Monday, October 16, 2006

Another Crooked Repug Under FBI Investigation. Weldon Stands to Lose PA's 7th District Seat to Democrat Sestak

Those pesky Republicans can't seem to keep their hands out of the cookie jar, can they? Over the weekend it was revealed that the FBI and Justice Department is investigating Republican Congressman Curt Weldon to determine if he used his political clout to secure lobbying and consulting work for his daughter's firm, Solutions North America, Inc. (SNA). Weldon, who's served the wealthy Philadelphia suburbs for ten terms, is now locked in a dead heat with Navy Admiral and former Clinton national security advisor Joe Sestak.

The Weldon camp was taken off guard by rumors of the investigation, and did its best to downplay the growing scandal. "I think if there was an investigation, somebody would have contacted us," said Russ Caso, Weldon's chief of staff. "Unidentified sources mean nothing," Caso said. "There's no substance in that story. It's a flimsy story."

At issue are lobbying contracts worth $1 million obtained by Karen Weldon and her business partner Charles Sexton. Both are registered with the Justice Department as representatives of foreign clients. The Feds are investigating what role Rep. Weldon had in securing SNA projects between 2002 and 2004 that helped two Russian companies and two Serbian brothers connected to former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. Sexton is a Republican ally of Weldon, who is vice chairman of the House Armed Services committee, speaks Russian and is a highly regarded foreign policy expert.

Ten days ago Rep. Weldon issued the following statement: "There's nothing there. It was investigated and it's over. It's done, it's closed." Umm, not quite Congressman. In fact, it would seem like your legal troubles are just beginning.

And now the Weldon campaign is doing what any good crooked Repug operation would do under these trying circumstances: blame the left! Michael Puppio, Weldon's campaign manager, accused Democrats of "attempting to smear the congressman and his entire family" in the final weeks of the campaign. Part of a pattern here, no? So, just when will these poor, helpless, innocent, 100% in control-of-every-branch-of-government Republicans stop being unjustly persecuted by Democrats?

Jen Psaki of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said it's "bizarre, paranoid and absurd" for Weldon's camp to blame the left.

With just 21 days to go before the critical midterm elections, the GOP can't seem to get out from under. It's as if they're now on the scandal-a-day plan. The cast of crooked characters now includes Tom Delay, Duke Cunningham, Bob Taft, Scooter Libby, Bob Ney, Mark Foley, Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, David Safavian and allegedly Weldon. It's starting to stink so bad in Washington they're going to need face-masks down there just to breathe.


Anonymous said...

The GOP roster of those who are NOT under investigation or indictment or suspicion is fast outpacing those who are either keeping their noses clean or just haven't been caught yet. Foley is a perfect example of the latter.

Barring a Deibold/Sequoia/ESS vote rigging and RNC phone jamming/voter purge, this should be a very interesting election.

Anonymous said...

why is there no coverage of this?

84 percent reject the official 9/11 story!

if your not part of the solution why bother having a blog?

why bother when you just repeat what the main stream media are saying?

Anonymous said...

"if your not part of the solution why bother having a blog?"

I'll counter that with, if you don't use proper grammar and spelling, why bother posting comments that are critical of the host? This blog has plenty to offer that extends beyond the mainstream media had you paid attention to it prior showing up with your critique. Still, this poll you cite may inspire a new posting topic if it is a real CBS/NYT poll. Obviously, Team Bush has dragged its feet as much as possible in terms of investigating what really happened on 9/11, no doubt because they did NOTHING with the counter-terror info and CIA briefings given by Tenet et al.

Anonymous said...

Dirty Harry Reid is at his old corruption game AGAIN....

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has been using campaign donations instead of his personal money to pay Christmas bonuses for the support staff at the Ritz-Carlton where he lives in an upscale condominium.

Federal election law bars candidates from converting political donations for personal use.

Questioned about the campaign expenditures by The Associated Press, Reid's office said Monday that his lawyers approved them, but the Nevada senator nonetheless was personally reimbursing his campaign for the $3,300 he directed to the staff holiday fund at his residence.

