Monday, October 09, 2006

Sean Hannity is a Big, Fat Lying Hypocritical Repuglican Blowhard

Just when you think the GOP would fully implode over the Mark Foley scandal, that crazy little communist dictator Kim Jong Il comes racing to the rescue with N. Korea's first ever nuclear test. The right wing spin-monkeys were in virtual heat today as a result, gabbing non-stop about it in a desperate attempt to shift the national debate back onto familiar terror-tory and off perverted and corrupt Republican Congressmen. And who better to carry that torch than Sean Hannity.

In his nationally-syndicated radio program today the Hanster was obsessed with this new global story, invoking former President Bill Clinton's name about a bazillion times. According to the Han-man, it's all Clinton's fault that N. Korea has nuclear weapons today. Listening to this nimrod you'd think Clinton's term in office ended just as the test was conducted this week. He casually forgets to discuss in any great detail the fact that Bush has been president for the past six years and has done nothing to stem the proliferation of N. Korean nukes during this period. To the contrary, Bush's words ("Axis of Evil") and actions (or lack thereof) have served to do nothing but alienate and anger the rogue nation and its leader.

In October 1994 Clinton ushered through his Agreed Framework between the United States and N. Korea which primarily called for: (1) the replacement of N. Korea's weapons-producing power plants with light water reactor (LWR) power plants; (2) the providing of oil, heating and electricity while the reactors were shut down; (3) the two sides to move toward full normalization of political and economic relations; (4) the U.S. to provide formal assurances against the threat or use of nuclear weapons; (5) N. Korea to remain a party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; (6) IAEA inspections to resume; (7) existing spent nuclear fuel stocks to be stored and ultimately disposed of without reprocessing; and (8) N. Korea to come into full compliance with its safeguards agreement with the IAEA before delivery of key LWR nuclear components.

But Newt Gingrich's Republican Revolution swept the Repugs into power shortly thereafter, and the new GOP-controlled Congress failed to support the measure. Many in the party considered it appeasement, and the U.S. soon failed to deliver the transitional oil supplies, as outlined, in a timely manner. And then in 2000 Bush became president, and his foreign policy strategy with N. Korea was no foreign policy strategy at all. Since coming into office, Bush has refused repeated overtures by Kim Jong Il to open direct talks, insisting that all negotiations with the North occur within a 6-party framework.

The bottom-line here, as the NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof points out, is that there was no weapons-producing plutonium obtained by N. Korea during the Clinton years. Under Bush? Enough to make eight nuclear bombs.

A couple of key questions for the Hannitizer:
1. Just what the heck has Bush done to stop N. Korea from gaining nuclear weapons?
2. Isn't it true that while Bush has been wasting time, effort, money and soldiers lives in Iraq--a country with no WMD, and which posed no threat to us whatsoever--he's taken his eye off of our real enemies in N. Korea and Afghanistan?
3. And even if Clinton was totally inept, what has that got to do with Bush's term in office? Is six years not enough for the Busheviks to actually do something about this problem? Really Sean, what's your point here?

Hannity's M.O. is simple: he spews nothing but inflammatory, hateful deceptive rhetoric and lies as he attempts to bolster the Busheviks' positions. He accused Democrats today of "retreating and waving the white flag in the war on terror." He says Democrats follow the "Clinton style" which is "pathetically weak on defense." These are absurd claims. Given what we now know about WMD, Iraq and terrorism from the recent NIE, the new Bob Woodward book, and other very credible sources, it's a miracle that he has any listeners at all after vomiting such bile.

It makes me want to puke when I hear Hannity claim that this week's N. Korean nuclear test is a "see, Bush was right" moment. Bush is right about nothing. Nothing. And even if he was right about N. Korea, what the hell has he done about it in the last six years? He's not supposed to be right. He's supposed to do his job.

