Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Al Gore Takes Huge Step Closer to the White House

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well guess what? Al "I'm not running for president" Gore is hiring back one of his top 2000 presidential campaign aides, Roy Neel, to help steer the former veep's global warming efforts. Gore sure seems like he's setting his political table, doesn't it? Can former campaign manager Donna Brazile be far behind?

Neel is a former lobbyist amd senatorial chief of staff for Gore. He also headed Gore's 2000 transition team in anticipation of winning the election. In 2004, he was abruptly named Howard Dean's campaign manager after the former Vermont governor and presidential candidate unceremoniously dumped Joe Trippi, who's been widely credited with single-handedly transforming modern campaigning by using the internet for fundraising, get-out-the-vote drives and overall messaging.

The Gore camp says Neel's appointment is to facilitate the broader agenda of the former VP's pro-environment efforts, a move which coincides with the opening of Gore's new documentary and book, "An Inconvenient Truth", which has Gore warning of the dangers of global warming, his signature subject. He's also authored Earth in the Balance, first published in 1992 and then again in 2000.

We continue to stress on this blog that Gore will undoubtedly run for president in 2008. His credentials and overall political pedigree make him the most experienced, spirited and passionate candidate in a field of utter yawners. He's got two terms in the House, two in the Senate and eight years as vice president under his belt. Along with Bill Clinton, he presided over one of the most prosperous, peacetime periods in U.S. history. And in 2000, he won the popular vote, and was robbed of the electoral college by the Florida Bush mob and the right-wing non-federalist Supreme Court. His anti-war, pro-environment positions resonate now more than ever.

Hillary Clinton? Has about as much chance of being elected president as Chelsea Clinton. Joe Biden? I've seen loofah sponges with more personality. Evan Bayh? Buh-bye. Mark Warner? If I want to vote for a pro-life, gun-toting religious zealot, I'll vote for John McCain. Tom Vilsack... who? John Edwards? Perceived as too meek. Russ Feingold? Would be skewered as the new Howard Dean. John Kerry? Oy vey, see what I mean here? Al Gore is the only Democrat that can craft the right message, attract the big-name financial supporters, rally the masses and win the big contest in November. And isn't winning the White House what it's really all about?

Al Gore. The Comeback Kid. The Goracle. Watch him run.


Anonymous said...


Gore published Earth in the Balance in 1992, and again in 2000.

Anonymous said...

If he runs like a duck we're all #ucked.

Andy, Andy, Andy, the sooner you jump on the ever-growing Obama bandwagon the sooner we'll get some real leadership back in Washington.

Anonymous said...

I've waited to vote for Al Gore for president since 1983 when I saw him on the Phil Donahue show. I got so excited I accidentally voted for him twice in 2000 (I caught it in time, corrected it, and apologized). Gore is the only dem we have suitable for the job. I do hope he can get some people on his campaign staff who are willing to fight and do what it takes to win. Donna Brazille is a sweetheart and very bright, but I haven't seen that she has that pitbull spirit needed to win against the republicans who don't play fair. I hope he picks Feingold for his running mate.

JMoore said...

You do a disservice to the passion he feels for this issue by continuing to tie everything he does to a political run. Are you saying that when he tells someone at a lecture that this is not political he is lying? Roy Neel is also an old friend who has worked on many projects with him. He wants someone he can trust and someone he knows working with him on this very important issue of global warming. But in a way it is gratifying to see so many who didn't move one finger in 2000 and 2004 for this man foaming at the mouth regarding everything he does now. For me however, it's too little too late.

The Ostroy Report said...

John: Sorry, but I do not get terribly excited about one or two-term Senators who are "bandwagon" candidates.

Jan: You have to let go of your chokehold on Gore! There's lots of other folks besides yourself who respect the man and would like to see him assume his rightful roles as president. And we have a right to voice our opinions , even if thery disagree with your own. That said, you may not realize it, but you are incredibly demeaning to people when you say things like "it is gratifying to see so many who didn't move one finger in 2000 and 2004 for this man foaming at the mouth regarding everything he does now"... I'm not even sure what you mean by this statement. From a personal standpoint, I voted for Al in 2000, and have supported him since. And there are millions of others as well. You be better served, and enjoin more people to your cause, if you stopped being so dismissive and confrontational. Remember, we're all here for the same reasons. As for Gore's moves being politically motivated or not, he is a politician, ya know. Only time will tell for sure.