Reid also announced he is amending his ethics reports to Congress to more fully account for a Las Vegas land deal, highlighted last week, that allowed him to collect $1.1 million in 2004 for property he hadn't personally owned in three years.

In that matter, the senator hadn't disclosed to Congress that he first sold land to a friend's limited liability company back in 2001 and took an ownership stake in the company. He collected the seven-figure payout when the company sold the land again in 2004 to others.

Reid portrayed the 2004 sale as a personal sale of land, not mentioning the company's ownership or its role in the sale.

Regarding the Ritz-Carlton holiday donations, Reid gave $600 in 2002, $1,200 in 2004 and $1,500 in 2005 from his re-election campaign to the REC Employee Holiday Fund. His campaign listed the expenses as campaign "salary" for two of the years and as a "contribution" one year. Reid's office said the listing as salary was a "clerical error" and that the use of campaign money for the residential fund was approved by his lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Reid's dirty laundry list DHR. So let's add it all up.......$3300 + $1,100,000 = $1,103,300. That amount will barely pay for ten minutes of the Iraq War. Besides which, Reid only netted a profit of $700,00 after the sale, which means his questionable deal would have only paid for about seven minutes of the Iraq War.

Do you have a point you're trying to make?

Anonymous said...


If you are tired of 'corruption' you have to fight both sides of the isle. Democrats are NO BETTER than the Republicans. I bet Harry Reid is porking his own pages.

Harry Reid is just one example. YOU still have William Jefferson voting in LA. YOU are prepared to have Nancy Pelosi as speaker. YOU have Hillary Whitewater Clinton in NY. Robert KKK Byrd in WV. Ted "Mary Jo Kopechne" Kennedy and John "Admitted War Criminal" Kerry in Mass. The list goes on and on... Harold Ford, Jack Murtha, blah blah blah


Democrats blinded by partisanship will always vote for the D column. Partisan Republicans will always vote for the R column.

If YOU CARED about this country, you'd vote for the best candidate, not the national party.

All this "vote for the common good" bullshit is a perfect description of the Socialist Democratic agenda.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

12:45 As sick-if-anons- implied: It's all relative. The Republicans are the big-time offenders.

Anonymous said...

Reid is a mormon to boot. Mormons are traditionally Republican voters. So, is Reid really a Dem or a religious repug is disguise? Just a thought.

Corruption cannot be tolerated no matter where it comes from. The 800 pound gorilla in the room is that the majority of criminal activities that have been uncovered have been committed by Republicans. Are they more corrupt or just worse at covering their tracks? With Rove around, we would believe that the tracks would be covered, so a conclusion would be that the GOP is more corrupt.

OK - Repug moles have fun with that comment! Keep treading water and don't forget to turn the lights out!

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that anon1246 gave himself away too quickly with his closing rant about "Socialist Democratic agenda" thus rendering any conversation with him absolutely pointless. No need to waste time on fools who have no respect for facts. But let's give his list some scrutiny anyways.

"YOU still have William Jefferson voting in LA."
Pelosi immediately demanded an ethics committee investigation, and the LA Democratic Party just endorsed Jefferson's challenger. Unlike the GOP's handling of DeLay or Hastert or Ney or (insert name), the Dems have always policed themselves pretty well. Note in particular the Democrats who urged investigations and censure of Clinton.

"YOU are prepared to have Nancy Pelosi as speaker."
What's her terrible crime?

"YOU have Hillary Whitewater Clinton in NY."
Remember Monica Lewinsky? She's what Ken Starr had to resort to when Whitewater proved to be a dead end.

"Robert KKK Byrd in WV, Ted "Mary Jo Kopechne" Kennedy"
By all means, let's use this logic! I like the sound of George W. Coke-Snorting AWOL Drunkard Bush and First Lady Laura Vehicular Manslaughterer Bush and Dick Cowardly Deferment Heart Attack Go Fuck Yourself on the Senate Floor Cheney and........

"John "Admitted War Criminal" Kerry in Mass."
Admitted? Convicted? Even charged or tried?

