Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Iraq War Scorecard: No Amount of Bush Spinning Can Mask This Colossal Failure

President Bush seems to be touring more than The Stones these days as he desperately attempts to build support for his quagmire in Iraq. The man who hates public-speaking has suddenly become the man who hasn't met a microphone he doesn't like. The true propagandist that he is, Bush believes that if you say something enough times--that the Iraq war is a success--then it becomes the truth. Unfortunately for the president, this strategy isn't working. His approval ratings and his "handling of the war" numbers have plummeted to all-time lows. The American people see this war as the colossal failure that it is. And the public's vote of no-confidence only shows what the real truth is: that Bush is a colossal failure himself. No amount of spinning is going to change the harsh realities of this unjust war.

Whether he's speaking to political groups in Cleveland, to military families in Virginia, or to the White House press corps (where he was skewered Tuesday by the legendary Helen Thomas), Bush has been doggedly painting a picture of rosy progress and success in Iraq despite what the facts clearly demonstrate. The man is delusional, and is a monumental embarrassment.

Let's take a look at all this "success:"

1. Bush invaded Iraq because of WMD: FAILURE
2. No evidence of connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda: FAILURE
3. Bush based intelligence on Achmed Chalabi's claims: FAILURE
4. Bush sent in too few troops: FAILURE
5. Bush ignored advice of Gen. Shinseki and other experts: FAILURE
6. Bush grossly underestimated the insurgency: FAILURE
7. Bush believed we'd be greeted as "liberators:" FAILURE
8. Operation "Shock and Awe:" FAILURE
9. "Mission Accomplished:" FAILURE
10. Pre-war cost estimated at $50-$60 Billion: FAILURE
11. Bush sent under-equipped soldiers into battle: FAILURE
12. The insurgency would die with Saddam' sons Uday & Qusay: FAILURE
13. Handing over of sovereignty would change things: FAILURE
14. The elections would produce a functioning Democracy: FAILURE
15. Winning Fallujah battle would be a critical milestone: FAILURE
16. "Insurgency's in it last throes"(Cheney 6/05): FAILURE
17. IRAQ's become the new headquarters of terrorism: FAILURE
18. Iraq quagmire has destabilized the entire Middle East: FAILURE
19. 23,000 dead, 30,000+ injured/maimed, $250 Billion spent: FAILURE
20. IRAQ's been a major distraction from the war on terror: FAILURE
21. Reconstruction effort: FAILURE
22. Iraq breaks out into Civil War: FAILURE
23. More Iraqi deaths than ever before: FAILURE
24. Bush now admits troops will be there long after 2008: FAILURE

That anyone, especially the president, would call this war a success is highly offensive, amoral and utterly infuriating.


Anonymous said...

I still wonder how in the world Bush can have a 34% approval rating when this invasion alone should be grounds for impeachment. Just shows how so many people can be fooled all the time.

Anonymous said...

Denial is an amazing tool. It absolutely abnegates all the responsibility of actions. Psychosis is now at the dead center of this administration. Duh. Always has been. Only the real patriots can dredge us from the muck. Come on, Al Gore...step up to the plate, once more...

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree on #8. I think "Shock and Awe" was very successful. It was everything else that sucked big donkeys.

Steve said...

Good summary and evidence that the only course is impeachment of the whole bunch of traitors and incompetent failures.