Remoran said...

Gore and Feingold, not bad, not bad at all.

Peter Patau said...

If Nixon could serve as a U.S. senator and then a 2-term VP, "lose" a disputed presidential election in 1960, be universally reviled and rejected, and then finally come back as "the new Nixon" eight years later to take it all, I don't see why Gore can't successfully complete the same obstacle course in 2008. And, yes, in our junior senator, we've got a great running mate for him here in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Are americans ready for someone with brains to be president? Seems the US, and UK too for that matter, have been going through a cultural period of "dumbing down", where people are ridiculed for being smart.

I really hope you can "smarten up" at your next election, and I really dont see anyone more worthy than Al Gore to lead your nation and restore US credibility around the world, cos let me tell you, right now you have none !

Anonymous said...

If the Bush years didn't change minds nothing will.

I would vote for Al in a heart beat as I did in the 80s, 90s, and in 2000.

No matter who our candidate is, we must learn to fight back loud, hard, and fast to counter the diry tricks of the Repubs. Al has the experience of the Clinton War Room and should set one up to respond to the attacks of the diry Repubs.

My dear sweet mother told me long ago just how corrupt the Repubs are. They lie, play dirty and will do whatever it takes. They sure have duped those of faith which is one of the biggest mysteries of all.

From the once great State of Michigan

Anonymous said...

Andy my friend you and I, with what we see many, many more have Al Gore running in 2008. Madison Guy is correct about Nixon so why would we dismiss Al as a candidate?

In 2008 this country will be SCREAMING for a candidate that will speak about the war, healthcare, economy and most important the ENVIRONMENT. When gas will be $4.00 a gallon and no end in sight Al Gore will have everything he needs to tell these dumb ass people of this country what he will do to get us out of this mess. Al knows about these topics and will have the fire and passion to get people fired up and VOTE! What affects everyone is going to be the gas prices and a wanting to get away from importing oil. Al will declare WAR on energy dependance and when the voters see his passion they will back him as we are now.

It's still the ECONOMY STUPID!

Gore/Feingold 2008

Anonymous said...

I suspect Gore has a master plan... and he's putting all his ducks in a row. Then he's going to come out blazing.

I really hope he decides to run, I think not only is he the only real viable Dem to run, but I think HE is the person to help corral the party and give them back their voice. His 2000 run wasn't pretty and I think partially he tried to steer away from Clinton too much and it hurt him and being stiff.

I love Barrack Obama he should have a huge future ahead of him, but now isn't his time for Presidency.

Gore, You had my vote in 2000 and you'll have me in 2008. I think this country needs Gore.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Goracle has a master plan...not sure exactly what it is yet, but looks to me he's seen the light about MSM and their mendacious and doofus ways. Let's all keep priming the pump, guys, and let the man know that if re runs, we are all ready to get out there and do our damndest for him. God, Al, DO IT, ALREADY...

Anonymous said...

Where was Al when we needed him back in 2000? How do we know it won't be a repeat of 2000 with al balling up like a wounded animal and deciding to die. I say let him stay dead and let's get a real scrapper. I say Alis too much a part of the those dc democrats. scew him, he let us down once he'll do it again. once a patsy always a patsy

chris_from_boca said...

if gore is genuinely running and genuinely running smarter, he should leave brazile far behind.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not ready to run. We don't need a flash in the pan. We need someone with a track record and Gore has that in spades. None of the lawsuits, to the best of my knowledge, have been settled on the voter fraud and misconduct from 2000 and 2004. Wouldn't it be great to find out that Gore was the intended president all along and Bush just the pretender that he is. Any comment on ROVE being "demoted"? Was he or is this just another day of spin from the WH?

Anonymous said...

I think Rove was "demoted" only because he wanted to be. Everyone knows how important the November elections are going to be, so you let the vicious bulldog free from his chains and let him ravage the Democratic party over the summer.

After the elections he'll be back in power.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not a flash in the pan. The closer you look at him, the more substance you find.

