Friday, October 20, 2006

Sean Hannity Tells Voters to Stay Home on Election Day

During his "Man on the Street" segment during Thursday's radio program, nationally-syndicated right-wing blowhard Sean Hannity urged several voters--in particular one 21-year-old self-proclaimed Democrat--not to vote in the November 7th midterms. "Your vote doesn't matter anyway," he told them." In the segment, these individuals failed to identify photos of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Denny Hastert (R-IL) and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) while correctly identifying Jessica Simpson, Alec Baldwin and Paris Hilton.

Hannity grew increasingly frustrated as person after person showed their ignorance of today's political scene. But it was the young man who felt the spin monkey's wrath most, especially after he admitted that he "loves Alec Baldwin." Hannity made a condescending remark similar to--"Oh, you love Alec Baldwin, I guess we know what you're all about"--and then proceeded to ask the kid if he was planning to vote. Yes, said the kid. Democrat?, asked Hannity. Yes, said the kid. "Why don't you do me a favor and just stay home on election day, ok?," requested Hannity. After hesitating, the kid said he'll grant the favor and not vote. Hannity then said that anybody who doesn't know who Pelosi and Reid is (not Hastert) should also stay home and not vote.

And there you have it, folks. Sean Hannity stooping so low as to implore young, impressionable voters to ignore their civic duty and not vote in the midterm elections. How truly frightened he must be.


Anonymous said...

And they wonder why we hate them so much!

At first I thought you meant he told the religious right values voters to say home.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the Man on The Street segment before. These college students, who blindly call themselves Democrats don't know a damn thing about the government. They don't know who any of the politicians are, but they all know who puffy diggy-do and all the gangsta's are, they know where Paris Hilton's latest hicky is, but they can't tell you any of their own elected officials.

They are blind votes for the Democratic party. If they knew that they are voting for the pampering of terrorists, silencing of dissenters, open borders, endless government services that will destroy our GREAT economy, more taxes, etc...

These kids ARE throwing away their votes by voting Democrat without knowing that the Democrats stand for the induction of the birth process, only to rip the head off a living, breathing child under the name of Partial Birth Abortion (which has absolutely NO MEDICAL PURPOSE)

It's no wonder college students (the smart ones at least) usually turn conservative around 30. Once they get out of the college bubble and into the real world, they quickly learn that the Democrats are garbage.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see that hypocrites (especially abortion fascists like the mook above) never ever get enough of listening to themselves bleat. It gives the rest of us something to laugh about.

Except that it's not funny.

Bush and his minions have severely damaged America, so much so that even REAL hardcore conservatives have been turning away in droves. Eisenhower's son voted for Kerry, they're that bad. But we still get brainless assclowns like Coulter, Hannity and the poster above who will bluster on and on and on with zero credibility and certainly no connection to any real understanding of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Separation of Powers or any of the other things that had made this country great.

What's really mindboggling though is how this last poster tried to attrubute "silencing dissenters" to Democrats and talking about our "GREAT" economy that has been slipping into oblivion with the continual erosion of real wages.

Anonymous said...

This all proves the terrible condition of our educational system in this country. And the ineffective and harmful "no child left behind" has made it worse. I hope there are enough educated people who have learned how to think left to vote in the Democrats who have always been for good and public education for all.

Anonymous said...

The DOW closed at 12,000 yesterday. An all-time high.

Anonymous said...

You know, villifying Hannity for telling someone who's so ignorant of current events "not to vote" is very close to using the Wingnut's approach. If the kid had said, "Republican," and still didn't know those folks by their pictures, Hannity could have still said, "Don't vote," and he'd have been as right as he was for a Democrat. And anyone saying he shouldn't have said it would have been just as wrong. I mean, why take a page from their book to complain about his disgust with uninformed voters?

That said, I doubt highly that he would have said the same thing to a Republican, and I also don't doubt that he would have said the same thing to me, and I could identify all the politicians, but probably would have missed at least one of the celebrities.


Anonymous said...

So what 1:50 Don't you listen to the analysis or don't you, yourself understand the meaning of the news. The Dow report reflects benefits only for the rich. The middle class and poor are still dealing with layoffs, unemployment, high health costs, high education costs, lower miminum wage, gas costs, rising medical costs, and their children being slaughtered in Iraq. Wake up and wise up unless you're one of the few who benefit from the Dow.

