Monday, May 08, 2006

As We Hear More Unofficial Chatter of Gore's 2008 Presidential Ambitions, We Offer Our Top 10 Reasons Why He Will Run

Is Al Gore's presidential aspirations becoming more of a reality? The mainstream media is beginning to hop on The Goracle's 2008 presidential campaign bandwagon. The Wall Street Journal Monday reported more buzz within Democratic circles that suggest candidate Gore gearing up for another shot at the Oval Office despite his continued coy denials. But to some former Clinton-Gore White House insiders, Gore's more interested in running than he's letting on, further fueling the speculation of his imminent candidacy. "I do know that he's thinking about it. I know for a fact," a former adviser says. "He's talked to people about the pros and cons."

The spotlight on Gore is pretty high at the moment. Between the film, his many impassioned speaking engagements and covers on several prominent magazines such as Vanity Fair, he's getting unprecedented attention than ever, and for good reasons. "His star will never be higher than it is right now with his movie coming out," says Democratic consultant Karen Skelton, Mr. Gore's former political director, referring to "An Inconvenient Truth," his documentary concerning the threat of global warming.

As the Journal reports, Gore has begun assembling a Nashville, Tenn.-based operation to help manage his time. He recently hired former top aide Roy Neel to head the office and brought on D.C. environmental activist and PR specialist Kalee Kreider to oversee communications. Has this operation truly been established to handle and coordinate his environmental efforts, or is it in fact the beginning nucleus of a 2008 campaign team? Only time will tell.

But as we've said in this blog countless times, the Democratic candidate with the best chance of winning the '08 prize is Gore, plain and simple. Here's our top 10 reasons why:

1. Legislative Experience: two terms in the House, two in the Senate
2. Executive Experience: two terms as vice president
3. Economic Experience: presided over historic seven years of prosperity
4. Iraq: His staunch anti-war stand was early and forceful
5. Environment: His decades of sounding the global warming alarm give him more credibility on this issue than any other candidate
6. Family Values: Stemming from their record-label-warning campaign days, the Gores project strong family values and a sense of morality
7. Passion: Since 2000 he's been the most outspoken critic of Bush and the GOP
8. Results: He won the popular vote in 2000; was robbed of the electoral college. He won 51-million votes in 2000, more than any other Democrat candidate in history, more than any Republican except Ronald Reagan in 1984, and 500,000 more than George Bush. Just think of the numbers he could put up after eight dreadful years of Bush
9. Fundraising: Gore has big, powerful, wealthy benefactors waiting on the sidelines to pour money into his campaign, and has the ability to compete with Hillary Clinton in this critical area. He also has the support of grass-roots organizations like, and is a favorite in the ever-increasingly important blogosphere
10. Skeleton-Free Closet: At this point in his career, if there was any dirt to drudge up, we'd have seen it by now

America's faced with mounting economic and military challenges. Al Gore has shown that he has the experience and passion to go all the way. And he also has timing on his side.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting a little leary of Mr. Gore's press coverage at the moment. Articles are popping up nearly every day but I suppose the press' feeding machine needs the Gore/Hillary bout to commence sometime. I hope it stays respectful on each side. However, it would make me very happy if Hillary would stay in the senate for a second term so her experience would benefit NY state instead of just being her stepping stone toward the Whitehouse. Mr. Gore should rightfully be allowed our country's undivided attention and support for which he is truly deserving. After all he would be running for re-election. Hillary should understand that it is not her time.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore better run and win. There's no other Democrat who has the leadership, Hillary can't win and doesn't deserve to be president, she should be pleased with being the senator form New York(my state). Nepotism is a huge problem in this country today and having the wife of a president become president is almost as bad as the son of a president becoming president. Al Gore knows how corrupt our government is and let's hope he will do something about it. What a disgrace this country has become. Let's not forget how hard it is for families to get by these days. The rich have gotten richer and the rest of us just fall behind and get in debt. There's no "Land of oppotunity" anymore, only hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Andy-I'm curious how reliable this "insider" is about Gore seriously thinking about it...Those Goracle-ites among us are prone to read any tea leaves available, so I would sincerely like to know what comprises an insider in Gore's circle. I do fully expect, having said that, that Al would be nothing but clever and utterly original in creating his own time-line for going public. I have been sending out a lot of info on Gore to those who don't really "know" the candidate, and they're getting pretty amped. I see that happening more and more. Maybe Al's just reading the blogs and musing, checking out the weather....and I agree with the poster about HRC. Not electable, at this point, baggage for days. Besides, she's a bore on the stump. Sad but true.