I'm floored by all this talk about Al Gore having the experience needed to do the job. Just like Bob Dole. Just like Walter Mondale. Just like John Kerry.

I've got nothing against Al Gore at all, but he does not have the leadership skills needed to be President. Wake up people. We need a leader.

Anonymous said...

If Gore runs and wins, it would continue the uncanny parallel between the New Deal and the Reagan Revolution.

1948/1988: VPs of FDR/RR win reelection and are relatively unpopular, facing close re-election battles (Truman wins, Bush I loses)

1952, 1992: Politicians from opposition parties (Eisenhower, Clinton) win election. Both are personally popular and re-elected, but are unable to reverse the general momentum of the New Deal/Reagan Revolution.

1960/2000: VPs of these Presidents (Nixon, Gore) run, lose disputed elections.

1964/2005 Re-elections of LBJ/Bush II greatly demoralize opposition, but both men struggle in 2nd terms to take the ideologies of New Deal/Reagan Revolution to greater extremes domestically while trying to fight unpopular foreign wars.

1968: Fmr VP (Nixon) comes back, wins election. 2008: same for Gore? (if H Clinton wins, I'd it's pretty much a variation on the theme)

Anonymous said...

oops -- misspoke a bit about 1948/1988 in my post. Truman was running for reelection then, and Bush I won election for the first time.

And to continue the parallels, Truman's unsatisying results in Korea seemed to set the stage for the more ambitious/disastrous Vietnam, just as unsatisfying results in Gulf War I set the stage for Bush II's invasion of Iraq, which isn't looking too good right now.

-Whistler Blue

Anonymous said...

Of all the candidates currently likely to run on the Democratic ticket for president, Al Gore is the absolute best. When you consider his intelligence, political skills, passion and dedication to ideals which we all share, there is no contest.

If he doesn't run, it will be a damned shame.

I've been a Democrat all my life (82 years) and believe me, I've seen my share and more of puffed-up empty shells.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget what a precious jewel we would have with Tipper Gore as First Lady. She has done more for humankind as Second Lady than do-nothing dime-bag Laura Bush has done in her entire life. The difference between Al Gore and all the rest is that Al Gore genuinely cares about this country and its people and he has the brains and the heart to be a Great President. If he would have taken his rightfully elected place in the oval office in 2000 there would not have been a 9-11 attack. No Iraq war, at least not of this devastating magnitude. We would still have the surplus and we would still be respected by the rest of the world. No Haliburton war profiteering, no huge trade deficit, no huge national debt, no high gas prices, no high poverty rate, no corporate lobbyists writing our policies, on and on. This country, its economy, infrastructure, education system, healthcare system and the environment would have all been on the right track. He still won the popular vote and the electoral vote in spite of the vast right wing conspiracy that took over the media and the message, and finally the partisan supreme court ruling. I'm sick of Hillary and other democrats being so republican lite. The first female president needs to be someone worthy of the title and I'm afraid Hillary's move to the right has lost her my vote. Gore/Feingold in 08!

Anonymous said...

You guys need to get out more - and meet more mainstream Americans who vote. Al Gore would lose very, very big in 2008. I seriously doubt he could beat Hillary. Actually, it would be fun to see how he likes seeing the Clinton mafia arrayed against him for a change. They both have the same problem - they are unbearably shrill, cold, stiff, and unlikable. John McCain would mop the floor with either of them.

It is only far-left leaning moonbats who think that Al Gore is some tragic hero, who except for the grace of a hanging chad would have been president. Most mainstream Americans think Gore came unhinged after the election and jumped the shark with his "HE BETRAYED THIS COUNTRY,...HE PLAYED ON OUR FEARS!" tirade a few years back. They never bought his enviro-weanie junk science anymore than his exaggerations about creating the internet or being the inspiration for "Love Story". He was carried for 8 years by the bad boy president who soccer moms loved. Without Bill Clinton, Al Gore never even sniffs the vice presidency or the presidential nomination. Remember, HE DIDN'T EVEN WIN HIS HOME STATE. Even Walter Mondale managed to do that.

He may look good to a lot of people next to Bush, but he won't be running against Bush this time. The Rovian strategists will chew him up and spit him out, playing those wacko quotes over and over again. And,...even if they don't, he'll make some huge blunder on his own, like he did with his demeanor and exaggerations in the first debate, that will doom him again.