Anonymous said...

DUTY TO VOTE?? Those days are over,kids. Only candidates who meet the "bloodline" requirements are allowed to run to begin with. When was the last bad legislation estoppal you can remember? I despise Hannity, but he is right. It really dosen't matter which lever you pull. If you DO happen to find yourself voting, don't select an incumbant--NOT ONE. Your time would be better spent in the selection of an armload of ammo-the ballot box is dead. Only one choice left. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm one 'of the few' who benefits from the Dow. Funny, though, I'm not rich. Maybe I'm an anomoly. Democrats keep telling me how bad everything is, but I don't see it and don't know anyone who feels it. Now that I think about, I don't know any rich people. Maybe everybody I know is an anomoly.

Oh wait, I do know of somebody who is down in a rut lately. I can't understand how he got to his rut. Maybe it was the fact that he couldn't wake up in the morning, couldn't ever get himself into work, couldn't motivate himself to accomplish anything, and he make bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

2"15 Cute is not your strong suit. However, maybe "He" had been laid off, couldn't send his kid to college, couldn't afford gas to travel to the distance cities to look for work, couldn't afford the operation required because his expensive health insurance, which he would soon have to drop, wouldn't pay for it, and, his wife couldn't get a job because they couldn't afford child care for their three year old. People like him are in larger numbers than the privileged group you represent and those privileged-one- percenters whom you probably consider superior humans because they need no assistance. By the way, my "he" is a real person who, before Bush, was considered a respectable middle-class citizen. But, heh, my "he" should have been smart enough to vote Democratic. He brought it on himself wouldn't you say? However, I think your scorn is cruel.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:42,
I'm glad 'cute' is not my strong suit, because it is not my intention. It sounds like your 'he' was never more than dead-weight at a company. If the changing of a President knocked your 'he' out of a job without the ability to get a replacement job; your 'he' probably didn't have any real skills to begin with. I would agree with you that he brought it upon himself, but I doubt it was his vote that got him unemployeed. Did you ever consider that you married an idiot? Maybe the facts that you married an idiot and that you vote for Democrats could tell you a little about yourself too.

Anonymous said...

You know, it really doesn't matter who we vote for. This govt. hasn't fought for or wanted a fair vote for either party in any of the elections. If independent, responsible people haven't come to the rescue of the American vote then there is no reason to vote. Why bother? Then again, your vote may count because they may not expect so many Democrats to vote and may not count enough to steal. We have all seen how incompetent they all are in this govt. It's better to ere on the side of caution and vote for either Democrats or independents. I wish we would all be in agreement to vote independent because all these people in govt. need to GET OUT OF DC As Soon As Possible!!!! We need our country back or there is no hope for us. I just hope when the masses finally realize we no longer have any support in govt. they will do what the Iraqi's have done. I hate when the people's needs are not being served and only the 2% rich in America. God help us.

Anonymous said...

7:08 You have no idea, although nobody cares, how much you revealed about yourself with your absurd projection. Good you remain anonymous although those who know you undoubtedly recognize your "issues."

Anonymous said...

anon708, whose friends and him are all doing so great in this current economy, I've got two questions for all of you.

How much do you currently owe on credit cards, mortgages, car leases and student loans?

Do you realize that the Bush administation, through its disgusting mismanagement of government has now run our current national debt to be nearly 70% of GDP? That is not the sign of a healthy economy, especially considering that 25% of our national debt is held by foreign interests, primarily China.

Compound that with the fact that we now have the highest level ever in modern history of Americans lacking adequate health insurance (if they have any at all) is another indicator that all is not boding well for America in the now and near-term.

Anonymous said...

We're praying to our god to help the mislead like 2:46pm above.

We'd love to move to Canada where there is health insurance for everyone and still a winter season not too affected by global warming.

We'd love to live in a country where we felt we still had some freedoms and didn't feel that if we spoke out we would be labeled as enemy combatants.

We'd love to hop on a plane without being suspicioned as being a "possible terrorist" since we both have dark hair and eyes. By the way, we're both americans with neither middle eastern or hispanic ethnicity.

We'd love to be boosting the economy by buying a newer house and a newer car, but the incidental costs of food, gas, healthcare, and heating has caused us not to take those gambles.

We'd love to see the proof of a strong economy and happy prosperous neighbors, but with the neighbor down the street being laid off from AOL, we just don't see it.

