Friday, May 05, 2006

The Real Reason Rush Limbaugh's Addicted to Pain Killers

There's been much partisan chatter over the recent deal that syndicated Republican blowhard Rush Limbaugh signed with prosecutors last week to dismiss the 27-month-old prescription fraud charge against him if he complies with the terms for the next 18 months. But we should all show a little bit of compassion for the master of mega-dittos' addiction to pain medication: it must be very painful to support the Repuglican agenda these past couple of years.


Anonymous said...

If Rush hadn't been so hard on other addicts, I would feel more charitable towards him.

He still professes anger and hate on his show.

He's lucky. He got off easy.

From the once great State of Michigan

Anonymous said...

Back in 2003 after a golf tournament, Rush claimed he had no "physical limitations" such as a bad back that affected his golf game. Of course, we know that he claims his bad back and the painkillers he used caused his addition.

Unknown said...

Sorry, I have no sympathy for "Rush." Now we know why they call him "Rush!"
He got off easy and he is still bloviating about being proven "not guilty!"
A plea bargain agreement is not a ruling of not guilty but a case of "nolo contendre." (sp?)Whic h means you are convicted but make no admission of guilt. It is a far cry from exoneration.

Anonymous said...

Dick, i think Andys being sarcastic when he says feel sorry for Rush

Unknown said...

Oh! Well.....yeah I suppose, I am too much of a literalist for my own good!