Goracle gotta be the Man...

Anonymous said...

If Gore had been given his rightful win for the presidency, he would not be running for re-election as someone above said. He'd we finishing his second term just like the puppet man is now.

Then maybe it would have been Hillary's time now.

I hate to say this, but all I care about is getting the Repubs out of total control. I truly believe that our country is in grave danger of being destroyed as the country founded on the Declaration of Independence so long ago.

We must do all we can to slow them down in 2006 before we worry about 2008.

From the once great State of Michigan

Anonymous said...

Gore is the best possible choice for both electoral and governmental reasons, and I would be thrilled to support his candidacy. More importantly, my Reagan Democrat, white working class, dairy farmer, mid west born and southern raised husband is praying he will run. After NAFTA, he has no faith in the Clinton wing of the party, and is underwhelmed by the DLC (Biden, etc.) contingent. He doesn't trust Feingold to fix the military, and wants a strong national security ticket.

He wants Gore/Clark!!!

Please Please Please Please run Al!

Anonymous said...

I have to add another post! Reading the above support for my guy Al, who has been my guy since '88, has me floating on air.

Maybe the snide, sarcastic and ignorant sound bites will be blown off the radar with this movie being released nation-wide.

I sat in horror the summer of 2000 just prior to the repub convention and saw that the press was targeting Gore with ludicrous and insane accusations and brushing aside bush's response to drug use by not admitting to ANYTHING that happened prior to '74. As we know it spiraled downward into slime from then on....

At the time of the convention, Steve Brill released his last issue (?) of "Content" magazine with the cover of the chimp serving refreshments on his campaign plane to the lap dog press corp. I knew then we were doomed.

My how things have suddenly changed!

I'd like Tom Harkin to be Sec. of Agriculture, Mary Landrieu to be Sec. of the Interior and Wesley Clark, Sec. of Defense too start with. His vp could be Hillary I guess, but whomever he chooses should be our diplomat to the world and begin healing all wounds our country has inflicted.

I haven't felt this positive about ANYTHING in SIX YEARS.

Anonymous said...

Gore has something few potential candidates do... the air of a statesman, and he's squeacky clean to boot. A Gore / Feingold ticket is a sure thing for the Democrats. Forget Hilary Clinton... her politcal oppurtunism is transparent and offensive; not to mention all the political baggage she's bogged down with... There is nothing she can bring to the table Gore can't and do it 1000x better.

Anonymous said...

Here's the dream team:

Gore/Dean 2008

The American public is tired of the lies, smears, propaganda and hatred in the name of Jesus coming from the Republicans and the MSM.

Once the Democrats win back the majority in Congress this November, Howard Dean will have proven himself with his 50 state, compete in every district strategy.

Whatever is thrown at Gore/Dean to defeat them in 2008 will be ineffective and backfire.

Kevin Schmidt, Sterling VA

Anonymous said...

Dean's talents are best served where he is right now. To run him as a candidate would be a colossal mistake. The DNC needs someone with conviction and a shoot-from-the-hip approach to comment on issues without having to worry about getting votes. Dean is perfect for that role. Feingold is a superior choice for Gore's running mate because he both young and ideologically aggressive - 2 qualities the Democratic ticket desperatley needs to win the election.

Anonymous said...

And since he's not NOW president, was in on it ALL along! We need a true patriot act, like the Michigan governor, instead!

Anonymous said...

Strange to say, I voted for Gore in 2000 even though I wasn't sure about him.

Then I saw and heard him speak at the DAR Constitution Hall after the Iraq War started. He was absolutely amazing! He was poised, passionate, and wise. He spoke for over an hour and didn't miss a beat. I would vote for him now in a heartbeat. He has been on the right side of all the issues. I like Gore/Feingold or Gore/Hegel. How about Gore/Obama?