So, you'll have to offer more proof than some republican brainwash tactics meant to incite the uneducated. Because, that's who the republicans rely on...Rove even said so.

No, we'll take our educated minds to the polls and get rid of those hypocrites that got us into this mess.

Anonymous said...

We haven't heard any crap from Coulter lately. Where has she been? Out getting her teeth sharpened?

Anonymous said...

Hats off to "rich", who aptly points out that there's obviously no Bush-minions who have the slightest clue about the economy, and only have their fact-challenged rhetoric to spew.

I still notice that rich didn't say how much debt he's got.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, welcome to the blog where peace through intellectual debate is more important that name-calling. ;-)

sick-of-anon, you asked me, what I "currently owe on credit cards, mortgages, car leases and student loans?"

I'm proud to say that I live within my means and payoff credit cards at the end of every month.

I have a mortgage for my house. It happens to be at the best 30 year fixed interest rate in decades. You might have guessed that I got it on "Bush's watch". Did you know that total home ownership, first-time home ownership, AND minority home ownership is at an all-time high??

I don't owe any money on car leases, either. I don't think leasing cars is an intelligent use of a car budget, unless throwing money away means nothing to you.

I also don't have any student loans, yet I seem to have been able to earn a masters degree. I actually worked during the summers to pay for my school until I got a job that would pay for the rest. One might say that I worked for my college degree.

Now that I've answered your question, why don't you tell us how you got yourself into such financial turmoil?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:33,

If you'd love to be boosting the economy buy buying a house, car, etc... But the cost of food, gas, and basic necessities is too much...


Did you know that with the fair tax, which taxes consumption instead of income - you'd get your FULL PAYCHECK at work. The FairTax removes ZERO money from your paycheck.

With the FairTax, the government would send every household money cover the cost of basic necessities - based on the size of the family.

Want to save the environment? The FairTax is based on taxing goods and services. The more you fly around in personal jets, the more you pay in taxes. ( You can feel like you are getting back at those 'evil' rich people )

I'm sorry your neighbor lost his job. Maybe you should blame his company, which is an inflated company that doesn't provide great service for it's cost. The economy is doing much better than AOL.

Oh yeah, one more thing about the FairTax. All the people who work under the table would have no reason to work under the table. There would be NO TABLE to work under.

Anonymous said...

5:01 aka Larry. We're heard your boast of triump over and over and over again on this blog. Why don't you bring out your old story about supporting an entire family in a third world country which you tell to show that despite your hatred for American poor, you don't hate all the poor of the world. And, if by some remarkable chance I'm wrong about your being the blogger who called himself "Larry", whoever you are you sound like Larry and you both should do some charity work and see how those less fortunate, through no fault of their own, live. That is, of course, if you're telling the truthl And by the way, Bush undoubted did, as most rich kids do, worked a summer job to "learn reliance."
Aren't you lucky you didn't have to spend your summer savings on food and rent for your poor parents who couldn't afford health care. Don't come back at me, either.

Anonymous said...

I'm 5:41 Erased further comments but didn't effectively erase the last phrase.

Anonymous said...

My hatred for American poor? Where do you get such lies and slander?

I am the ever so famous 'Larry'. I'm glad you are clever enough to figure it out. It's not very difficult since I generally drive a few common points in my OstroyReport posts. After all, it is the site where "Democrats Play Rough".

Can you tell me about the charity work you do?

Oh, I enjoyed the last sentence of your post. The sentence you forgot to delete - or as you put it, "didn't effectively erase"...

So you want to take jabs at me, make up lies about my "hatred of American poor" and then you say "Don't come back at me" ?? What do you think I'm a weakling appeaser Democrat? If you come at me, I'll come back at you. If I didn't, I'd be a weakling appeaser such as yourself.

Anonymous said...

In your response to me, I must say congratulations Larry (anon501) on either being (1) one of the few Americans who truly lives within their means, or (2) a world class liar. Let's assume you're being honest, despite your acerbic tone and obvious yet unstated disagreement with something about my post.

It's great you paid off your student loans for your undergrad and grad degrees, you carry no balances on your credit cards and that you own your car outright. You're also smart to have secured a good mortgage on your home. But you should not confuse that with the idea that you own your home, nor attempt to make political hay with statistics about home "ownership", minority or otherwise, because until it's paid off, the bank owns your home, not you. Plain, simple and irrefutable. It's the largest single debt anyone will ever carry in their lives, short of that incurred for a catastrophic health incident, and things get ugly if you should ever find yourself unable to make your house payments. That's something that usually accompanies major health incidents, just to add salt to the wound.