Throughout his show today Hannity kept harping on the fact that Democrats are more concerned with discussing the meaningless Foley story rather than focus on more important issues like N. Korea's nuclear test. Of course, he, Rove, Bush, Cheney, Condi, Limbaugh and the rest of 'em have been praying for something like this to happen to take the corruption and scandal heat off of them. So he endlessly vilifies Dems for talking Foley. But then what does Hannity do moments later? He proceeds to have on his program Jeffrey Lord of The American Spectator Magazine, who wrote a story last week accusing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of riding in a float six years ago during the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade while the controversial gay activist, Harry Hay, also participated. For years before his death, Hay had been very vocal in defending NAMBLA's right to march in the parade. NAMBLA is the North American Man/Boy Love Association. The parade hosted 700,000 people, according to Lord, and Pelosi sat 4 floats behind Hay. To Hannity, this "scandal" is supposed to equate to what Foley did, and the ensuing cover up by Speaker Dennis Hastert, Majority Leader John Boehner, and others. This man has no shame whatsoever.

Let's sum up, shall we? Minutes after he skewers Democrats for trying to keep the Foley scandal hot, he goes ahead and dredges up up six year old garbage about two people being among 700,000 at a freakin' Gay pride parade. This may come as a shock to you Sean, you rabid hypocrite, but you're most likely going to find an unsavory character or two at SF's annual Gay Pride Parades.

Lastly, Hannity re-regurgitated ad infinitum his ongoing tirade about former Democratic Congressman Gerry Studds, who in 1983 was censured after admitting to having sex with a 17-year-old male page. He called Pelosi a hypocrite for her condemnation of Foley, Hastert, etc while sitting idly by and condoning Studds' behavior while she served in the House in 1983. As her bio states, Pelosi did not become a Congresswoman until 1987.

Sean Hannity, you are a big, fat, lying Repuglican hypocrite blowhard.


Anonymous said...

The pity about Hannity is that he's just one among many. They're all alike. Some Evangelicals were on TV saying that Foley represented just "one man's sin" and that they will of course vote Repubican. The sin of not protecting the young doesn't seem to bother them. Who are these people? Where did they, including Hannity, get these twisted ideas? Or is their collective personna just to "cover up" something much more lethal for our country like perhaps no separation between the religious right religion and the state?

Anonymous said...


Hate to defend unethical, criminal behavior in any way - but what is always glossed over in the Studds example is that the actual affair took place in 1973. Also worth noting is that while creepy, the Studds incident was consentual, with the former page supporting Studds during the 1983 'inquisition'. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

I can't watch or listen to him. Fox News totally disgusts me.

But we all know typical Fox News watchers get all their news from them and believe every word.

Anonymous said...

It is the present Bush Administration that corrected our policy toward North Korea from one of appeasement during the Clinton Administration to one of dealing with North Korea sternly. That's what the six-party talks are pressure North Korea into doing what they should be doing. So what were things like when Democrats were running our North Korea policy?

Don't forget it was the Clinton Administration that got us into this mess in the first place. In 1994, in Switzerland, North Korea and the United States signed an agreement in which The Gargoyle agreed to abandon his nuclear weapons program in exchange for us helping them build two nuclear power plants.

North Korea's reward? President Clinton eased some of the economic sanctions. Kim Jong-Il was also rewarded with an official state visit from Madeleine Albright, which did absolutely no good. So the Democrats have this all wrong. We tried it their way; we tried appeasing North Korea. It didn't work.

Obviously that agreement wasn't worth the paper it was printed on, since North Korea immediately broke it. When Bush took office they found that The Gargoyle had been cheating on that agreement all along. Something that the Clintonistas evidently didn't recognize, or didn't care about.

For them to sit back and criticize the Bush Administration is the height of hypocrisy because it is their party that is responsible for the current situation.

Oh .. .by the way. Yesterday I told you that one of the reasons The Gargoyle was making all of this noise is because he wants the stature of being involved in two-party talks with the U.S. It's tough to demand money from the U.S. taxpayers when there are four other parties in the room. Much easier if you're only dealing with us. I wondered yesterday who would be the first prominent Democrat who would suggest that we give Kim Jong Ill exactly what he wanted, a face-to-face with the U.S. It didn't take long to get our answer. It was none other than Senate Minority Leader (soon to be Majority Leader?) Harry Reid.

