Friday, October 28, 2005

DeLay's Poll Numbers Drop Again; Sends Desperate Letter to Constituents

It looks as though embattled Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) is getting more and more desperate each day. In the face of new poll numbers out this week, the former House Leader sent an email letter to conservative constituents in his home district #22 in a pathetic attempt to cry victim and absolve himself of any wrongdoing stemming from his recent indictment over his illegal fundraising schemes.

The email comes just two days after the latest SurveyUSA tracking poll which shows:

*51% Job Dis-Approval Rating, only the second time in 13 tracking polls conducted over the past 5 months that a majority of registered voters in DeLay's district has expressed disapproval.
*45% Job Approval Rating.
*42% of District 22 voters say DeLay should resign from Congress, the highest this number has been in 5 months of tracking.

In his letter, DeLay portrays his indictment as a result of a partisan witch-hunt: "It has been over a month since Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle acted out his political revenge and indicted me for crimes that don't exist. And over the last month, we have seen such a litany of prosecutorial misconduct that even the national media is questioning his motives. Look at who is studying this circus-like investigation and you'll see that journalists and legal experts are acknowledging these charges are baseless, partisan, and nothing more than revenge for my work to provide the people of Texas with a fair and constitutional congressional representation. I am being attacked not for doing anything wrong - I'm being attacked for being effective and standing up for what's right."

Not only is DeLay desperate, he's delusional. I believe most journalists and legal experts today would wholeheartedly disagree with DeLay's assertion that they agree with him that the charges are trumped up, baseless and partisan. He's stooping pretty low this time. DeLay's letter this week further proves that he's running out of options as he increasingly loses his base.


Anonymous said...

When one elects a pathological Liar, one gets what one deserves.

Anonymous said...

That's disheartening, actually. If all the shit he's pulled has only brought his numbers down to 45 percent, he could easily get re-elected when all of this if forgotten next year.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, those poll number means very little. diebold is the key.

Anonymous said...

Diebold is the key is "right." Until we change the law to require precinct by precinct validation of voting, the thiefs will take all the races they can.

Howling Latina said...

I use to live in his district, many, many years ago.

And had I noted moved away, I'd probably be one of those fools who thought DeLay was just hunky-dory and would have kept on supporting him; and defending him against all the meanies who want to hold him accountable for a little thing like continuously breaking the law.

Yep, that was when I was a die-hard Republican; although in all fairness to me, it was before the Christian batwings hijacked the party in 1980.

Thank God I moved away and became enlightened; and now I fight to elect Democrats in the crimson red state of Virginia.

Onward true Christian soldiers, take up the cross and beat the hell out of every Pharisee Republican over the head with it.

Just today I got an e-mail for some alleged Christian organization thanking Jesus for the Miers withdrawal...!

Can you believe their gall..?

I wrote them and quoted a couple verses and told them to take me immediately off their evil list.

Anonymous said...

You would think that Texan's had enough brains to see through Delay's lies( Oh Wait wre talking about Texan's).

Anonymous said...

Next Week's Headline... Earl found in mysterious car crash. At the same time his office goes up in flames the only thing unscrorched... a Hammer.