So are you going to attribute all your good financial practices to Bush and the current economy? Is he your savior or are you? You deserve the kudos, not him, and honestly, Bush's policies have hurt all of us financially except for the unimaginably wealthy and corporations. This is why I mentioned the debt percentage against the GDP - the most accurate measure of the country's fiscal health - coupled with the health insurance issue, which measures the citizenry's degree of relative health.

As for me, I'm fiscally fine. Why are you assuming I'm in financial turmoil?

Anonymous said...

Gross the Larrys are out again. Ooh look at me I'm so good and I have a lot of money.

This banter was going on a year ago.

Still people are losing jobs. Car sales are off, as is housing.

But, no, Bush and his minions are the best thing since twist top beer.

Those fiscal braggarts are only fooling themselves. We know they don't give a rip about their fellow man and that's what makes them a good repukelican.

Anonymous said...

"still people are losing jobs."

We are below 5% of unemployment. The bottom of any population is unemployable. Countries would kill to have our unemployment rate, and its lower than during the Clinton years.

"car sales are off." - Who cares? I don't know where get this claim, maybe car sales are down. But I ask again - who cares? I would think you Democrats would like car sales to be down. Less cars means less GlobalWarming from SUV Republicans.

Housing is coming off a peak. Every peak eventually settles, it's just a matter of fact. But while housing sales may be 'down', we are at all time highs for home ownership, first time home ownership, and minority home ownership.

Anonymous said...

anon942 obviously has no use for report after report after report about the current unemployment numbers being relatively useless measures these days given the rise of involuntary part-time workers and companies only hiring temporary "contractors" instead of providing secure employment.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why Democrats have so much hatred and jealousy for people who are successful?

Does their hatred of success prevent them from honest intraspection? Do they somehow feel entitled to the fruits of someone else's hard work?

where does this feeling of entitlement come from? Was their childhood too easy that they don't understand what is required to become successful?

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to know why Democrats believe only the Government can do charity work.

Do Democrats believe America is great because of its government? I think they do. They claim that the 'evil rich' 'hate' poor people because they don't pay more taxes. Democrats have no concept of personal charity. Do they actually believe that the 'rich' do no humanitarian work? Where does such nonsense come from?

Do Democrats understand that any tax payer can actually pay more taxes than they have to. Do the Democrats who claim that successful people "hate the poor" actually pay more taxes than they have to? I doubt it. Most Democrats I know, do everything they can at tax time to get as much money back from the government that they can. If they care so much about "the poor", they should give their tax overpayment to charity - but they don't. Why does John Kerry, who twice married into millions; or Bill Clinton even talk about the tax reimbursement they got from the government. They should have just transferred their reimbursements directly into charity - but they don't.

Another thing I don't understand. Why don't any Democrats on this blog enlighten me with an experience from the last time THEY did charity work? Do they do charity work? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Larry -- I wrote and then erased most of it which was "Don't come back at me with your usual rant about the socialist Democrats who want to tax the self-reliant to help the no-good-loafers who should get a job or die." However, it would have done no good because you did just that in your rant at 12:25 and before. You supercilious right wingers LOVE to do your charity and mission works etc. because it, to you, confirms your belief in your superiority. Who is on top? The "helper" or the one who is helped. However, if your taxes go to help the needy among our citizens, you don't get to wallow in your personal glory. We have seen how you brag about your support for the third world ENTIRE family. We who criticize you are not necessariily among those needing y ours or the government's help. We Democrats just have a higher set of moral values than Republicans and the religious right wingers and it's time everybody acknowledged it.

Anonymous said...

"car sales are off who cares!?"

Only the guy who gets laid off from the car dealership. Only the person who just lost their job in the latest Ford downsizing. Nope! The "correct" attitude according to the right wing posters is to bend over and say, "Please, sir! May I have one more?"

This conviction that Dems don't like successful people is a load of crap. The most successful, Dem or GOP, like Bill Gates, are even showing the GOP how to be generous. But, will they get it?
No. No. No. They are too busy measuring their lives by the number of toys, vacations, and trinkets they buy. They think they are successful when they make a load of money at someone else's expense.