Way to go Harry.

Anonymous said...

Boortz -- Why is it so hard to understand that the the person (President) running the show is supposed to do something about the current responsibilities of his office. It doesn't matter what Lincoln, Hoover, or Clinton did in the past. It is the PRESENT ADMINISTRATION's JOB to do something. BUSH ET AL HAVE DONE NOTHING, but insult and provoke everybody in the world. Bush started it with his "evil doers" remarks and it's been downhill ever since. And of course he "talked loud"
and threw away his "big stick" when he devastated our resources in Iraq- a useless and stupid war. Grow Up Republicans and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND DO YOUR JOB and STOP WHINING ABOUT CLINTON. That is if you have the "smarts" to do something without destroying the world or any credibility we have by starting a nuclear disaster.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think the GOP will get much mileage out of fears over North Korea. They are not Muslim and people have short attention spans; by next month people will be thinking more about who will make the NFL playoffs and will still be seeing the death in Iraq on the TV.

Unknown said...

Hmmm...let's see know, I want to understand this, the right wing excuse and explanation for all their problems. It is Clinton's fault!
The North Koreans exploded the bomb. After six years of G.W. That's Clinton's fault?
9/11, that's Clinton's fault! Though it happened on G.W.'s watch and they had information they ignored.
These folks would have a big problem with self denial and lack of responsibility if it wasn't for Bill Clinton!

Anonymous said...

North Korea was added to the 'Axis of Evil' list because the Bush administration did not want the masses to figure out that the only real targets were Iraq and Iran (for Israel's benefit). NK was a throw in. As everything else with this administration, it blew up in their face (literally). So the gov't will do what it always does, surpress our rights by suspending habeas corpus, detaining demonstrators, banning books like "America Deceived" from Amazon, conducting warrant-less wiretaps and starting more illegal wars (to benefit Israel) based on lies.
Support indy media.
Last link (before Google caves to the gestapo and pulls the title):
America Deceived (book)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Tell us how you really feel!!I applaud your choice of words in describing FAUX news' golden boy.Another mouth piece for the GOP who just cant get over a BJ. He, along w/El Rushbo could really use a nice hot cup of STFU!! The "Deciders" 2ND!! term is going down in flames................

Anonymous said...

Right now, as we speak, Hannity is once again blaming Clinton on the NK situation. Not ONCE did he acknowledge Bush's failure. If you listen to Hannity, please be sure to look up what he says, because most of the time, it's a LIE.

Anonymous said...

Did Hammity mention that the man who funded and guided the right's rise to power has also funded Kim Jong Il, helped to keep him afloat?

I didn't think so. Liberals won't mention it either for some reason.

Anonymous said...

The must read article on Clinton/Bush and North Korea.

Anonymous said...

but, but ... Clinton!

Anonymous said...

Let's review:

2002 - BUSH grants KIM IL JUNG $95 Million in nuclear funds

2001 - BUSH blocked investigations into Saudi funding of nuclear arms trafficking

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah heard once heard it a million times, blame Clinton for everything that goes wrong in this country. What else is new?
What these idiots at Fox News and Republican diehards is that Clinton has been GONE FOR FIVE YEARS. To blame Clinton for this mess is irrelvant. Want to fingerpoint? Listen to the what the Republicans and Bush are saying. They've been lying to us for five years, sending us into a preemptive war with no end in sight, inflation......the list goes on and on.
For these people who continue to bemoan, berate, and blame Clinton for the mess that we are in. Then I highly suggest that you pay attention to history and keep up on the current events on what the President is doing.

Anonymous said...

Turn the little blow-hard off tv and radio.The G.O.P. HAS MUZZLED ALL MEDIA except these liars that spout right wing propaganda.Bush and Fox are one and the same.Don't tune them in they will lose sponsers and ratings.