"Harold Ford"
Perhaps agreed since he really should just call himself what he is - a Republican

"Jack Murtha"
What's Murtha's crime?

Anonymous said...

Point 1: Unlike Republicans who step down as GOP policy whenever they are indicted - Democrats like William Jefferson CONTINUE to vote.

Point 2: Nancy Pelosi has twice committed the same crimes as Tom Delay. She is also a representative of San Francisco, which is by NO MEANS representative of America.

Point 3: Robert Byrd was a head clansman. Just a few years ago, he was still using the same racist language as in his KKK days on national Television. Ted Kennedy drove Mary Jo Kopechne off a bridge into 4 ft of water, AND LEFT HER THERE TO DIE.

Point 4: Yes, John Kerry is an admitted war criminal. I bet you voted for him too. I'll use his own words to explain...

(Audiotape, April 18, 1971):

MR. CROSBY NOYES (Washington Evening Star): Mr. Kerry, you said at one time or another that you think our policies in Vietnam are tantamount to genocide and that the responsibility lies at all chains of command over there. Do you consider that you personally as a Naval officer committed atrocities in Vietnam or crimes punishable by law in this country?

SEN. KERRY: There are all kinds of atrocities, and I would have to say that, yes, yes, I committed the same kind of atrocities as thousands of other soldiers have committed in that I took part in shootings in free fire zones....

Point 5: Harold Ford is a corrupt Democrat. You can 'call' him a Republican, but you'd be wrong. He is a Democrat through and through. A corrupt one too, but Democrats keep voting him into office because Democratic corruption is fine by the likes of the Ostroy crowd.

Point 6: Listen to the abscam tapes. Jack Murtha, slimed out of that situation, but any independent thinker that listens to the abscam audio will conclude that Murtha intended to play ball. He was just a little smarter about it than the Democrats who got caught.

Jack Murtha also has a brother who is a lobbiest. Try googling "Kit Murtha" and do some research. Jack Murtha is the leading Democrat on the Defense Appropriations Committee and his brother's client based just received millions of dollars in government contracts. If this isn't a conflict of interest, nothing is.

Anonymous said...

12:36 The argument about which party is more corrupt is moot. All that matters is that the Democrats get the majority in both houses so the checks and balances can be restored, so that they, the Democrats, who represent 99% of Americans can protect and work for us; and, so they can restore and preserve the Constitution and our freedoms and rights. All the rest is talk.

Anonymous said...

1:07PM - You hit it on the head about the checks and balances needing to be restored. The GOP has shown their true arrogant colors. What a load of doo-doo they have shoveled to the country.

While I'm sure there could be a pointless arguement about Dems representing 99% of us, the reality is that most of us are not in the top 1%.

Now what's do be done about the supreme court?

Anonymous said...

Democrats don't represent me and I'm not in the top 1%.

I don't want the government telling me which doctor I can or cannot see. I don't want the government in my healthcare.

I don't want the government indoctrinating my children in public schools. The NEA needs to be abolished.

I don't want the government in my wallet for social engineering. The FairTax is the only fair way to tax people. Tax by consumption, not by income.

I don't want to give the United Nations authority over America. The UN is a corrupt bunch of tyrants and appeasers.

I don't want my freedom of speech curtailed by the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. If I want to pool some money with some friends and pay for a political commercial, I believe I should be able to do this.

Democrats are not for me.

Anonymous said...

5:18 American is apparently not for you. You obviously don't know that: You don't have to accept a government healthcare plan unless you choose to; your children can be home schooled (God help them); the tax code can be changed through our system of government; the United Nations doesn't have control over America and your freedom of speech and other freedoms have already been curtailed by the Republicans. Vote for the Democrats or work your way up to the one percent of our population and you can do anything you like (including not participating in helping others) apparently without being punished. You certainly wouldn't need any of the social services you apparently hate; nor would you have to pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your silly advice. I think I'll pass on the voting for Democrats garbage and work my way up to the 1%.

Anonymous said...

Point 1: Unlike Republicans who step down as GOP policy whenever they are indicted - Democrats like William Jefferson CONTINUE to vote.
Oh, just like DeLay and Ney and Hastert and Shays and Cunningham and..........