So what makes the difference? Well according to the bible, the Dems would fit Jesus' statement to feed the poor. Too bad the GOPs heads are so swelled with self importance that their eyes are swelled shut!

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman must be paying these trolls a nice little sum for them to continue to bleat on endlessly the way they do. But no matter how big a chunk they get from the RNC to spend their time here, these trolls are assuredly not members of the class that benefits from the fiscal disaster known as George W. Bush, so I don't understand why they continue to champion him. I guess they're just doing their jobs. Enjoying your cubicle time guys?

Democrats hate the wealthy and successful? That's a good one. I'd like to see a few quotes. But since you won't be able to provide any, I guess we can move along.

Anonymous said...

OK, why don't you support the FairTax ?

Anonymous said...

Compared with year-ago levels, nationwide housing starts are down 18 percent, sales of existing homes are down 13 percent, and new homes sales are down 17 percent. Homeowners have been borrowing more than $700 billion a year from the equity in their houses. This borrowing has pushed the savings rate into negative territory for the first time since the beginning of the Great Depression. As a result of this massive borrowing, the ratio of mortgage debt to home values has never been higher. The soundness of banks and other financial institutions that are heavily dependent on mortgage debt may be jeopardized. This is not a pretty picture. Unless of course you happen to be an anonymous commentor on Ostroy.

Anonymous said...

Like Hannity I am frightened of uninformed voters, too. That goes for either side. Sad but I think over 75% of voters are very uninformed.

Anonymous said...

Sick of Anons...Thanks for the comments on the housing situation. The GOP zombies don't ever delve into the reality end of things. They only know to spill out kool-aid drinker thinking.

Anonymous said...

Housing may be settling OFF A RECORD PEAK, but it is at ALL-TIME HIGH's for total home ownership, first-time home owners, and minority home ownership.

Democrats never seem to understand basic things like supply-and-demand, cause-and-effect, and that on the other side of every peak is a drop.

Greenspan iterated many times that people cannot expect the housing boom to continue forever. This doesn't take away from the FACT that under the Bush administration more people were able to buy a house, especially first time home owners and minorities.

It looks like Democrats don't understand this. It's quite possible they got left in the dust during this boom, after all, the government wasn't GIVING houses away. How else would Democrats get a house??

I guess you can't explain why you are against the FairTax without showing your hatred of people with more money and success than yourself.

Anonymous said...

9:43 No one owns a house until it's paid for.

Anonymous said...

10:05, if you want to get technical, that no one 'owns' a house until it's paid for....

America is NOT a Democracy. It's a Republic. You don't directly vote for a President. Gore winning the popular vote in 2000 means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, because we are not a Democracy. Does getting technical make you feel better?

Anonymous said...

10:05 Gore won Florida which gave him the electoral so he was elected president. Does hearing the truth reach your brain, inasmuch as your silly response had nothing to do with the discussion of the economy, the post to which you were referring.

Anonymous said...

9:43 AM> Quiz: What was the party affiliation of the most fiscally successful President in the last century? Here's a hint: William J. Clinton

Now what is the party affiliation of the least fiscally responsible president that currently resides in the White House?

Want to go over your Democrats don't understand supply and demand bullsh*t again?

Anonymous said...

9:43 Nancy Pelosi, Reid, all the Kennedys; Bill Gates, Jesse Jackson, Kerry, Edwards, Obama, Barbara Streisand, Bill and Hillary, Oprah, - well, you get the picture (or maybe YOU don't). There are so many Democrats richer and more successful than I, and I don't hate even one of them.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate the rich or more successful?

Support the FAIRTAX!!

Tax consumption, not income.

Anonymous said...

Creative loans, such as no down and interest only, drove many people to buy beyond their means in the housing market. Variable interest rates have ballooned house payments for some Americans making it difficult to make ends meet. That's reality. Not Bush created this wonderful(non-existant) economy.

Anonymous said...

If only I could post the TM trademark symbol here to respond to the tiresome clown who is on and on and on and on about the "FairTax" or "FAIRTAX" depending on his degree of mental instability........ so here ya go!!!!

The "FairTax" as proposed in HR25 and S1943 is designed to put every single American household on welfare. Don't think so? Go read for yourself:

Yeah, what a fabulous idea!

