Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sean Hannity Blasts GOP as Pathetic & Weak

Pinch me. I never thought I'd live to see the day where irrepressible right wing radio and TV spinmeister Sean Hannity would criticize and condemn the Republican Party in much harsher tones than his Democratic counterparts. But that day has finally come, and its more than symbolic. Clearly the GOP is in serious trouble, especially when it's abandoned by normally loyal soldiers like Hannity.

On his radio program this week, Hannity went on the warpath over the GOP's failure to live up to its campaign promises. His mounting criticisms have aroused the ire and scorn of party officials, whom he lambasted for attacking him. He cited a recent Gallup poll showing voters' extreme dissatisfaction with the Republican-controlled Congress.

"My allegiance is not to you power-hungry, power-grabbing politicians in Washington," Hannity said. "My allegiance is to my audience, not you. It's frankly disgusting what you Republicans in Congress have done. You deserve these numbers." He urged them to stop calling with complaints, saying "you guys are pathetic."

His diatribe continued: "How can anybody turn around and turn on people like me who supported you and helped put you in power. I might as well support Ted Kennedy. You've been pathetically weak in your leadership. You stand for nothing."

He criticized Republicans' failure on the war on terror; border security and immigration policy; tax issues; growth of government and for "big-spending pork-barrel projects" recklessly pushed through Congress.

"You no longer stand for the principles you ran on, and it will ultimately be your downfall," he warned.


Anonymous said...

republicans always spend all the $$$ & rack up $$$ on all the federal credit cards they can---give it to CorpAmerica, before the democrats take back over & can give it away to the disenfranchised. it's their thing.

Anonymous said...

It's a red herring. Hannity deserves to be associated with them. He supported them, he can have them all. He's one of them.

Claude Chaney & Friends said...

This is amazing. I never dreamed I would here such a thing from of all people.....Sean Hannity. But this just goes to show the avarice and total incompetence of the current Republican party. It is time for a change for the good of our country.

Anonymous said...

I am no Hannity fan, but we have to give the guy credit for taking a stand. If he didn't, we'd be saying "Hey look at how he defends these guys no matter what they do or how badly they screw up. He's so partian." He's attacking the Republicans more aggresively than our own guys, and for that he deserves his props.

Anonymous said...

Truely. I just assumed he was a paid Republican operative.

Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative, so take this for what it's worth. There is no debate in the Democratic party allowed, and that's why you guys have major problems. Imagine Al Franken coming out and trashing the Democrat Party for its faults? Not gonna happen.

What drives the loyalty to Hannity and Rush and other conservatives is their loyalty to core principles - we have a theory of how the world works and you guys don't (just platitudes). That's why Miers got trashed, you mistake a conservative crack up for what was really a return to principles on both sides. Now you have Alito and conservatives will be energized across the board.

Here's another question for you, who told Libby and Rove and Corn et. al. that Plame was an agent in the first place? Maybe your guy, Joe Wilson, or maybe someone in the CIA.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote: "I'm a conservative, so take this for what it's worth."
From all the lies, spin, fellony and deceit on your side of the aisle, I'd say it's worth about 30 cents.
This blog entry is of interest for Hannity's behavior being highly UNUSUAL. Not par for the course.
As for Miers, nobody was certain that she was conservative ENOUGH. She had no record and it was too much of a gamble for your uber-conservatives.
As for the idea that democrats have no theories/core principles for how the world works, "just platitudes"- that assumption is as valid as my calling you a complete moron even though I've never met you.

Anonymous said...

When Hannity says "How can anybody turn around and turn on people like me who supported you and helped put you in power." Does anyone know what he's referring to?

I listen to him off and on and I've heard him complain to some extent about things not going right for "their cause", but I can't imagine what ticked him off to say things like that.