Get a clue, moron.

Point 2: Nancy Pelosi has twice committed the same crimes as Tom Delay.
Provide proof and documentation supporting this claim.

Just a few years ago, he [Byrd] was still using the same racist language as in his KKK days on national Television.
Provide proof and documentation supporting this claim.

Point 4: Yes, John Kerry is an admitted war criminal.
Kerry's testimony is akin to any good soldier who said he was only folowing orders. Was any American official prosecuted or convicted during Vietnam?

Point 5: Harold Ford is a corrupt Democrat. You can 'call' him a Republican, but you'd be wrong.
Harold Ford is as much a Democrat as Lieberman is these days. Get a clue, moron.

Point 6: Listen to the abscam tapes.
"abscam tapes"???? What the hell are those? The secret recordings of Rush Limbaum wanking to an Ann Coulter interview?

Please please PLEASE keep spewing your mispelled, undirected venom all over the place. You're doing a fantastic job of being the poster child for the sniveling, whiny, ignorant Reich-wing.

Anonymous said...

Politics is still local. There is room for difference of opinion in the Democratic Party.

The bottom line is to:




BTW: Reid did not lie us into a wat that has killed more American soldiers than the number killed on 9/11.
Get your priorities straight!

Anonymous said...

There is no room in the Democratic party for difference of opinion. The Democrats aborted Joe Lieberman for having a slightly different opinion. Lieberman voted identically with Hillary Clinton 80% of time, yet he is cast away as a republican mole because he differed in opinion 20% of the time.

Anonymous said...

To 10:33 I hate to take space with such a trival matter, but I did want to assure 10:33 that I didn't mean "work" his way into the top one percent. I meant to advise him to do as most did and "cheat" his way into the top one percent. I'm sure that advice will not appear silly to him.

Anonymous said...

Wow. anon909 really's got his panties in a knot, doesn't he? Swear and curse all you want anon909, but it won't make you any less deluded than you already are. But let's go back to school with you anyways since I cannot abide by your ignorance here.

1: DeLay is FINALLY no longer there. Just as is Ney and Cunningham and the many others. They did not go easily or willingly. Currently Jefferson has not been indicted for anything. Under investigation, but so is Hastert. You going to say Denny should resign too or will you continue to be a hypocrite?

2: Again, provide documentation that Pelosi was indicted.

3: I concede the point on Byrd's language (which he apologized for - very different from the excuses George Allen has recently attempted), but I don't accept your characterization of Democrats use of that term "behind closed doors and in the company of liberals" - what sort of person are you to suggest that?

4: Totally irrelevant and not even worth responding to.

5: If this was 1956 you'd have a big bar of frothy soap lathering in your mouth right now for this outburst.

6: ABSCAM......that thing in 1980..... where Murtha was never charged, prosecuted or indicted.....and your point is?

This last post of yours went too far off the deep end. You think this post of yours somehow helps your cause? It was obvious you were pretty paranoid and delusional before, but now you've shown yourself to be obviously incapable of rational adult discussion, so I'm done with trying to compare Democrat vs Republican corruption - the only race in which the R's are winning in a landslide.

Anonymous said...

1. May 22, 2006 · The FBI says it has video footage of Rep. Bill Jefferson (D-LA) accepting $100,000 from an FBI informant. A former Jefferson aide and a Kentucky businessman have already pleaded guilty in the case. Jefferson may be holding out, but he's quilty. They found the bribery money in his freezer. This Democratic corruption is OK by your standards.

2. The March 2004 Federal Election Committee already investigated and concluded that The PACs associated with Pelosi broke the law. That is why they were fined. This Democratic corruption is OK by your standards.

3. You conceded and lost this argument. The Democrats continue to vote a racist former KKK clansman into the racist Democratic party. This racist is acceptable by your standards.

4. You conceded the point that Kerry is an admitted war criminal. You also voted for the war criminal in the last election.

5. Wake up. It's not 1956 and I don't have soap in my mouth. The current Democratic party is NOT the great Democratic party of the 1950's. You are appeasers and weak.

