Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sign the Draft Al Gore for 2008 Petition

Want to send a strong message to Al Gore to run for president in 2008? Sign our petition. Please open in Internet Explorer if possible.


Anonymous said...

Al Gore is NOT going to show his Trump card yet, why should he. The media is having a field day with Hillary and McPain right now and let them burn those two out. Al is sitting in the wings, building a huge package of well to do people who will come out in do time to set this campaign on fire. In 2008 this country will be so far down the tubes that ONLY someone with the experience of Al Gore will be able to win and win BIG.

In 2008 the biggest issues will be IRAQ, the environment and IRAQ and NO ONE is more attuned to these two issues than Al. After reading the wonderful article in this months WIRED magazine it gives you a sense that Al is building up a war chest of top people who will get this right in 2008.

Gore/Dean or Gore/Feingold in 2008

Anonymous said...

My 15 yr old son came home today and said there was an "Al Gore for President in '08" poster in his classroom!

Can it be? Is it possible that the mushroom cloud nightmare we've been suffocating under is clearing?

Hoo Haaaaaaa!!