Fairly reasoned research indicates that under the "FairTax":
-The FairTax turns every business into a tax collector.
-We're likely to end up with both a national sales tax AND an income tax once Congress realizes what they've done.
-The rate of a national sales tax would be colossal.
-Inflation will kill you.
-The FairTax is monumentally unfair to retiring Baby Boomers.
-The national sales tax is subject to manipulation in even more direct ways than the income tax has been.
-The tax will be used to track your entire financial life.
-The national sales tax will give government another reason to make cash purchases illegal.
-Because you'd pay 30% more for a new home than an existing one, new home sales and building would likely come to a screeching halt, and that really seems like something you've been hapring on endlessly here, is new home sales this and new home ownership that.

Now that your idiotic concept has been dealt with in detail, you really should go crawl back under your rock.

Anonymous said...

oooh that's the killer - it's unfair to Baby Boomers - The generation who has hurt America more than any other generation in American History.

Baby Boomers, the "Give Me Generation".

When all the Baby Boomers are gone and history has a fair chance of analyzing their generation, it will show that the Baby Boomers destroyed America.

Anonymous said...

It's so refreshing to see clowns like anon957 really willing to seriously engage a topic and get to the heart of an issue.

Anonymous said...

Why is it, with all these bush and war supports, There are SO MANY TROOPS on their 2nd 3rd and sometimes 4th tour of duty in irag?

Considering they (bush supporters) believe the cause is "speading freeeedumb, defeat them there, so we want have to fight them over here". It appear to me these republicans are sow your own butthole up, stupid cowards.

Until you join the army and marines and relieve our troops sometimes single mothers, on there 2nd and 3rd tour, you really need to shut the fuck up about stay the course.

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing to see that you cannot criticize the FairTax without changing and distorting the FairTax. You have done zero reasoned research on the FairTax. You do make some absurd claims about the Fairtax, though, some not as false as others.

-- -- -- --

1. The FairTax turns every business into a tax collector.

- This is as opposed to our current tax policy, which turns every individual into a personal tax collector. The FairTax makes it the responsibility of the provider of goods and services to collect taxes. This allows the famous April 15th, tax day, turn into a normal day. Individuals no longer have to file their taxes. No more taxes are taken from your paycheck. No more working under the table because your income is not taxed, there is no 'table' to work under. Illegal aliens, tourists, and every American will contribute to the tax system by consumption. The IRS is gone too. Did you know, it is estimated that it costs taxpayers $225 billion for tax filing, tax record keeping, etc..

2. We're likely to end up with both a national sales tax AND an income tax once Congress realizes what they've done.

-Congress would realize they gave up the ability to buy votes. Congress would have given up on the ability to use taxes and class warfare for social engineering projects. Power would come back to individual Americans. Offshore companies would want to move their headquarters INTO America, the new tax haven.

3. The rate of a national sales tax would be colossal.

- The national sales tax would go up, but other taxes would disappear. The extensive research behind HR 25, The FairTax Bill, shows that the average embedded taxes in every consumer product or service is about 22%. In some industries, such as leather goods, the embedded tax is smaller. In other industries, such as homebuilding and construction, the embedded tax is higher, but it averages out to somewhere between 22 and 23%. With the passage of The FairTax Bill, those embedded taxes disappear. These embedded taxes include the combined tax burdens of all entities involved in bringing those goods or services to market, and that includes you, the employee, and the taxes you incur as a result of your employment.

4. Inflation will kill you.

- No it won't, the Government sends every household a check for the cost of basic necessities every month. Prices will go up initially and the free market will stabilize it down.

5. The FairTax is monumentally unfair to retiring Baby Boomers.

- I think this is a lie, how is it unfair?

6. The national sales tax is subject to manipulation in even more direct ways than the income tax has been.

- This is a flat lie.

7. The tax will be used to track your entire financial life.

- This is another lie. BTW, the government can already track your entire financial life. Don't fool yourself; anyone with a computer can track your entire financial life.

8. The national sales tax will give government another reason to make cash purchases illegal.

- Another lie.

9. Because you'd pay 30% more for a new home than an existing one, new home sales and building would likely come to a screeching halt, and that really seems like something you've been hapring on endlessly here, is new home sales this and new home ownership that.

- Another lie.

Anonymous said...