6. My point is to listen to the Abscam tapes with an open mind. You will discover that Jack Murtha, the corrupt, intended to play ball with the undercover agents. He slimed out of that one because he was a little too smart to get caught like his idiot cohorts. But just last year, Murtha the ranking Democrat on the Defense Appropriations Committee made sure his lobbiest brother's defense clients got their piece of the pie.

You may be done trying to compare Democratic and Republican corruption, but YOU'VE ENTIRELY MISSED MY POINT. Shake the cobwebs out of your ears and listen. If you are really tired of the corruption in Washington, you need to vote for third party candidates. If you are simply tired of Republican corruption and want to replace it with Democratic corruption, then you are the clueless moron.

Anonymous said...

Oh, well, 6:25 I've followed the two-way argument above and you've surely convinced me with your brilliance. Now, if you'll just tell me what Third Party candidate I should consider here in TX and assure me I won't be throwing away my vote. Then, too, tell me what Third Pary candidate I should consider for President. I sure don't want to put my future and that of America in the hands of an unknown, unproven, unconnected, inexperienced, unexamined, never investigated, enigmatic newcomer. Can you also assure me your choice for me will have never been involved in corruption? Please hurry - there're so few days left to make an intelligent choice.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What a waste of blog space. The Juvenile-Cursing-Anon (JCA) has decided that flaming this blog was the best use of his time, and I guess that's his choice, and Ostroy's to let him continue to spew his invective and clog bandwidth with posts like the above.

Regardless, since the point is about "third party" candidates, JCA has to admit that the ONLY reason we have dirt on people in the major parties is because of their prominence and years of actual public service and the subsequent microscope they are put under. If JCA were honest with himself, he would know that there are also plenty of "third party" candidates who are as corrupt as anyone else and would have spent as much time ranting about them as well. But instead all we get is ranting about Democrats. BO-ring. Yawn. As was mentioned before, thanks for wearing your heart on your sleeve early so it was simple to dismiss you from the first post.

JCA's compromised reasoning, bullying tactics and blog flaming are obviously desperation of the most unflattering kind.

Anonymous said...

And since racism seemed to really get JCA's, let's fill him in on some unabashed, real-time, current racists and radicals on the ballot this year:

RAY McBERRY (seeking GA gov)
McBerry is chairman of the Georgia branch of the racist League of the South and has ties to the extremist Constitution Party and Southern Party of Georgia.
SHAWN STEWART (seeking MT Rep)
Stuart was openly listed as the contact for the newly established Montana chapter of the National Socialist Movement, the nation's largest neo-Nazi organization. Stuart had also posted numerous articles on extremist websites and appeared as a guest on "The Hal Turner Show," a violently neo-Nazi shortwave program beamed out of New Jersey.
GLENN MILLER (seeking MO Rep)
A former member or leader of the National Socialist Party of America, the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Patriot Party. His website says "Vote White" and features links to the sites of David Duke, the White Patriot Party, the National Alliance, and
RANDALL TERRY (our fave for FL state senate)
"Our goal is a Christian nation. ... We have a biblical duty; we are called by God to conquer this country. We don't want equal time. We don't want pluralism. Theocracy means God rules."
The declared "anti-Zionist" and "pro-White" independent candidate for Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District.

Unlike Senator Byrd, these people are unrepentent.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are weak and hilarious people. Thanks for the laughs, guys!

Anonymous said...

2>16 I believe you're at least one Republican who tells the truth. Only a Republican could find humour in reading about the misdeeds of the Repbulican Party and the mess they have made of everything they've touched.

Anonymous said...

Republicans who never servered in combat, (better known as chickenhawks) slandered john mccain when he was released as a prisoner of war for breaking under torture ... now he's their hero and they think torture works
oliver north convicted felon has a right wing radio show.
g gordon liddy, convicted felon has a right wing radio show ...
these are the icons of the republican party along with rush limpbaugh and w bush .... what winners. middle class people who vote for these clowns are the biggest fools of all, they are useful idiots, and get screwed by the repugs just like the rest of america, at least we can see it.