iraq? (See end of article)

Although I wish it were true, it isn't.

One more link for ya on how our support of Israel's actions in Lebanon are turning the Lebanese against us now too:

Well done Bush administration!

Anonymous said...


Did you go to the link I supplied?

The report was generated by the National Intelligence Council with input from over 1,000 experts.

The NIC "reports to the Director of National Intelligence in his capacity as head of the US Intelligence Community".

Mind you, I don't see any neocons among their personnel, so, perhaps you're right. Perhaps they don't know what they're talking about.

Anonymous said...

The next Terror level will be raised exactly week before November elections.


Anonymous said...

Bill O'Liely, of Faux News, is going to Feel very uncomfortable without his dildo and gel in his carry on luggage. I am certain that Karl Rove and Jim/Jeff Gannon of the White House Fame/Flame will get a call about this very soon .

Anonymous said...

Regarding "America Deceived" It was NEVER available via Amazon or B&N. It was published via "Fast Track" at (a subsidiary of B&N, btw) IT WAS NEVER BANNED FROM ANYWHERE

The author choose not to have it released via B&N or Amazon per iUniverse. Political
motivation or just a cheapskate? You decide. Regardless, it is a lie.

If you would like, you can call them yourself and ask. The phone number for iUniverse is 1-800-AUTHORS. No, really, call them and ask if it was ever distributed by Amazon or B&N and
they will tell you it wasn't, as it was a "fast Track" publication.

It is the speculation of this commenter that the author of the previous comment is actually the author of the book looking for some easy publicity via blogs. A google search on "America Decieved" will bring up hundreds of very similary comments, but all have the link to iUniverse in them and usually the tag line "Final link (before Google Books bends to gov't will and drops the title)".


Disinformation and lies..all in the name of selling a book and spreading fear.

Whatever happened to intergrity?