The Fair Tax is untenable. Just as 4:25 now finds it necessary to work under the table because his income is taxed; under the Fair Tax he would, if he were a merchant, decide not to pay the collected tax to the government; or, if the buyer, he would seek out one of what would be a huge selection of black market dealers. "A man's gotta cheat, if a man's gotta cheat." Or, the rich would simply shop out of the country. Even now I have discovered businesses which have kept social security deductions for themselves rather than paying the government. They are easier to catch than a merchant would be. There would be no paper trail. The Fair Tax is a simplistic concept.

Anonymous said...

This is the absolute last moment I will spend on the "FairTax" idiocy here, and only because our resident misinformed clown needs to be countered.

A family of 4 will get about $500 per month for their "necessities." Think long and hard about that in relation to the services and benefits that will absolutely dry up should this nonsense be enacted.

As the proposed legistlation reads, all new goods are subject to the tax, which definitely includes new homes. All new construction, but not existing homes, would be subject to the tax, currently pegged at 23%. New home construction would dry up. It's already crashing now.

Currently large ticket items paid in cash are considered suspect. You delude yourself by thinking that under a system where taxes are ONLY collected on sales that cash sales will not become even more suspect.

Baby Boomers have already paid 25 - 40% of their income in taxes on wages for 30+ years and will face an equally high tax rate anytime they buy something with the money they've saved for retirement. Income taxed their whole lives and now "FairTaxed" until death. Real nice. Real fair.

We're already dealing with manipulated "sin" taxes. You're a fool to think that will stop. 100% sales tax is not unimaginable.

Unlike income tax, sales tax is not indexed to inflation. Yes, inflation will kill you under "FairTax".

HR 25 does not abolish the IRS. Get a clue.

Anonymous said...

HR 25 does not abolish the IRS? Get a clue?

To quote the first sentence of your second link posted above (8:19pm):

"A bill to promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States. "

Can you read the part that says "...abolishing the Internal Revenue Service" ?? Did you know that the Internal Revenue Service IS the IRS?

Anonymous said...

9:56 You've done what you always do. When the facts have destroyed your argument, you take one aspect of the winning argument to refute as if that point represents the whole. And, not only that you never successful refute it but merely repeat your first comment.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I did successfully refute the argument that the FairTax does not propose to abolish the IRS.

It does IN FACT propose to abolish the IRS. The point is succesfully refuted.

I'll refute his other lies and distortions of the FairTax in subsequent posts. I know you love my posts, so instead of posting once, I'll post many times.

Anonymous said...

10:29 Just because you say it is refuted does not mean it's refuted. You've become the new Boortz and soon nobody, I among them, will read your repeitious propaganda. In fact, you may be Boortz. If not, you all sound alike. Who writes your dreary script?

Anonymous said...

If you don't believe me, maybe you should refer to the links that "sick-of-anonymous" posted earlier in this thread. I copied his links below.

Don't just look at the links, try clicking them. When your web browser updates with lots of words, try reading the words. When you read the words, "...abolishing the Internal Revenue Service" - its time to stop. My point will be successfully refuted.

Anonymous said...

9:13 The point is you refute one silly point and pretend you've won the argument. Sick-of-Anons won and you try distract.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should stay home who doesn't know the issues. That's what Sean Hannity was saying. Nothing wrong by saying that.

Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem!

This election is only Liberal Democrats verses, moderate Republicans.

All liberals can do to solve problems is raise taxes. True conservatives create an environment for the private sector to innovate and solve problems.

Hillary Clinton and her friends can't wait to send the terrorists to rehab and sensitivity training.

Our country is in big trouble if the liberals get in. These moderates make me sick, but most of the liberals have no clue on how to solve problems with real solutions.


Anonymous said...

After reading this whole page, I can tell you sick-of-anons did NOT win that argument at all!
Fair Tax is a wonderful idea unless you're too stupid or stubborn to read it and comprehend it!
Though I am not wealthy at ALL, I don't think it's fair for the rich people of our wonderful USA to pay absurd amounts of taxes to the government just b/c they make more!
THAT IS NOT FAIR. My father is a doctor and nearing 70 years old. Thanks to the government, he barely takes home half his paycheck! That is highway fucking robbery! And rich people should NOT be putting up with it!
I make $21,000 a year and every dime the gov't abducts from my hard earned money, I FEEL it every check!
Yet I don't take that anger out on the rich folks like my dad who worked his ASS off to be successful and spent almost 14 years in med school to do so!
That is class discrimination what the government does to the rich of this country. The IRS PUNISHES THE SUCCESSFUL, the middle upper class, the rich, the people working over 60 hours a week to earn their big checks!
I will NEVER be a Republican, but I used to be a democrat... until they enacted "Reverse Racism" known as Affirmative Action, and until they decided to allow America to be invaded by illegal aliens... then try and REWARD the law breaking by handing them OUR social security and welfare taxes.
That was it... bye bye democrats.
Independent is the way to go. None of these power hungry "party" nuts can be trusted to think of ANYONE but themselves.