Anonymous said...

The Al Gore of today wipes the floor of any GOP presidential candidate.
Gore learned from his mistakes

Never cowtow to right wingers. Don't put a Vichyite on your ticket (LIEberman).

Throw in a repeat of history (Nixon narrowly loses in 1960 only to be a landslide winner 8 years later) along with the fact that most Dems fears Hillary (who is kissing Rupert Murdoch's rearend) won't implement the changes need to return America to our glory progressive days.

And for VP - Russ Feingold. (A clear cut easy choice.)
He's independent,(can cite Clinton vote)a fighter, shores up Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, and can rap up Florida and Ohio For Gore.

Big Dave From Queens

Anonymous said...

I have held little hope for our country for a number of years now. Al Gore is the only politician out there who can restore my hope for our nation's future. He has real visions for the 21st century (even better than the Internet he gave us back in the 20th century...just kidding).

Mary in Chicago

peter said...

One of the virtues of a Gore candicacy is that the Democratic Party would likely rally around him, sparing us a nasty intra-party fight over Hilary's bid for the nomination.

Anonymous said...

I'm puzzled. All the polls indicate that Hillary has the inside track on the '08 nomination, but everyone in the blogs, friends, acquaintences, etc., are repelled by the idea. I was a big Dean fan in '04, but have always liked Gore and would love to see him run again. Even as a loyal Democrat, I was never able to get excited about Kerry. Apparently many who might have otherwise turned away from Bush in '04 felt the same way.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want Gore for president? it can be easily argued that it was Gore's complete pussy personality that has forced 8 years of dubya down our throats.

Why didn't the little wimp FIGHT over the results of the 2001 election? He instead let the Repugnants do all the fighting. the Brooks Brothers Riot. The Supreme Court Putsch. Gore had loads of cash left over after the election, why didn't he mount a strong campaign to counter the Bush's lies and to force the FL recount, which would have given him the Presidency? Because he's a wimp!

He hid out, wouldn't even talk much about it. Just crawled under a rock.

He should just stay there. He won't win now on a kind of "we're sorry we elected the other guy" sentiment, anyway.

Anonymous said...

And as President of the Senate he had to sign off on the stolen election and did so without a PEEP. Freakin' wuss.

"No More Gore 08"

Anonymous said...

This is the guy who couldn't beat Bush once, refused to stand up for the people of Florida that voted for him, refused to run again after Bush started an illegal war of aggression that Gore opposed, leaving us with Kerry instead of the rematch we all wanted, now wants to stick his head up again when there is no Repug incumbent? OOOH! Brave little Al.

But why do the lefties think he can win? Did he lose the stick up his ass? Is he less robotic? Has he stopped changing which foot he puts in his mouth? Has he grown a pair? Doubt it.

Loser Al.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he did lose the stick, he's less robotic and his feet are both on the ground. I hope he runs.

Anonymous said...

Let's get the story straight. Bush had a little help from the Supreme Court to get "elected". Sandra Day O'Connor just hopes her role in this mess will go away. I believe her notes are sealed now that she has retired. There are still lawsuits pending on whether there was vote tampering from 2000 and 2004 in Florida and Ohio, among other lawsuits. Gore didn't lose anything. He won the popular vote. Which five years down the road, should have been the measure that stood.

Too bad GOP lovers are having to use sticks and stones to defend their position now. If anyone has to be labeled a "loser", it is Bush and all the GOP goose steppers.

The rest of us are SO OVER! the GOP party. You go! Al Gore!

Unknown said...

I'd have to know that he is not going to attack Iran, that he is going to get the troops out of Iraq rapidly and that he will be independent of the Israeli government and allow the Palestinian Authority, led by it's democratically elected leaders to function.

"The Cowboy Professor" or "THE Big J !" said...

In 1960, then Vice-President Richard Nixon had his election to the presidency stolen and eight years later he gets elected President. Lets hope history repeats itsef as it often does and Gore wins as he is the best man out there for the job.