Finally (and I could go on, and on forever), Al Gore suffers from the same fatal flaw that plagued him in 2000. He is basically uncharismatic and dull. The stink of the Clinton years sticks to him like flypaper, while he gets no credit for the relative peace and economic growth of the period.

Bring on Al Gore. We on the Right will sleep easier knowing he's your choice.


The Ostroy Report said...

Gore won 51-million votes in 2000, more than any other Democrat candidate in history, more than any Republican except Ronald Reagan in 1984, and 500,000 more than George Bush. Yeah, what a real loser, huh?

Just think of the numbers he could put up after eight dreadful years of Bush.

Anonymous said...

I like Al Gore...alot. I really do. I think he would be a good leader and President. However, I must agree with DJS; choosing Lieberman as VP tells me that he cannot choose an equally good leader and that is what made Clinton a heavyweight. He chose someone that could step up to plate if need be. Lieberman is about as inspirational as a bad cartoon on a hungover Saturday. Only Cheney after 8 years looks less palatable than Lieberman.
If Gore goes for a hard-hitter as a running mate, he has a good chance. Otherwise, I agree with this astute right-winger 2 comments above me in that he will take a beating as long as dirtballs like Rove can plot against him. How bad of a beating is another subject.
Maybe Gore has learned from the last eight years. I would wholeheartedly back a Gore/Obama ticket and would love to see all the sharp-minded but basically treasonous right-wingers like the guy above me get a can of whup-ass opened on them!

Anonymous said...

Gore has too long of a record to not be easy fodder for the Rovians. One of the reasons he got 51 million votes is that he picked Joe Lieberman. Lest you get lost in your liberal delusion, please recall that the Gore campaign was hopelessly floundering, behind in the polls, and with a general sense of malaise as the 2000 Dem convention began. As I recall, the first day was like the dance of the living dead. It was the Lieberman pick that invigorated the ticket and started the momentum that Gore carried right up until he exaggerated, sighed loudly, and generally claimed to be the messiah, in the first debate.

Without the balancing and squeaky-clean effect of Lieberman in 2000, Gore gets crushed. As for the 51 million votes - meaningless. GWB got more raw votes than any candidate in history in 2004. What do you glean from that fact? The fact is that Gore lost a lot of states that Bill Clinton (who never got anywhere near 51 million votes in either election) won. As for his Nader-induced martyrdom in Florida, if Gore just wins his home state, or that of Bill Clinton, or New Hampshire for that matter, we don't need any recounts in Florida.

Barak Obama may one day be president, but this guy is not yet ready for prime time. He is too inexperienced and raw. He waffles and back-pedals too easily. If he ran for president in 2008, the ruthless, grizzled veterans of the Clinton Gang would eat him alive. As a VP? See below.

If John McCain runs, and somehow survives the Republican primary, he will win nearly 40 states. He will finally end the partisan Bush/Clinton/Bush division in this country, and provide a cleansing for the nation. It won't really matter who the Dems run, so Gore may just get the nod. And, under this scenario, it won't matter who his running mate is.

Anonymous said...

One quick addition. If it becomes clear that McCain is going to survive the Republican primary, Hillary might just calculate that she can't beat him in November and withdraw or stop fighting hard - thus allowing Gore to be nominated...and summarily slaughtered.

It is classic Clinton strategy - wait until McCain runs for a second term and take advantage of the likely prospect that hardcore conservatives, who held their noses and voted for McCain to avoid giving Dems the satisfaction of replacing the Bush Administration with a Dem, will be disillusioned with McCain - like they were with GHWB.

I know, this is crystal ball stuff, and we're still 2-1/2 years away. But, it's fun to speculate...


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Those who want to help Gore -- not to run for president but to achieve FINALLY what he has tried for what? 26 years despite jerks like Bush Sr and George Will calling him everything from Ozone Man to extremist -- i.e. convince Americans that global warming is indeed a problem go to this site


Give it a boost and watch the movie. It's a good one. No kidding.

(The trailer sucks but don't judge the movie based on that it's Paramount's fault not Gore's. They now own it and they couldn't resist the usual stupid Hollywoodization)