Anonymous said...

The really creepy thing about Sean is how obviously he shows he believes his audience is full of morons!!!!
I have listened to him for 6 months ... I am 26 .. independent ..and like hearing both sides of all issues.... and I can't believe more ppl haven't called Sean out about this:
You know how he loves cutting the mike on callers or guests right? (stopping the "free speech" he's so into right?)
Well I am a GREAT listener and I have HEARD Sean get a conservative caller who's polite and agrees with sean and makes a point.... and I hear Sean cut the caller's mike!! That's not the worst part...

Then Sean doesn't acknowledge the caller's point, but goes into a long monotone, boring, "I just think .... I believe.... I know.."
His point in doing this part is to make it CLEAR that HE'S already made that point and rehashes all 13 reasons...
while the caller is sitting there unable to be heard and DOESNT seem to know it....!! Because 8 times out of 10, when Sean finally shuts up and gets BACK to the caller,
I HEAR Sean turn the caller's mike BACK on.. and it's creepy now because the caller is usually in the middle of a sentence already and you can TELL the caller has been talking a while..and did NOT know his mic was cut!!!

This is where it gets really creepy.... and shows Sean Truly believes his audience is STUPID.
After Sean's rant, and the caller has his mike on again, Sean Says all innocently:
"You there? Are you there?"
WTF:??? Does he not KNOW we have ears and can TELL when extra background noise gets CUT off or Turned ON???
Does Sean think his audience doesn't notice the poor fool of a caller IS IN THE MIDDLE of some long opinion as sean pretends to wonder why the caller is "quiet" by saying "you there?" knowing full well the guy's been on mute so sean could rant??
What the FUCK?
Why do this to YOUR OWN SIDE? He does this every other phone call... seriously, jot it down everytime and you'll be amazed at what this loonyass gets by with!

only ONE lady in 6 months called and complained about his "cutting of mikes" She said it made it look as if Sean coldn't argue or debate anything unless he refused to let the other side be heard.

That is true... so why do it to his fellow conservatives?? If it were just liberals he did it to, I wouldn't be surprised, but to cut off people who you supposedly "love, respect, appreciate" , the ever Patronizing "Great Americans" load..... to me, this shows Hannity doesn't really give a rat's ass about his audience, or the callers' points of view. He cuts their opinions off, makes HIS own .... ignoring the fact that the caller doesn't need to hear the 300 reasons Sean already knew what the caller said....
obviously the caller LISTENS to the show and KNOWS already.....
so it is just a performance... an act or a role.... It's frankly disgusting to hear the way he patronizes the poor fools that call in that show like parrots and puppets......
"You're a Great American"
He just tosses that statement around like it's an old shoe or a meaningless "how are you?"
That is disgusting, I'm sorry if you don't KNOW someone, you don't just give them a huge compliment like that & say "well I KNOW you are b/c you listen to MY show"
Gotta go get a puke bag.....
I've gone on too long.... sorry.
There is just Something about this guy that makes my skin crawl, and my stomach sick.... even though I know he makes some great and accurate points 25% of the time!
I still despise him, he is the definition of FAKE. The sad thing is his audience isn't bright enough to Ever pick up on any of this..... when it's right in front of them!
By all means, Listen 3 hours a day, as Dictator Sean commands, and you'll hear this "caring, normal Christian, Great American, free speech Republican" yell his opinions in monotones of repeated "I think" "what we need is this.... what we need.. what we need.." I think I think I think"
and listen to Sean take calls, accept compliments, and then cut off his followers' opinions....
tell his own AGAIN and fake his way back to the caller acting as if nothing happened.... the caller always sounds confused like he never even knew he was on mute...
It is really a pathetic display.

Well, I guess Sean Hannity was right about one thing! His audience IS full of raging morons!